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  1. I like to create a bunch of teenage wonder kids and see how they develop. I like to play them on different teams and different databases. I would like to create a team that isn't in any league and put all the players on that team. Then when I decide what database and team to play move the players to it. Is there a way to do this without having to create the players each time? I don't want to change anything else from the database, just add the team of wonder kids so I can move them as needed. Is there an easy way to create or generate regen faces for the players I create? Thanks.
  2. In 2.5 years of my my current save I've seen 3 goals where the keeper has punted the ball into the defender, 2 of them went directly into the net and the 3rd one the opposing forward got to the ball first and tapped it in the open net. I've managed all of the senior team matches, around 75% of the 2nd team matches and around 50% of the U19 matches plus about a dozen senior team international matches. So it hasn't happened often but it does happen. I have no idea how often it happens in real life. It's frustrating but it doesn't take much away from my enjoyment of the game, at least after a few moments of swearing at my laptop...
  3. What about one of the tactics being control for this: "They'll always hit you and hurt you" To me that says watch out for the counter attack. Also wondering about Fluid or Very Fluid: "Loves got the world in motion" Or maybe that means Roam From Position?
  4. How would you recommend setting the wider players then? Wide Midfielders and keep the (S) and (A)? What about Defensive Wingers? I know you can't have an (A) with them though. This is if you happen to have players that can play either MR/L or AMR/L at about the same level. Or leave the (S) one up high as a Defensive Winger and drop the (A) one back as a Wide Mid? Great idea OP. I'm just getting into creating my own tactics and am looking for ideas. I think I'll try something similar to this for one of my 3 tactics.
  5. OK, I was just reading http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/391083-The-School-of-the-Defensive-Arts which is a great thread and I really like the idea that style. I'm trying to modify this formation and use some of those ideas. I had these TIs: Lower Tempo, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box. He had these: Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Be More Disciplined, Stick to Positions, Play Narrower, Drop Deeper I already have Retain Possession. I don't want to play narrow so I'd drop Play Narrower. Is Shorter Passing good to help retain possession? Or does that one already have some of the short passing built in? I'd like some variety in that regard. That leaves Be More Disciplined, Stick to Positions and Drop Deeper. They sound like good ideas. I've been playing with a high DLine but I'm getting beat too often for my tastes so Drop Deeper sound like a good idea. I don't mind my players having some creative freedom so I think I can get by without Be More Disciplined. Keeping Stick to Positions will help keep the shape of the formation and keep iit more sound, correct? So I'd end up with: Lower Tempo, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box, Stick to Positions and Drop Deeper. I'd stay with Rigid. I'm not sure about mentality though. I'd like to have a patient attack that tries to find a weakness and exploit it while remaining defensively sound. Would Defend be the choice? Or would Counter work? Or if I wish to have a patient attack would Counter go against that a lot? From what I've read I was thinking Counter. The Drop Deeper and Stick to Positions would give it some of the Defend attributes and the Lower Tempo and Work Ball into Box would keep it a more patient attack. And being Rigid would help keep the shape. Am I correct in this? And if I go this way, do the roles I've picked still work well? I went with the Shadow Striker as the AMC and a Complete Forward up front. I also changed the attacking full back from a CWB to a WB to, hopefully, be a little more defensively sound. I don't plan on using offside trap, would I then be better with a stopper cover pair at DC? Or is the HB kind of doing what a stopper would? Most of my current DMs are equally, for nearly so, adept at MC. What about a stopper cover pair and moving the DM up a level and making him a DLP(D) or CM(D), would that be viable? Or do I have too many advanced players for this idea? I currently have: WB(S) CD(D) CD(D) WB(A) HB(D) BBM(S) IF(A) SS(A) AP(S) CF(S)
  6. Does this mean if I don't use an offside trap, and I have the players capable of the roles, that I'm better off with a Stopper Cover pair over 2 Defend pair? Or is that more of a matter of taste?
  7. I asked about a SS F9 combo on another thread and llama3 said that the SS would be the only major goal scoring threat. Would I be better off having the wingers be an IF(A) and AP(S) instead of an IF(S) AP(A)? Or IF(A) IF(S)? Or with a CF(S) would that not matter as much? I believe that my team is slightly better to use a CF over a F9.
  8. Would a Shadow Striker be a good option for the AMC? If so, what would be a good ST to go with it? Looking at my teams depth chart for everybody's ratings are close for all of the roles at ST. Maybe a Complete Forward(S)? And an Advanced Forward when I move the AMC up to be another ST? Rigid was my first choice after reading the 12 step guide.
  9. I've been playing CM/FM for over 10 years but before I've always used default tactics or downloaded other people's tactics. I've been reading up on the various posts here and at other sites and I'm lost. It seems like when I think I've figured something out I read another post and then I'm no longer sure. :confused: I'm playing FM14 using 1. FC Köln in Germany. I was promoted to the 1st Bundesliga after the 1st season. I created a bunch of 15 year old players with high PAs to see how well I could train them. I'm looking for a tactic to use for them and the good regens I've got so far. I plan on using DR, DL, 2 DCs, DM, MC, LW, RW and ether AMC with 1 ST or 2 STs. I have 2 good AMCs that are both good STs. I was thinking for the FBs having 1 side be a CWB(A) with either an IF(S) or AP(S) as the wing on that side with the other side being a FB(S) or WB(S) with an IF(A) or AP(A) in front. If I do that I would put the DM, either a DM(D) or HB, that will be slightly over to the side with the CWB and the MC, BBM maybe, slightly to the other side. I don't think any of my DCs are good passers so I was going to go with 2 CD(Def)s. I don't know what to do for the AMC/STs pairing. I don't want one player being the main scorer. I would like some scoring from the wings, AMC and ST, with the MC getting the occasional goal. I was leaning towards using Lower Tempo, Retain Possession, Work Ball Into Box, Play Out Of Defense, Play Wider and Exploit The Flanks. For fluidity either Rigid or Balanced with a Control mentality. So something along the way of: WB(S) CD(D) CD(D) CWB(A) HB(D) BBM(S) AP(A) AMC(?) IF(S) ST(?) With a 2nd formation moving the AMC up and becoming a ST instead. I'm open to change most of these up. The main thing I want is to have the 2 wingers as I have several good one. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks llama3, From the first post I thought Rigid for fluidity. Then I read The Hand of God's post later and got even more confused. Do you recommend different roles for this formation? I picked those from stuff I've read here and on Guide to Football Manager. This is a good formation for my squad, or I could move the AMC up and have 2 STs. I know the roles will somewhat be determined by the players, but I was trying to get a base to use that I can modify as needed.
  11. After reading up on a lot of the information here for formations I'm attempting to do so myself. Here's the positions I was thinking of. DL: CWB(A) DR: WB(S) DC: CD(D) DC: CD(D) DM: HB(D) MC: BBM(S) AML: IF(S) AMR: AP(A) AMC: SS ST: F9 Will this work? And if so, what mentality, fluidity and such would you recommend?
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