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  1. Manager Points in South Africa

    No, generally you get Hall of fame pts for winning the top league and most important cup competition.
  2. In today's Express in the "Said and Dunn" section. Ince is off the scent Paul Ince's untimely departure has left something of a stench at Ewood Park - mostly centred around the former boss's in-tray. He was one of a dozen managers chosen to receive a bottle of the "Scent of Success" fragrance, manufactured on behalf of Sports Interactive to help promote their Football Manager 2009 computer game. Unfortunately they were put in the post on tuesday morning hours before he was relieved of his duties. As for the elusive scent, they have managed to come up with something that smells of grass, boot leather and linament. And, in all probability given the official tie up between Sports Interactive and Everton FC, Tim Cahill's armpits. SI, that scent sounds (and probably smells) ruddy awful.
  3. H.A.M. Clan FM2009 Game Thread

    Yeah, good luck to the HAM clan.
  4. Players cocky during warm-up?

    Are you very optimistic in your press conferences?
  5. Manager Knowledge

    No, I checked my backroom staff, none of them have any knowledge of Nigeria.
  6. Manager Knowledge

    Can someone explain to me please how the knowledge bars in the manager profile work? In my game, I am the manager of Luton, it's the 19th May 2010, at the start of the game I chose English as my main nationality and second nationality of Scottish. During th game the board has allowed me to scout in the UK & Ireland along with Spain & France. So when I look at my knowledge level now I see that it has been updated. England is still at 100%. Scotland has moved from 50% to approx 66%. Ireland is at about 30%, Wales 20& and then Nigeria at 10%. The only player I have in my squad of Nigerian extraction is Moses Ashkodi. Why have I been given this Nigeria knowledge? How is the knowledge calculated? It's all very confusing.
  7. Truly awful spectacle of professional incompetence being shown here today by a company that I have had a lot of faith in. Didn't the person/persons responsible for the DRM activation process realise that on launch day that literally thousands of people were going to be trying to log in simultaneously? Was the procedure tested rigorusly beforehand? Clearly it does not appear to have been from the inept way that it has been launched? Surely if the DRM registration process had been sufficiently well tested then the persons responsible would have noticed that the 1 & I were practically the same as were the O & 0. If the process had been thought out steps would have been taken to ensure that simple issues such as that were ironed out. Someone somewhere has dropped an awful clanger here, the whole point of DRM is to make the game crack safe, well this game is crack safe because no-one can get in it. In fact at the minute it's safer than the Bank of England! I have no objections to DRM per se. If you wish to use it, then use it. But come on SI & Sega at least test the system beforehand. Don't rely on a system where you can't read the numbers, where you can't actually log in to the system and where you can't ring the telephone number because the line is constantly engaged. I'm going to give it 24 hours, if the code doesn't work by then I will return the game never to buy a new SI product which after 15 years of buying SI games would be a sad day. Sadly I don't think I'm alone in feeling like that.
  8. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Well who you you have in the short term then? Keegan isn't coming back until the club is sold. No decent manager will take it as a permanent job either while the future is uncertain. If you think about it in those terms who would you pick?
  9. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    I don't really care if Ashley sells the club right now, but we desperately need someone in to manage and motivate the players because if we carry on as we are we are looking at a relegation battle. I was just reading the BBC gossip thing and it was suggest that Dalgliesh might make a return My suggestion as a a caretaker would be Glenn Hoddle and John Gorman coming in as a coach. I think they could do a decent job for the six months or so while any potential takeovers of the club are ongoing
  10. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    So does anybody have an idea as to who the next manager is? Or is it going to be a caretaker?
  11. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    Yeah he did, but then he has also gone and dragged the name of our club through the mud with his stupid antics. Tomorrow will be very interesting.
  12. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    If Ashley hoped that this would dampen the protests at the game tomorrow then he is sadly mistaken, now that the talks have failed Ashley is going to be even more vilified.
  13. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    This is just teasing by Sky Sports News, he can't return, can he?
  14. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    It's an incredibly thin squad. Tozer, Kader are highly rated youngsters, but then Chopra used to bang the goals in for the reserves and there is no way that he's worth £5m that Sunderland paid for him. I agree with the club trying to cut the wage bills and getting back to realistic finance levels. Our finances under the old regime pre Ashley were as accurate as those claimed by the Soviet Politburo. They were legal, but they hid the true extent of the debt. If FFS had still been in charge last season then we would have been hit really hard by the credit crunch. However if we don't move forward this year I can't see us getting more than 45000 a game in through the gates next year. If we start playing some attractive attacking football it might help, but if it's anything like last year then we are going to struggle. We need to sign a leader on the park, a replacement for Viduka, someone who can organise the defence and a winger who can cross the ball in.
  15. Newcastle United Thread 2008/2009

    I agree with a lot of the work that Ashley is doing, I'm just not sure that there is the patience required form him to be successful at it. At the end of August we could very well be bottom of the league. I can't see Keegan lasting the season either. Where do people think we'll finish? I'm thinking that we'll probably end up in 15th.