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  1. The improvement of the facegens has been a disgrace year after year. They take out all the inmersion in long saves and that takes out a lot of the fun. It has been so disappointing year after year. I woul recommend to mix the faces of the players they already own the rights, like a swapface app. Maybe that is less expensive and ridiculous
  2. Thanks! If I want to replace the kit number with the attribute analysis I would have to replace the widget id?
  3. Great work thanks! I have a simple question, but i can't manage to do it. I'm using the Optional 2 profile screen but i wan't to remove the kit showing at the bottom. How can i do this?
  4. I'm planning on update the Automatic Regen Replacements pack, but I would like to know if there is some tool I could use to generate the hair.xml file because to do it manually would take forever. I know about FMXML and FM Graphics configurator but the hair.xml file estructure is different from them. Thanks!
  5. If you don't want to see the original regen showing behind the cut out Delete this file and restart the game D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2016\data\facegen\little_endian\model_sets\default\face\facehi.png
  6. I agree with that one. Regarding the IGE, would it be possible to edit the player's CARRER STATS in the History tab? It's just esthetic, but it would improve the game so much for me in the long run :$
  7. This option was removed from FM16? I can't find it...
  8. i hope you can get this problem fixed :C
  9. i am also looking for a database containing these teams maintaining the rules of the MLS for the Villa transfer you should put him on Melbourne, loaned to Atletico until 1.7.2014 (idk the exact date) and then put a future transfer to NYC FC on 31.1.2015 or something like that
  10. In the editor you can see that the stadium is located in a city, and that city has properties like the average population. Based on that I always asumed that the attendance was dependant on that matter
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