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  1. Using your 4-5-1 with good results bar CM (A) position - He gets really low rating. Is there another role for him to play that would work, without tinkering to much with full picture of tactic?
  2. Agree and disagree I think that it was clearly not 4231 like the tv said like you mention - but more 433 as we are used to. If you see the positioning of Gini and Milner its quite the same, They drop deep like halfbacks, cover area like carrileros and at the same time supporting the attack like B2B. Henderson in between as an Anchor/Ball Winning machine. when they attack you could argue it looks like 4-3-1-2 - with Firmino as False 9/SS - But when they defend it's quite clear that it's 4-3-3 unit divided in straight lines.
  3. Think 2 x B2B would be too attacking and 2 X Carillero too defensive. Would it be easier to create that hybrid with CM(S) roles with PI?
  4. Tired of this years ME - Winning but IF not scoring enough, Mane and Salah - they have scoret 4 and 6 in December and struggling to make a tactic around IF's. Also tingering with CM's and making the best of Fabinho - He does well as Regista and DLP S though. I am aiming for a cross between Vertical Tiki and Gegenpress as I feel that's what we are doing this year IRL
  5. Did you use 4-3-3 like irl? When I have put Salah on IF A he seems to gets to selfish
  6. What about CM roles? Have been using CM S, B2B, Carrilero and DPL - there is just something about it that doesn't tick as well as other formations. ' Have also been using Fabinho as a Regista, and that offensively works wonders, but leaves defence open of course.
  7. Add him to training unit or promote him with availbe for u18 - should make it better for mentor Anyone having a go at 4-3-3 like IRL? struggling with DM, AMR and AML for consistency. 4-2-3-1 on the other hand is great.
  8. 4-1-4-1 Classic formation ? :-) strugling to dominate with regular DM, AMR and AML and one striker formation.. to many shots from opponents and not enough involvment from DM and CM
  9. Hi Knap Couldn't find it here or on MRL - Do you have a Beowulf 4-4-2 Narrow Diamond or 4-3-1-2 Narrow? Without wingers
  10. Just started a save and going for 4-1-4-1 Gegenpressing, but are unsure about the 2 midfield roles.. Would be looking to use Shaq, Keita, Milner and Gini there. What are peoples opinions? The standard sets to Carrilo and B2B? Will also look into 4-2-3-1 Wide but what do people use there?
  11. Would prefer it to be honest. Have been with Apple since 2010 and the MacOS has it advantages for other stuff I use my laptop for. FM17 and FM18 just didn't run well on MacOS. But not sub par machines just looking into getting either the 13", 15" or Surface Book for private use :)
  12. Anyone having a go at the Beta on a Macbook ? Both 17 and 18 was unplayable on my Macbook Pro 2015 without GPU, when Retina was turned on. When Retina was of it was playable and quite fast. Tried in both MacOS and Bootcamp Windows 10. Looking into getting a new Macbook but is going a bit left and right between Macbook Pro 13/15 inch and a Surface Book which is my current work laptop. The plus side of the Macbook Pro 13" is the portability and I dont play any other games than FM, the 15" has the GPU, but would imagine that the CPU is still doing the hard work. The Surface is a very nice Windows machine with touch screen.
  13. What role do you use Henderson in on the DM? I'm having performance problems but is switching between DM - Defend and DLP - Defend
  14. How do you guys setup the striker in this formation? Mane (Raumdeuter A) Coutinho (Advanced playmaker S) Salah (Winger A)
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