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  1. Hi Knap Couldn't find it here or on MRL - Do you have a Beowulf 4-4-2 Narrow Diamond or 4-3-1-2 Narrow? Without wingers
  2. Just started a save and going for 4-1-4-1 Gegenpressing, but are unsure about the 2 midfield roles.. Would be looking to use Shaq, Keita, Milner and Gini there. What are peoples opinions? The standard sets to Carrilo and B2B? Will also look into 4-2-3-1 Wide but what do people use there?
  3. Would prefer it to be honest. Have been with Apple since 2010 and the MacOS has it advantages for other stuff I use my laptop for. FM17 and FM18 just didn't run well on MacOS. But not sub par machines just looking into getting either the 13", 15" or Surface Book for private use :)
  4. Anyone having a go at the Beta on a Macbook ? Both 17 and 18 was unplayable on my Macbook Pro 2015 without GPU, when Retina was turned on. When Retina was of it was playable and quite fast. Tried in both MacOS and Bootcamp Windows 10. Looking into getting a new Macbook but is going a bit left and right between Macbook Pro 13/15 inch and a Surface Book which is my current work laptop. The plus side of the Macbook Pro 13" is the portability and I dont play any other games than FM, the 15" has the GPU, but would imagine that the CPU is still doing the hard work. The Surface is a very nice Windows machine with touch screen.
  5. What role do you use Henderson in on the DM? I'm having performance problems but is switching between DM - Defend and DLP - Defend
  6. How do you guys setup the striker in this formation? Mane (Raumdeuter A) Coutinho (Advanced playmaker S) Salah (Winger A)
  7. I am having very good luck with the prevouis tactics of 4231+451 Goodbye. But the 4231 seems a lot better than the 451 (41231with dm) Is this down to the ME og AI fomation? because of this formation because it seems a lot easier to make a 4231 work than 451 with reversed diamond. I tried tweaking the Goodbye 4231 to a SS with AF on top and worked like a charm so will be looking forward to using this. Also, you always says it is tested without OI, will you say tactics are superior without Oi og with? Thanks a lot for tactics
  8. What comes to mind: Have you thought of a support role og the attacker? Like CF Support og F9? When I deploy in 4-2-3-1 I prefer to have my lone striker as a support role og have a DLP instead of a AP. Other than that, it's not looking too bad
  9. No in Steam Workshop. open your Steam and find workshop for Football Manager 2016. Then search on Workthespace, and it pops up
  10. I will. Just started another new game with Liverpool, trying to use this tactic from day 1. Will try to experiment with the PPM's. Will report back when I find anything usefull
  11. Love the play in this.. And if I had known how effective a Regista could be I would have tried that sooner. Have you thought about a list of PPM's which could benefit the tactic? (Ultimate Doom)
  12. If it really is that good, why don't you put it up for all to try I'm struggling as well in first season, but in FM15 I would win the PL in 1. season so prefer the challenge. Sturridge on mine is having a blast as advanced attacker and False 9
  13. Great result! Thought you quit your game? Still going strong on that 4-2-2-2
  14. Anyone using 14.3 that has looked into Lloyd Jones? Shows 3.5 potential on mine and is getting praises for hos loan.
  15. Sabine: Bloody hell!.. Was that with the tactic at the start of this page? Formation look a little weird, but result speaks for itself.
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