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  1. I updated my drivers(Nvidia) but the issue persists.
  2. This issue has persisted since the first update to beta. I have reloaded the skin and cleared the cache to no effect. I haven't modified the game files in any manner.
  3. Definitely not another "remove CA&PA!" thread. My gripe is that teaching a maxed out player a new position causes a decline in all his technical, mental and physical abilities, and while I understand the logic behind it, it is not very realistic. IRL if a striker learns to play on the flanks as well, he does not become slower, for example. I didn't see Lahm suddenly lose passing ability after Pep made him play in central midfield.Of course, when player is being taught a new position, it is out of his normal training, but the only effect it feasibly has is making him develop his abilities more slowly. So how would I arrange the matter of teaching players new positions? I would keep everything the same except for one difference: remove the tie between CA and positions and make the amount of positions a player can have be solely dependent on his versatility stat. A player with 1 versatility would be able to play only one position and never learn to play anywhere else. A player with 20 versatility can learn to play any and every outfield position(if he is given the required training). I would like you to now reflect on the geniousity of this idea for a few minutes. And post your thoughts afterwards.
  4. More control over the newgens you get from your academy. Suggestions: -Option to define the player types your academy focuses on developing in different positions. This could work by choosing a role/3-7 preferred attributes per position. For example, you could set the CBs that come through your academy to have high first touch and passing stats, or at least higher than normal. To expand on this, you should have 3 different molds for every position. To continue with the CB example, you could set your academy to develop 1: ball playing defenders, 2: classic limited defenders, highly physical, 3: fast, covering defenders. -Option to set 2-5 "essential" attributes that all your newgens will be highly trained at, no matter what position or role they play. For example, you could set your academy to drill high team ethic to all youngsters(in expense of other stuff). This would also have the added bonus of being able to simulate real-life academies, La Masia for example, whcih would develop highly technical players, while academies in England would develop more British players. Something like this is, of course, already in effect in the game, but this would allow you to bring, for example, the spanish approach to a mid-table EPL team academy. AND MAKE BRAVERY&AGGRESSION TRAINABLE. If you can train leadership, you should be able to train these too.
  5. try signing Ganso, I've seen his agent demand over 6 million euros:thup:
  6. Foreget nutritionists, there should be "chemistry consultants". That one 17yo centreback youngster can't put on enough strength? Some "vitamin" injections will fix that up in a few months. That one wingback runs out of breath after 65 minutes? Some hemoglobin "supplements" and he'll run all day long. Some players can't focus the entire match? Let's give them some assuredly legal stimulants to help them. Side effects may include spasms, insomnia, enlarged pupils and addiction.
  7. sliders in FM

    quick tempo and short passing definitely works if you have the players for it. as for the sliders, I think that's due to the match engine ultimately being just a bunch of code. it's very hard to make it truly dynamic and probably beyond SI´s resources.
  8. patterns in newgen attributes

    Yes, there are the basic "molds" to which most newgens are cast into. IMO there isn't enough newgens who either break the mold or are very specialized to one role(for example you rarely see pure playmaker newgens)
  9. My annoyance is that there aren't any Inzaghi-type of regens or similar. Meaning ones that have very specific skills and are suited only for one role. Most great regens follow the same blueprint: they excel in two whole attribute CATEGORIES(technical, mental, physical) and are "only" very good in one. They are too versatile. They should be more role-bound. Of course there are great allrounders like Yaya Toure IRL but they are quite rare.
  10. I agree with this. Either make the regens more versatile or implement something like this. It's vexing to, for example, have players who can play only MC and ST(not AMC) or wide defenders being utterly incapable of wingbacking even though they have the attributes for it.
  11. Dividends - Why this much?

    What if your club isn't listed in stock? Could one then avoid this?
  12. I don't think the attribute system is suited to expressing accurately the absolute extremes of physical ability. Imagine a good olympic lifter or a strongman was in the game. Of course 20 strength wouldn't be enough. Or 20 stamina for marathon runners. That'd make them only as endurant as Edinson Cavani, who surely is a great athlete but he can't get even close to specialists.
  13. Your worst, EVER results here!

    I blew a 5-1 aggregate lead in the CL semifinals. AT HOME.
  14. Best statistics for an Ass man

    Elio Carravetta is one of the best assmen in the game. Personally I like assmen with high motivation, so I have a general idea what the players want to hear, high player judging stats so I have accurate info on my players hidden attributes(if they like big games, are consistent, etc), high man management because they will manage reserves and youth team, and he should be a good coach in some area.