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  1. Welcome to the married life. It's also called living hell by some.
  2. Holstein Kiel ( www.holstein-kiel.de ) is a fallen giant in Germany. They won 1. Bundesliga (Well, there wasn't 1. Bundesliga back then, but you get the picture.) once in 1920s. My best favorite club (Only rivaled by Man UTD). I long for one day that they enter 1. Bundesliga again.
  3. I would have taken it. But then I've got no love for Luton. If Leverkusen (in tier 1) and Holstein Kiel (tier 4) offered me a contract, I'd take Kiel's contract over the mighty Levekusen's any day simply cuz Kiel is my fav club.
  4. It's not that I dislike the concept. It's just that the whole incident seems to have blown out of proposition. Basically, I felt that it was done over the top.
  5. I don't like this pedo harassment thing though. It shouldn't have been introduced in the story.
  6. I was hoping him to be sacked though and find another club and, well, change the title of this thread to <insert clubname> : Staring into the Harem.
  7. Well, find a better club than Luton. Maybe, a league 1 club this time.
  8. Who knew that Everton's hope was so cheap? http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt4/alucasa/1-2.jpg
  9. I shall wait for the day James actually gets a transfer fund. lol
  10. You certainly have good writing skills bundled with good creativity. Keep it up. And when you are done with the story, I'd like to request a PDF or a DOC version of it to keep it.
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