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  1. I am into 3 league games at the moment also, but your situation is now worse. I got 2 players back, but my 3 key players are still out.
  2. Grats, we have the same amount of injured players ! My situation is worse though since I also have a team 2 that plays in a competitive league which is Norwegian second division. I need my team 2 to stay up as well. There are only kids in team 2 but I can't afford injuries like this even in team 2...
  3. May I cry? This is a really small club. I can barely afford wage of my current squad. I said half because 3 key players are out. Those three players are vital to me.
  4. It's moderate with few of them being given extra training for new position training. The ones being given extra training haven't been injured yet ironically. The thing is that I've had a similar experience with FM 2014 as well which I think they eventually fixed silently.
  5. I started with a Norwegian club. As with other scandinavia clubs, they tend to have long pre-season and even before my season starts, my team is half destroyed and I have 2 more friendlies to play. In each game, at least two players got Injured. Sometimes from on field, sometimes from off field. 3 of current injuries you see up there are key players for me. With 2 more friendlies to go, I am positive that I will lose at last 4 more players to injuries. All injuries are quite bad, every of them are out for 2 months at least. By time, my season starts, I may or may not even have 11 fit players. This is actually a better restart because my 2 other restarts had it worse. What is up with this...
  6. It only happens if you are managing in a weak league. I've experienced it and have dealt with it since FM 2012. Once your team starts to do well in Europe, you basically become your domestic league's public enemy #1. Your domestic teams start to scout your team very heavily and start to learn your every possible tactics. Thus eventually beating or drawing against you even when their players are substantially weaker. There are ways to deal with this. One of ways I use is not using any tactics and just tell players to do whatever they want. (Be more expressive or something of that line plus roam more) Using no tactics is gonna get you killed in UCL but you can do well domestically when your team is far superior.
  7. In amatuer contracts, there are still appearance pay, clean sheet bonus for defenders and goal bonus and so on. Those could be it.
  8. Should be possible, but FM needs good CPU which tablets don't except for those expensive tablets with i7 cpu.
  9. Staff and your wage? Someone has to maintain the pitch also.
  10. That will depend on your players. Look at overall determination value for your players. If all or most of them have 15+ determination, you could risk going all attack away and risk going a goal behind which will fire them up. It's never a good idea to go behind though In general, you attack at home and counter when away. But I've had teams that sucked at home weirdly, so this is case by case situation.
  11. You kind of have to. Unless your team is substantially superior in every way, your domestic opponents will get used to how you play. After all, they are stuck with you. So, my advice is keep the formation that is working for you as Plan C (C for Continental) and constantly change your tactic as Plan H (Home) and Plan A (Away).
  12. Agreed on the idea part. The game was garbage but the concept was so charming which was why I bought it. As you said, if EA has football Sim, it may work out. But I don't have great faith in how EA does things.
  13. Bug probably. There was one time I was asked the same question 4 times straight. I stormed out. This was when I lost to Barca 7 to nil. The stupid reporter kept asking me how I felt about the match. Well, duh, did he have to ask?!
  14. I played Lords of Football. That was a garbage game. Every players under the roof were getting addictions so fast that they spent their entire training time curing their addictions.
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