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  1. Needs to be faster really, I only read commentary and very fast, but it's so slow now, used to be able to get in 3 matches on the bus now I'm lucky if I finish one.
  2. Everton first season on mine would be the biggest. I am the England manager and have just taken the Everton job as well so a nice challenge.
  3. Jones ahead of John Terry and Ashley Cole to name but 2? Then Welbeck ahead of Rooney? I disagree with you.
  4. I went to start a new international managment game, but noticed a minor thing, when on the select team part and the little information box comes up, the star players information seems to be wrong. Like a couple of examples, Englands 4 star players are Jack Butland, Phil Jones, Jack Wilshire and Danny Welbeck. You could make a case for Jack Wilshire but the other 3 wouldn't be the star players. The Ireland one is worse Aaron McCarey, Greg Cunningham, James McCarthy and Joe Mason, 2 of them have never played for Ireland, Cunningham has 3 appearences in friendlies, case could be made for McCarthy admittedly. But its still a bit strange. Messi isn't in Argentina's Star Players and Ronaldo isn't in Portugal's just to show you how off it is. Its not a big deal but it is something I thought I would bring to your attention.
  5. Doing horrendous really brought in a few players who I thought were going to be decent but turned out to be awful, have to change my formation around and mix it up but the players I brought in was to suit the formation which was silly but you live and learn . Enjoying it though, in contrast I have played 11, won 3, lost 4, drew 4.
  6. Im doing the same challenge with AFC Liverpool. I brought in a few players and noticed it as well, I put it down to the ratings going by your best player. I.E. If you manage to get Messi to the team the rest of the players are going to seem woeful so their stars will shoot right down where as they may have been the best players at the team before he arrived. But that is just my guess really. Its a good fun game though
  7. Harsh :(

    Yeah all the players were asking for too much and the Board wouldn't increase my transfer or wage budget so was stuck in no mans land. Have no one to sell to make up funds so am going to have to trawl the free transfers and hope that their is good enough players that will accept no money
  8. Well after finishing my 1st full season as Hereford expected to finish 12th we get into the play off's but lose in the final to Exter. Sad times. But happy enough as I am building for the future thinking I can make a great team, win League 2 and then have a hope of staying in League 1. But cause I can't get any money from the board a lot of my players contracts expired, and obviously all the loan players are gone back to their clubs. So for the 1st friendly of the new season this is my 1st team The way the players are picked is how I started the Play Off Final. So I have no goalkeepers, and my starting midfield is gone. Its gonna be a tough slog now with extra pressure as well. Anyway that's my little rant out of the way . Any of you have similar?
  9. Are the board mad?

    I am in the same boat, finances are great making money every month. Yet I am only given £0 Transfer Budget, and £20K Wage Budget. In League 2 with Hereford. Expected to finish 11th and lost in the Play Off Final, yet got the same budget the next season. Lost half of my players cause I couldn't get them on a contract. Ah well more fun
  10. Sam Vokes for my Hereford team, signed for free at the end of my 1st season at Hereford. Played 7 games and scored 4. First full season just gone there, played 46 and scored 27 setting up 14 which for my strikers is pretty incredible. Him and Jordan Cook together up front, Cook scored 29 in 46 games, setting up 11. The 2 together were incredible. Cook coincidently was signed on a free
  11. I have never had a problem. I prefer a young small squad anyway. Think this is the season I have had the most people registered at 19, with 2 of them loanees. So its never a problem for me really.
  12. I always signed Paolo Di Canio. Now a days wherever I go, Stephen Ireland will hopefully be following. Although I dont think he would like to sign for Hereford
  13. Your Manager Age?

    I set my experience to Sunday League Footballer, and go as my real age 21, I create the manager then go into FMRTE and edit it . The only thing I use the editor for but I like my game to be realistic I am that picky.
  14. I am currently managing in the Russian 1st Divsion, if they were all regens or real players it wouldn't make the slightest amount of difference I have no idea who any of them are
  15. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Gave me a little chuckle.