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  1. I think that this post in an old Career Update thread gives a good perspective on one way to evaluate players.
  2. @Jimbokav1971 I have been reading your threads since the N. Ireland days; there are two consistencies throughout the years. You create great stories and threads to follow and you do not save often and lose alot of progress. Please start using auto save please. Over the years I save before and after every game because of your threads. I hope this thread can continue.
  3. @optimusprimal82 Just wanted to let you know that I purchased FM19 because of this thread and the other ones you have created over the last couple of months. Also, @XaW also really enjoyed your posts with Kettering Town
  4. Hair packs do not really help with the faces being the same.... So from my perspective the regens have sucked since 2017. To your point that they have only used 3D for 2 years, fine. But this 3rd release of having horrible faces for regens is what this thread is about....
  5. Just for clarification, it is the third year. 2017, 2018 and 2019
  6. I'll be skipping FM 19 then. Thanks for the information. Back to FM 15 for me.
  7. Just my perspective. I did not buy FM 2018 and will not be purchasing FM 2019 until after the 3rd patch if at all. I would really like to see improvement with Regens as FM 2015 and FM 2016 still can not be topped in terms of face and hair variety. Why is this important to me? Because it helps me to connect with the FM universe that I am playing in, it helps me to connect to my players and coaches, and it is a small thing but helps me to be immersed when I play FM. Not trying to speak for anyone else or say that I am part of the majority, but this game in past versions did a great
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