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  1. FM18 Regens

    I will not be purchasing FM18 if this is not fixed. Thank you @CFuller
  2. Just wanted to make these posts more visible again. I don't know how relevant they are to FM17 but SFraser's posts were about Football and how to apply that to FM; his posts always opened new ways to play and think about football and FM. He passed away over 5 years ago before FM12 was released but if you scroll down his memorial thread you will find a list of threads that he created that get me excited about trying something new in FM. https://community.sigames.com/topic/219413-the-sfraser-memorial-thread-links-to-all-the-discussions-and-guides/
  3. Database: 15.3.0 Update Version: 15.3.0 Database: Medium Game Start Date: January 2014 Caribbean Cup competition does not update winning manager's profile or achievements. Applicable for both AI or Human managers, the last entry for winning this competition is an entry for winning the semi-final. Winning this competition does not update the winning manager's profile page, their achievements page, and also does not count toward their international cup total. This competition does correctly handle the runner's up, and all lower finishes in the manager's profile. The international team itself recognizes the winning of this cup towards the board confidence. Also the team's honors page correctly is updated and displays the Caribbean Cup trophy. Game save called Caribbean Cup has been ftped and put in the fm/game-save directory. You can look it up in the save by following these steps: World->North America->International Competitions->CFU Caribbean Cup Select the winner from 2014 and go to the team home page. Click on the manager of the international team and go to their profile page. You will see that the winning the semi final is the last entry for achievement. No mention of winning the cup. You will also see that the cup total is unchanged, (for a new manager it says at zero). Steps to recreate from new save: Only MLS league loaded Start game as unemployed. Vacation until December 1st 2014. On December 1st 2014 go to: World->North America->International Competitions->CFU Caribbean Cup Select the winner from 2014 and go to the team home page. Click on the manager of the international team and go to their profile page. You will see that the winning the semi final is the last entry for achievement. No mention of winning the cup. You will also see that the cup total is unchanged, (for a new manager it says at zero). I would really appreciate if this could be fixed in FM 16. Thank you and God Bless.
  4. Martinique: Is it possible?

    So even though Martinique is not included in FIFA and is hard coded not to be eligible, it does have these competitions available to it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribbean_Football_Union Caribbean Cup: is the current international cup for the Caribbean: the top 4 teams in the tournament qualify for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. CONCACAF Gold Cup: If you qualified in the Caribbean Cup. I'm enjoying this save so far, so I will see how far I can get. Thank you for answering my question so quickly.
  5. Martinique currently in FM15 has N/A for the FIFA World Ranking. I just started a new save where I'm the manager for the National Team. Is it possible to get them actually ranked in the World Ranking or is it hard coded for them to stay at N/A? Thanks for the help.
  6. For the last 4 versions I have always bought the game in April around my birthday. The last patch is out, the skins, stadiums, kits are done. The tactics, training schedules and discussions have mostly taken place. The only thing missing this year will be the threads from SFraser.
  7. RIP SFraser. I am so sorry for his family for their loss. I hope his ceremony today has finally let the family begin to have closure and let the healing begin. FM12 when released will not be the same and I will miss the amazing posts he would write. Here are my personal favorites of topics that SFraser had started or contributed to. Creativity and Flair Back-Room-Staff-What-They-are-Good-at-and-How-to-Use-Them. A-Guide-to-Developing-Youngsters Shoots-With-Power-versus-Places-Shots Meet-The-Striker Meet-The-System How-To-Meet-The-Next-Season Building-a-Cohesive-Team Creative-freedom-a-management-style Analysing-the-4-2-3-1-Why-Your-Playmaker-Should-Be-Upfront. The-Tactics-of-Attacking-Creating-Space
  8. So the OP has it completely wrong. It is not setting the condition to 36%. If it was, it would be something that would be easy noticeable. It took me 3 minutes to find the post that has this cheat, so you did not search hard enough. This is a cheat where you can only tell someone is using it by the results at the end of the game. If the OP is serious about this, then he should stop playing FM with this person, simple as that.
  9. Vangelis21, You should read this thread by Cleon. It gives a description for each attribute and their connection between each other. By looking at your screen shot the fact that this guy is that fast helps a lot in terms of scoring (Pace and Acceleration). Add in his technique, dribbling, off the ball, and anticipation. Also keep in mind that scoring opportunities also depend on the role assigned to him in the tactic. So since he is a MC, he is probably getting himself into the box (anticipation, off the ball) and the ball is passed to him from a striker or deflects off a keeper or high bar, he then uses his First touch, technique, composure, long shots, and finally finishing to kick the ball. Also taken into account is where he is relation to the goal. If he has an open shot, and the ball is on his right side, then there is a good chance he can score. (Not saying this is what happened in the five goals, just trying to paint a picture in terms of all the variables that are involved besides the "finishing" attribute. Also, his pressue, work rate, and determination attributes are pretty good as well. So based on his pressure attribute, he can handle stressful situations well. While on the pitch and in training, because of his work rate is so high, he will always try hard for you. His determination means that he wants to succeed and be successful and will get himself into situations (aka goal scoring) to win the game. So yes, over the long season will he miss goals or have them saved when other players would have put the ball in the back of the net, yes. But one attribute is hardly ever the determining factor in any action in the match engine of the game. It is a combination of attributes that make up a result, this is why this game is so good. I do not know if this is true, but you should watch your games in full match mode, that way you can see for yourself how this player is scoring the goals and in the future will look to the tactics community and all the effort they put forth to explain in detail why things happen in the match engine, instead of posting threads about "bugs". http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/238682-Explanation-of-the-Impact-of-Player-Attributes-During-Match-Play-*Updated-for-FM11* *** Based on other posts you have made recently, if you already know all of this, then you should read the link anyway. Best of luck in your league in Greece.
  10. Thank you for this thread. I have just started trying this and it works great. Just another dimension of the game that does not get much attention.
  11. I agree. I do not buy this game until the third patch is out every year.
  12. 1. Board request to increase coaching staff not working 2. Stadium Planning Keeps delaying
  13. I am sure there is something in the manual...... oh wait. Ok how about the wiki, there should be something in there...... oh wait. Seriously, it would be nice if we could get an official response with explanation.
  14. Meet The System

    SFraser can you tell me where I can find how to customize the TC, including the shouts? If not, can that be your next article? Thanks.