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  1. I even managed to win goal of the season in L2 playing with Wycombe
  2. This player is slightky concerned with the number of high quality direct free kicks being scored in lower leagues at the moment. Am i the only one seing this, or is it common?
  3. As long as he doesn't play bad you play him, keep him until the replacement is playing better.
  4. Could be worth to clean out the dust from the fans inside the laptop as well.
  5. Not everyone, in my low league game my star strikers are scoring at will.
  6. You can't loan foreign players in englad after the august window closes
  7. Haven't had in match injuries to keepers yet, several knocks though.
  8. No Long Range Goals

    I see so many long range goals i'm starting to suspect keepers are transparent, still only played lower leagues thought
  9. Two games in two days

    I've done that as well, think it was a postponed match due to international call ups in lower league.
  10. Predictable goals

    Whenever i see a highlight i concede a goal, after 20 years of playing i'm suddenly crap at the game
  11. Considering the hours i've spent on it it has to be #1
  12. Another thing that bugs me is after a corner when you have lots of people in opponents area the wide player lets the ball trickle out over the line for a throw-in instead of instantly crossing it back in there
  13. Potential LB bug?

    I think fullbacks in general are poor or maybe wide attacking players to good
  14. Have they ever announced anything about a date before, they say there will be a patch but you have to wait until release to know what date it will be there.