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  1. I just don't get it. I've modified my training, but I don't get many chances to score... The mezzala's no good, I never see him. It's the same with my AML or the striker. DLFat IFat Wsu DLPsu MezAt DMde Wsu CD CD Iwsu Positive mentality, Short passing, work into the box, play out the defense
  2. Another question, what PPI will Be important for a Deeplying forward or for a F9 ?
  3. For progressive possession, what doit you Think about this formation : PFat IFsu Wsu Dlpsu MezAt DMde Wat CD CD Fsu
  4. It will Be for possession or progressive possession. Also I would like to play with a mezzala. Maybe : PFat IFat Wsu ? MezAt Dlpsu Wsu CD CD Fsu Or PFat IFat Wsu Dlpsu MezAt DMde Wsu CD CD Fsu
  5. I have another question. If my playmaker is my defensive midfielder like this: X X DLP(su or de) What type of configuration should I use?
  6. With TM on support, maybe this configuration : TMsu IFat IWsu Dlpsu Mezat HB Wsu Cd Cd Fsu
  7. @Experienced Defender Ok thanks ! And is it possible to play Target Man on attack for my striker ?
  8. What do you think of the roles of and tasks for my striker and my AML? Almada is not very involved in building the game, and Vlahovic is not often found. And if the players are not good enough for progressive possession, what changes should I make for more normal possession? I would also like to have fast attacks.
  9. Thanks a lot. And what do you Think about the role of the striker and AML ?
  10. Hi everyone, I'd like your advice on my tactics. It's working well but I'm having trouble creating chances, I draw a lot of games. Several things: I can't find the right role for my AML (Almada) and my AMR (Antony). My striker has a lot of trouble, and not a lot of chances. I'd like to play some kind of progressive possession. I don't know if I can use working in the box. Is my team good enough for that? @Experienced Defender thanks for your help
  11. Hi everyone, Can y ou tell me if my tactic is correct, with these roles ? Is it possible to play AML on APat (or su). @Experienced Defender what do you think about that ? I want to play progressive possession.
  12. I don't understand, I just made the last update to have the database up to date but no January transfers are visible. Is that normal?
  13. @Experienced Defender Okay, and what would be the best training for a 4231 in possession control? I'd like my attacking midfielder and my offensive midfielder to be on attacking duty.
  14. @Experienced Defender If I want the AF-SS partnership on my 4231, do you Think it can work on this formation : AF IFsu SS Wat DLPde BBm WBat CDde BPDde FBsu For fast attack and counter attack ? Thanks
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