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  1. I cannot find the "Create new tactic" button. I've tried other skins etc, but its nowhere to be found. Anyone else having this issue ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Help !!
  2. Yes, I'm using the real name fix stuff. Thanks for replying
  3. Fair enough, but its never been like this in previous versions. Is this the same for everyone ?
  4. Playing in England (as Millwall) and on various screens, in new items and in match commentary the game insists on referring to all clubs with their full names, for example. Millwall Football Club or Bradford City Association Football Club etc. This is particularly annoying in the text commentary bar during matches. This has never been the case before. Is there a way to get rid of this nonsense? Or do we just have to live with it ? loving the game, bar this one small niggle.
  5. Very broad question. I honestly have no issue with crosses. Thanks for asking.
  6. I never actually fell out of love with FM. But, in the last 3 or 4 years I just found that after the initial burst of enthusiasm and the setting up of the game just as I like it. My interest would wain disappointingly quickly. Like many, I’ve been playing this game since the very beginning from the Amiga days. That in itself ages me (I’m 45) and it was indeed age I was assuming was the main reason for the reduced playing time and diminished enjoyment. However. This year something has changed. I don’t actually know what specifically, all I know is that I’m truly hooked once again. Normally I would start a career with my real life team (Millwall) find my feet, them embark upon a career game with a team I knew less well. This year I find myself deep into January still on the same Millwall save that I started on release day. 5 seasons in after gaining promotion in year one, I’ve finally broken out of mid table obscurity in The Championship and find myself in the play-offs. So, despite no glory apart from the odd cup win here and there my save has been quite standard or mundane. Yet I’m loving every second of it. The ME is in as good a state as it’s ever been, tactical changes are visibly represented to the extent that it’s very easy to see what you may have done right or wrong. Some tactics I’ve created and tried have been as dull to watch as van Gaal’s Utd team. Make a few changes to roles, instructions etc and the difference is marked. The game is set up such that a lot of the minutiae that I personally find dull can be performed by staff members, leaving me to enjoy the game fully, just the way I like it. Once again I find myself daydreaming about who to buy, who to sell, which tactic to use etc. this has not been the case with me for at least the last 3 versions. It’s not perfect, no game this large and complex could be. It has a few things niggle me. None important enough to even hint at spoiling my enjoyment mind you. Firstly, I had a player who would not sign a new contract as he felt that the club could not match his ambitions. No problem, I transfer listed him. Only to then find that a fair number of my squad were unhappy with this. I later sold him and they were moaning at me for doing so. Surely they would have been aware that he wouldn’t extend his contract and wanted out, so why they all got the hump is beyond me. Anyway, no biggie. My other little niggle is added time at the end of the second half. It seems to me to be a bit inaccurate and doesn’t quite reflect real life. In game it seems that 2 or 3 minutes is what you seem to get more often than not. Now I cannot remember the last real game of football I watched where only 2 minutes were added. 4 or 5 minutes seems to more realistic amount imho. Once again, only a very small issue for me. Thanks for reading, thats me done. Great game SI. I’m loving it, Thanks
  7. I've changed my teams kits and colours in the in game editor, but during matches the team still plays in the default licensed 3D kits, yet the text and icons display as edited. So how on earth do I get my kit and colour changes to display in the 3D match engine ? Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Ah! That would explain it, thank you
  9. Whatever i try, i cannot seem to get the in-game editor to display or work in my game. The option IS ticked in my preferences, yet no joy. Any advice, gratefully received
  10. Sorry for being dense, but for the life of me I cannot work out where or how to turn off attribute masking. Has this feature been removed from FM16 ?
  11. I'm just checking out the editor (as you do:p) and I've noticed players with PA of -65 or -75. So, which of these values would be more likely to produce the better player in the long run ? Any help appreciated
  12. Personally I'm not planning or wanting to spend the remainder on one or more players. What I'm struggling with is the fact that I cannot increase what I offer as wages even though I've a large chunk left to spend. Maybe being able to offer 5k instead of 3.2k !! I mean, why give me the budget if I then cannot use it.
  13. No, I'm not. Maybe you are seeing these threads too often because it's an issue that many people feel needs clarifying.