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  1. I'd like to give some suggestions about Inter players and PPM's. Lukaku: I think that the way he plays suits the PPM "Play with back to goal" and Move into channel Lautaro: Come deep to get the ball? Brozovic: I think that since the conversion in DLP he does not run so often in opposite area to have the PPM gets into opposite area. He probably arrives late in opposite area. Vidal: probably he, indeed, suits the PPM of brozo to get forward. Thank you
  2. I can accept this. But I don't think to be so good at this game to do this. At least, in previous editions I wasn't....
  3. I think that are different items. If I manage Inter, as every year, and playing the game basically (which means no editor, no FMRTE, no genie scout, no downloaded tactic etc etc....) and I beat Bayern 5-0 in CL, Juventus 4-0 and MIlan 4-0 in Serie A with statistics like shots 20-2 I think this is unrealistic. Ok, I can make the game harder playing with a low team, a Serie B team, perhaps a League Two team. Ok, I understand. But it doesn'matter. This not change that Inter - Bayern 5-0 with 20-2 shots in completely unrealistic.
  4. I admit that I also had the suspect of a too easy game. Let me explain what I mean. I think I'm far away to be a tactical genius; I always had my first save with Inter, my favourite club, and in previous versions of FM I always had a lot of trouble in finding a good tactic and obtaining good results. This year I took Inter, as usual, desing a tactic 4-1-2-3 wide and start the game......well 3-0 against Juventus, 4-0 against Milan, 3-0 against Bayern Munchen in CL....After 10 match, 9 win, 1 draw, 36 goals done and 7 conceeded. Ok, probably Inter team is stronger this year than p
  5. I agree with you about Liverpool, but I think that in FM20 it is "too easy" to manage Liverpool. They have a very strong squad, lots of money...Perhaps Arsenal could be a great solution because they have good balance, good money potential, and a squad to rebuild around youngsters.
  6. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal!I'm very impressed about your results buy I also think that you choose a club that ideally suits this approach. In your opinion what premier League team would you choose to start a similar project?
  7. Hi, just a Quick question: are the Wide forward placed on inverted foot?
  8. Great Works. In my opinion there are two things missing that are basic features of Gasperini style. I think they are impossible to replicate here. 1. CB forward movement. As you can see in your picture when you describe the attacking the box on right side, there is a lot of space between the 3 CB and the other players. One of the, probably the left Cb, should be at least 15-20 meters forward. And also during build up is not rare that Toloi will move up to opposite area. 2. Roaming. Another aspect difficult to improve here. During the match there are a continuous roaming between
  9. Hello guys, I'm an F.C Inter fan and I'd like to emulate the tactic used by Antonio Conte. If it is easy te replicate the defensive phase, what it is struggling me is the partnership between Lukaku and Lautaro. As during last match in CL, when one of them comes deep the other makes a run in the space. Both of them link the play with teammates, and plays goal. Any suggestions? The aim is to replicate how Lukaku and Lautaro play in the real life.
  10. Agree. What was strange is that, at least in my experience, this not happens in other league. With FM 2019 I made two different saves, one in Serie A and other in Premier League. In the former I see exactly what Buddha and Gunman said, but in Premier League I saw Liverpool, City and United constantly improve their squad and make the title run very challenging.
  11. In my FC Internazionale save Real Madrid pays the release clause of Brozovic. First day of the game on July 8th.
  12. Hi, How do you pair Lukaku and Martinez? I think this could be an important issue in developing a good Inter tactic.
  13. Yes I agree with you, but in real life I suppose his role isn't a real target Man.
  14. I'm interested in how do you pair Lukaku and Martinez....in real life I think hey are very similar...
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