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  1. How many hundreds of thousands of people attend the average Belgian Third Division match?
  2. You might be right - let's look at the difficulties. There would have to be new leagues added, research done on clubs etc. as there is on, say, adding a new country. The game would also have to restrict player movement so that men don't sign for women's teams and vice versa. Perhaps some pronoun issues, but that was a problem that was overcome when female managers were added. Can you think of other areas of concern? How much time and effort is too much?
  3. Women's football. I had a long post typed up about all the merits of including it, but you can boil it down to three things: It would be fun to manage women's teams It's sexist to ignore it The world of football isn't properly simulated without it So, how about it?
  4. If only such a database did exist. Wouldn't it be lovely if you could buy some piece of software that had a huge list of players, their positions, strengths and weaknesses, values etc. It could be called something like Manager of Football 2012 or something like that.
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