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  1. As an actual Hearts fan, the start of this entire thread was alarmingly close to real life.
  2. I once spent 74 saves trying to see if Mlada Boleslav would win the second leg of a Europa League tie against Motherwell. I wasn't managing either, but I thought it unrealistic that so many Scottish teams were doing well in Europe (FM17 for me has seen all three Scottish teams get to the group stage in very save I've done, so it's still nonsense). The first leg at Fir Park was 1-1, and there were 73 times that Motherwell got the 0-0 or a win against a team that would likely dispatch them easily.
  3. 15,500? Wow. Usually you can hear what flavour crisps are being munched in the west stand.
  4. Scotland hardly ever get teams into Europe. I should also have mentioned that Hearts and Aberdeen also waltzed in with no difficulties twice. I can barely remember when a team other than Celtic got to the group stage. Aberdeen I think did a few years back, and Hearts did over a decade ago. Three teams with no problem? Hearts won 4-0 against West Ham. No chance. Also Celtic are awful in one save and decent but not great in the other. It feels a lot random.
  5. My manager created in 3D appears to have whiskers like a fat meerkat, my director of football doesn't do anything even though it's his responsibility, and Hibs got into the Europa League group stage in two different saves. Apart from this, it's a pretty good game.
  6. Countries have reputations, but not national teams. They could, and should use those. We can sometimes see that Brazil are a disaster, but their IRL reputation still precedes them.
  7. Player asks for a new contract. You say contract will be offered. You offer one, but player refuses because he believes they're too good for the squad. Then they get pissy because you didn't offer a contract. I can't believe they didn't fix this. Now I've lost my two best players. Thanks a Goddamn bunch. This isn't even an issue new to FM16. It was happening in FM14. It's like SI have no interest in anyone who doesn't manage Chelsea.
  8. I find counter-attacks by opponents to be overpowered, and the crossing bug doesn't help. It's harder, but I don't mind that. Too many goals come from ME (crossing, FB positioning, and GK AI) issues to make it much fun.
  9. I have 6 physios between the main and U20 Hearts squads. That's too many as well.
  10. I don't think it's English in terms of tactics, but I do think England is overpowered in the game. They haven't won the world cup recently, but managed it twice back to back in my longest save. The attacking by opposing teams often is really high paced, an unusual thing for the continental game. That would be my only comment on how foreign leagues are portrayed.
  11. Hoofball? I had a game where Forfar scored three times on counter-attacks with intricate passing moves that would have left Barcelona fans in tears. Teams in the lower divisions often play like EPL teams in this ME.
  12. Nobody seems to be able to put in a cross. That's eliminating width as a tool in attacking. You're fighting with one arm tied behind your back when that's the case. Even set as winger support, players out wide get the ball and either run in with it, or pull it back to the outside of the area (these I think are counted as crosses in the stats though).
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