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  1. I'd just like to know one thing. Is there any will whatsoever of fixing B teams? For five years now we've been reporting the faults in the league issues threads, and we haven't seen one change towards fixing that. What's the point of a bug report thread, if all the reports are ignored? At this point people are just copying and pasting their posts from the previous year, it's tiring to keep reporting stuff like this and keep being ignored. In Portugal's case in particular, B teams are still satelites of their main club, which is wrong and has been wrong since their inception in FM 2012. They can't buy or sell players, which is still how they work in FM. B teams cannot play in the same league as their main team, which is still happening in FM. Players are free to go back and forth both teams at will, but we still can't do that because they're considered satelite clubs. I mean, really, is there any will whatsoever of ever righting that wrong? Because at this point I'd be sceptical of anything anyone in the developer team tells me. We've been answered every single year that changes like this won't be coming with a point update, but with a new release, and here we are, four releases and five years later and nothing has changed. And this is just for Portugal. Spanish teams are also still wrong. What's the point of posting on bug threads, feedback threads and the like if five years later the posts are still being ignored? For what? UI revamps and adding taxes to finances? I get that these changes have a place in FM, but I'd argue that teams working as they should is a much bigger thing. At this point I'm just giving up on reporting feedback on this stuff, as are a lot others that usually report these things on this forum.
  2. I think it's related with the club. I'm coaching Benfica, and I seem to mostly get AMC and DC, and it relates to real life, as most of the best youngsters seem to play in those positions. On the other hand, Sporting mostly gets wingers, again relating to real life and Porto gets MC and Poachers. But I don't know if it's randomness, I just observe this pattern alot.
  3. That was not aimed at you, it's just a general feeling that I get in World Cup years. Look at Cruyff (?). The guy actually said that Neuer deserved the prize just for being world champion and Ronaldo didn't deserve the prize because he won nothing of relevance... except for the half dozen conquests that he had, including the biggest club prize there is: the Champions League. He goes on saying that in a World Cup year the prize MUST (read MUST) be awarded to a World Champion, which is ridiculous in every way. As I said, I pity the players that aren't lucky enough to be German or Brazilian, because they could never win the prize, even if they were a mix between Maradona, Ronaldo and Eusébio. Yes, I do agree that Neuer deserved to be above Messi, but it's false that he established a new tactical role. Yashin did it many years ago, although with some differences, as no player has the exact same role, but the sweeper, ball distribution thing is not new. That being said, he is clearly above every other goalkeeper nowadays, and I don't even see a current young goalkeeper that could even be adequate to a similar style of play. He's like a handball goalkeeper mixed with a regista.
  4. What about when they're not set to do that? It is pretty common to see a team play 40-50 matches per season and rarely change their defense on account of player routine, but it's impossible to do that for even a week in FM. If you have three games in one week, they would be able to do two games, but on the third they would already be in their 80s percentile condition and tired.
  5. The thing is, the award is meant for an individual and every one judges the team. If Ronaldo and Messi were "unlucky" enough to be born in Nigeria, they would never have even the slightest shot at a national team competition. I mean, Bale will never win anything at that level and he is the monster winger that he is. Or Drogba, or Touré, or Modrić. Even Ronaldo, the monster that he is, will never win anything in that regard, as Portugal, the good team that it is, is not good enough to aspire to a big win like a Euro or World Cup. So, to say that on a national team competition year, the award MUST go to one of the champions is idiotic, even more when you realize that the award is for a whole year's performance, not three weeks. That being said, even actually winning something should not be the end of all discussion. Messi didn't win anything else except the Spanish Supercup and the World Cup Golden Ball (and that one was ridiculous), but he still performed way, way above everyone else except Ronaldo.
  6. In Portuguese it's described as 'Visão de jogo', which literaly means 'vision of game', as in a sense of awareness/intelligence about the surrounding match. Creativity made it sound as though it was a midfielder's attribute. What would be the point on a centre back or goalkeeper in being creative if they wouldn't be involved in the more 'creative' part of the game. With vision, the sense is broader, which it should be. It's perfectly common to refer to a player's intelligence in the field as his having vision, hence the term vision in FM. You would say Hummelsd has great vision, but you wouldn't refer to Hummels as a creative player. The only issue I would have with the attibute (not the nomenclature) is that its meaning sort of blends with some other attributes like decisions, positioning, anticipation or off-the-ball. These seem dependant upon eachother, as with the heading/jumping/height trifecta. My issue with this one is that they should not be dependant upon eachother, because you could perfectly describe heading as the (techincal) ability with which a player can head a ball or jumping as the (physical) ability with which a player can reach certain jumping height compared to his own height. The way it is now makes it seem that only tall players know how to head or jump because of the way they depend on each other in the game. There have been short players with great heading or jumping abilities, although their height prevented them from being a threat in the air. This does not happen with vision, positioning, anticipation or off the ball, because these are all mental aspects of a player. A player with great vision and understanding of the game is expected to know his positioning and his tempo when tackling a play. Furthermore, a player with great vision can anticipate a play, but may have a poor reaction time to it (think Riquelme). Furthermost, I really don't see a great difference between vision and off the ball. This is all explained if you read the manual, as positioning and off the ball are respectively the defensive and offensive sense of positioning when the player is off the ball, and vision is the player's ability to observe his options when with the ball. Meanwhile, decisions affect his ability to decide which of the plays that his vision attibute allows him to perceive he plays. This is all very confusing without previous reading of the manual, and even having read it it's still a little confusing because they seem to overlap. My recommendation as to a solution for this is very simple. Tooltips. When hovering an attribute in a player's attibute's screen the tooltip just says the name of the attibute that's being hovered. Why not add the description of it to the tooltip? If a player is confused about which attribute does what, they could just hover over it and read the tooltip description. Problem solved. And by the way, since I'm recommending this, please add the keyboard shortcuts to the tootips.
  7. Hum... no, not only the Portuguese league works this way, the Spanish B teams league also works like this. As does the Czech, Slovakian, Norwegian and even German teams, with some minor differences between them (like age restrictions, denominations and such). And the way it works now is nowhere near how it is in real life. Just the way we have to register players for their leagues makes it useless to have them the way they are. And we can't make players available to B teams until fit, we have to actually demote them to do that, I don't know how you can even say it works the same way as reserve teams.
  8. Unanswered as in, not put into the game, I meant. But still, two/three years aren't enough to code that part of the game? Please... And the problem is not moving them from team to team. I affects lots of things, from player's registers in the leagues, to finance and staff/player work methodology (e.g. a player can't be made available until fit for play, you have to actually change him from team to team, press continue and wait for someone to decide to let him play). We've been asking for this for years. That and the database errors that the Portuguese database manager refuses to correct. E.g. Maxi Pereira has been Benfica's right fullback for eight years, and still every year we have to train him for that position. Stuff like this has been reported continuously every year and still we get ignored.
  9. Any indication as to if the proper way the B teams work is in the game? I've been waiting for two years for that to happen, for two years we've been reporting that and for two years we've been unanswered. That and the many other errors that the Portuguese team seems to ignore every year, some of them almost eight years old.
  10. Actually he's putting him in an offside position by coming up the pitch (both No9 and No7). The mistake was from the referee is he validated the pass.
  11. Ok, here's my feedback. All-around, I think it's miles ahead of the disappointment FM 2013 was, BUT (and that's a big, hairy but) the game has three or four flaws that make it impossible for me to even think about starting a long save. My major concern is with transfers. I can't sell a first team player that won best champion's league player for even 30% of his value. I can't buy a 15-year old worth €14m (that's thousand, not millions, for our UK readers) nobody has ever heard of for less than €4M. That's almost a 29.000% increase!!! That makes it impossible to start a long term save because I can't sell players unless I practically give them away, and I can't buy neither developed or developing players because both are too expensive (I had Benfica ask me €89M for Salvio... a player who was transfer and loan listed). And since I can't buy players I have to stick with my youngsters (which is pretty much hit or miss) or my current squad until they retire. I can't keep my finances above the red because my main income (which would be selling players) is non existent at all! Second is the defensive problems everyone knows about. I won't talk about that because it's been viewed and reviewed endlessly in this topic. Third is not really about the game 'per se' but about players' attributes. The players from my country's league (Portugal) have always been biased since I remember playing Championship Manager but in FM2014 they are so biased it's not even possible to hide it anymore. Matic who was voted best player in the league has poor attributes, but Quintero (who is a bench player and has yet to even prove himself in as good as James or Diego and almost at a Robben level). That's one example among dozens. Josué is better than Salvio, one of the best wingers in the league. Rojo is better than Garay and Mangala, the best centre-backs in the league. Oh, and by the way Garay is actually slower than his 32 years-old partner (wich is faaaaar from reality as Garay is MUCH faster) and Mangala is the equivalent of an underfed ethiopian compared to his real self. All that and wrong ownerships all across the league, contracts with made up clauses that don't exist in real life and much more. Fourth is about B-teams in Portugal. They still don't work as a reserves team, but as a different team. That's... well, stupid. I understand that the rules have to be coded into the source, but they've been around for two years and we still can't use them for anything at all. They serve no purpose within the game whatsoever. Sure, you can send players there, but you can also do that with every other team in the world.
  12. Imagine having to go through a book with 1000 pages looking for a particular typo that you don't know where it is.
  13. I'm repeating the game with the same and different tactics (already familiarized team) to see what the outcome is.
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