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  1. This is what I would like as well but theoretically it should actually be very easy to put together. You just need to merge a legendary player database with a World League database that somebody else has already put together. The key thing is that the player database must only have changes to players and mustn't have any changes to the clubs. I tried this with another legends database but failed because the clubs had been fiddled with. I'm really keen on this idea because it would make a really tough challenge. Once you win the Champions League with a small club it's difficult to get enthusiastic about a new save. In any case I think you're doing fantastic work here.
  2. Well long shots is a whole new subject and I don't think I can help because I've never set any player, let alone my full-backs, to do a lot of long shots. My theory is that I want to create good quality chances so I usually (but not always) set long-shots to rarely. My gut says you should be brave enough to carry out your own experiment though. If you get into the habit of thinking of ideas and trying them out yourself you'll surely learn lots about the game. Also, for what it's worth, I think flere-imsaho has given you better advice than I did
  3. First I'd look at the full backs. Can they pass well and/or run with ball well and/or cross well. If they're bad at something you can tell them to do it rarely. Similarly if crossing isn't working because your strikers are small you could tell them to cross rarely. If you tell them not to do something they'll do the other things more. If they're very good at something tell them to do it a lot. That's probably a decent rule of thumb for other players too. Now think about your strikers. Because they're fast it makes sense to play deeper to give them space to run into. So unless your opponents are playing defensively you want to be playing through balls. So if your full-backs can pass you can tell them to play more through balls and that will reduce their crossing. One more point. If your full back is good at running with the ball and crossing you could tell him to get to bye-line and drill crosses. Then he should fire in crosses to the near post and your small but fast strikers might do well from this type of cross.
  4. no pace and acceleration will also apply when running with the ball...you could add anticipation, off-the-ball, first touch and strength to your list I should think...I remember SFraser talking in detail about this very subject, possibly in his Meet the Striker thread
  5. Unfortunately they don't seem to work properly or I'm doing something wrong...early days though
  6. Against a faster striker I'd have one defend and one cover making sure the cover defender matches up against the fast striker...if both strikers are fast then a deeper defensive line...if the strikers are slow compared to your defenders I use defend+stopper the stopper/defend/cover instruction just affects pressing I think so you can also manually adjust pressing if you want
  7. I'm new to this forum but not to the game and I have to say I've been blown away by Steven's threads, even printing off hundreds of pages to read on holiday. He's given me a new enthusiasm for the game. R.I.P. (thanks for putting this together heathxxx)
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