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  1. In FM12 I won the Champions League with Chester in 8 seasons...using 4-4-2 every game!
  2. I've not been playing as long as you but I've played since CM2 and I especially loved CM01-02...I counted up that I'd played 260 seasons long before I finished with CM01-02. But when FM10 was out I went back to try it again and I can't say I enjoyed it...I'm continually frustrated by some of the things in the current game and I have many many critisisms but it has been improved over the years and overall it's much better than it used to be...in particular I like that complexity of the various tactical choices and I can't enjoy any version where you don't speak to the players
  3. "they had a few good players Young, Milner, Barry etc"...I can't resist pointing out that a young(ish) Milner-Barry worked as a Bletchley Park codebreaker and played chess for England
  4. This is what I would like as well but theoretically it should actually be very easy to put together. You just need to merge a legendary player database with a World League database that somebody else has already put together. The key thing is that the player database must only have changes to players and mustn't have any changes to the clubs. I tried this with another legends database but failed because the clubs had been fiddled with. I'm really keen on this idea because it would make a really tough challenge. Once you win the Champions League with a small club it's difficult to get enthusiastic about a new save. In any case I think you're doing fantastic work here.
  5. Hey guys I bought FM15 shortly after release and played about 12 seasons where it worked fine...but about 3-4 months ago it started running more and more slowly...specifically when I click something it can take maybe 10 seconds for the game to respond...this happens constantly...since then I've had a spell not playing the game so I left this problem unresolved I've not had a problem running other games or doing anything else I'm using Vista (Please note that I struggle with technical stuff) thanks in advance
  6. I can only tell you what I do in England for a big club: I try to have a "youth squad" of about 20-24 players at the club i.e. excluding players on loan...that's 20-24 players total for the U18 and U21 squads combined...so if I am playing with one striker I might have 2 on loan and 3 at the club...but I will often only have them on loan for 6 months...at Christmas another 2 go on loan I keep as many of these players as possible in the youth squad...Ideally I'd have nobody in the reserve squad then I make all players with 90% condition available for the reserve squad...so when I get the message "what senior players should be available for the reserve match?"...I decide which first-teamers need a match and then I immediately go to my youth squad and make those available for the reserve match if their condition is high enough later I get an incorrectly titled message "which first-teamers should play in the youth match?" and I put the U18 players back into the youth squad if their condition is at 90% I generally only put players out for loans if I can recall them and players with poor stamina only get short loans of 1-3 months...then I bring them back so as to avoid exhausting them if a youth player gets injured I promote them to the first-team squad to stop the AI managers playing them until their condition recovers to 90% if players need to learn English I only loan them to English clubs when they get to age 20 I make my sell or keep decision...maybe they have a full year on loan before they go into my first-team squad depending on circumstances...basically when they reach 20 they leave my youth system whether they like it or not...if I can't sell or loan them I put them in my first-team squad and give them no football and refuse to speak to them until they get the message
  7. My problem is that I've come from FM12 to FM15 so I'm pretty inexperienced at this version and I've not played enough to nail down what I do and don't like yet. I like what his wingbacks do defensively...but I tried WB support and DLP defend to compensate...I thought that worked well I'm doing much more pressing through opposition instructions...a real 90 minutes of fury...they hunt the ball in packs...I think this is working well so far I like whipped crosses I'm trying works ball into box but I'm unsure if that's a good or bad idea So far I've been hampered by a big injury to Sturridge but my pre-season was way better with my changes than without...posession is higher...I have far fewer shots overall but my shot-on-target percentage is way better Obviously "tactical approach" got bucket-loads of goals from his Trequaristas but yes I would speculate that other roles may also work well so long as your strikers have the correct footedness for their crossing Basically my tweaks seem to be doing what I want tactically but that's only a tentative opinion at this stage
  8. late in the game I usually keep 3 players back for corners and free kicks...it also helps if they can run and tackle
  9. there's a guy called "statistical approach" who's posted videos on you tube using the narrow diamond with Liverpool...in particular there's a 20 minute video explaining his system on FMScout (I think)...so I went and tried his system with some relatively minor changes and I can confirm it works quite well...(I was narrowly top of the league after 12 games) it's interested me enough that I'm going to start a new game using some of his ideas but more heavily modified with some of my own in a nutshell his wingbacks sit pretty deep doing lots of tackling and pressing and he uses player instructions to get width from his strikers and central midfielders...and his double trequarista + shadow striker idea works well...(he got 35 goals out of Ballotelli)
  10. well all these years later it's annoying the heck out of me
  11. maybe it's the various partnerships between Barkley, your striker and your other midfielders?...(I've never got 4-4-1-1 working well so I can't help much about that)
  12. Well I'm getting Total War Rome 2 instead ...(will check amazon reviews and might try the demo just in case it's been greatly improved though)
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