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    Hi there im Martin a big football fan been playing FM since the days of the first CM, I love watching Bradford City and have been a season ticket holder for many years.

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    I like playing Football Manager

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  1. Exactly my method, drip feeding is the best bit, you can usually tell if they are likely to be good enough.
  2. phew, I was having the same issue and my laptops a beast. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I am using a 442 to great effect this year with the odd tactical switch.
  4. Wish mine did I got a Tycoon who promised the world it is only now 2023/24 in league one I have been given £1m to spend. Anyone advise a decent formation to use in League one at the second I am playing a basic 442
  5. Another great post from Cleon, if it wasnt for reading your previous threads and articles I would not have a team with 3 promotions on my hands, they seemed to have improved my knowledge to be honest.
  6. Im finding I have 2 tactics basically after 8-9 games my tactics no longer seem to work even when I tweak to confuse the AI. I was 3-0 v Rotherham and they somehow came back.
  7. Basically I think short term heading to January if I need to freshen things up I will dip into the loan market. Really i tend to try do most of my business between April and July (April being identifying certain players for next season) as long as I have an idea what sort of Level I will play at. I find useful watching the odd game which isnt your club and also keeping tabs on players who have impressed more than once against you. But mainly signing players with Determination skills etc is a start its mainly about attributes and fit in your squad.
  8. ITS YOUR TACTICS.............. no in all seriousness I noticed this on my Bradford Save I had 5 games in November/December where I didnt get anything I noticed I played Oldham who are struggling and it appears to me that they sit more men behind ball as do other teams. I personally went from a 4231 to a 4132 and let them come at me a bit more. Sometimes a slight shift tactically or use a different system seems to get you round the fact Teams get wise to you. My view is to always have your 3 tactics lined up.
  9. Yes mate when you start a new game go to Advanced Setup.
  10. Thinking its similair to Fifa where you have the green links if nationality or team etc are the same something along them lines but more technical.
  11. Hi Neil, Do you think this will help with the sluggishness of the game in general.
  12. Fantastic Thread as always Cleon, I always make my own tactics but always take into account your detailed explanations which are always a fantastic read!
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