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    Hi there im Martin a big football fan been playing FM since the days of the first CM, I love watching Bradford City home and away and have been a season ticket holder for 28 years.

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    Shelf, Halifax


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    I like playing Football Manager

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    Bradford City FC
  1. Same has happened to mine help please :-(
  2. Same here can anybody help
  3. Barcelona 2019-20 Won everything without cheating every year but growing tired and want to come home.... Should I stick with them for La Decima or come back to England??????
  4. Rest In Peace Kriss heaven has gained a new FM Expert
  5. I am currently in my second season with Foggia first season I won promotion with a 442 attacking lineup via the playoffs, Currently 2nd in Serie B in my second season hopefully grab that last playoff spot. Had to adapt to a 4312 narrow very compact but does the trick with a DLF and AF. Only changes I have really made is bringing in 3-4 English loan players.
  6. Thanks mate, I am so inconsistant one week we win 4-1 next week we lose 3-0, I play to my oppos weaknesses but seems to get me nowhere I might just scrape the playoffs.
  7. Exactly the reason I went basic I noticed the 5 Bank formation at the back, Out of Interest did you target oppo players etc or did you just use your own shouts?
  8. I can not remember his name but my back up keeper I signed for Pisa is 51 and still has half decent stats.
  9. Started my first ever Foreign save with Pisa right down in Serie C, Thought it would be a breeze but the problem being English is past Serie A I have not a lot of knowledge of players etc. Thought I could waltz in with my attacking 4231 wide. First game I lost to local rivals Luchese then humbled 3-1 at home to bottom club Savona. I decided to change my tactic to a flat 442 with one winger and one wide midfielder with TM and AF upfront. Straight away I saw Peralta banging goals in for fun and now 12 games in unbeaten in my last 10. As an FM veteran of the English and Scottish Leagues I am enjoying the challenge of managing further afield.
  10. Its Still there usually the top block above the other record listings.
  11. I am stumped for a challenge I am usually an English League Hogger managing my team Bradford or Second Team Man United where do people reccommend?
  12. Was the update delayed until this week because of the end of a certain Legal Case?
  13. Where as Giroud could be the DLF.
  14. There are various players on FM16 that have a con of "tries to bend the rules" but nothing as extreme as above. I think the game should incorporate the amount of falling down injured time wasting tactics etc, We see it week in week out at Bradford City and its a pain in the backside.
  15. Hi Cleon what a fantastic thread, I decided to give this a try with my Sutton team who were struggling and have seen a very big change. I have one question I have taken into account your information and have tweaked to improve my team the CF works okay but I would like my other striker to be a bit more potent. Could I ask what sort of additional role would work with CF in the lower leagues.