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  1. It took me 15min of my life to think of those names. If anyone tries using them I will sue them. I was so looking forward to this
  2. It took me days to think of that question.
  3. FC Woolwich Arsenal GK: Joey Mondragon (Colombian) 28 GK: Mahmut Hayirsiz (Turkish) 18 GK: Kusa Musassa (Cameroonian) 22 DRL: Recep Birinci (Turkish) 19 DR: Frank Riberio (English) 17 DL: Luke Darren (Wales) 24 DC: Kiko Mellburg (Swedish) 29 DC: Papa Pepe (Portugal) 25 DC: Armundo Puyolo (Honduras) 23 DC,DMC: Vermundo Juliano (Spanish) 18 DRLC: Kurt Ndlovu (English) 20 D/WBR: Kenan Ivanovic (Serbian) 24 D/WBL: Ribinho (Brazil) 19 DMC: Marcilio (Venezuala) 22 DMC,MRLC: Mo Ali (Libya) 23 DMC,AMC: Ernesto "El Che" Guevara (Cuba) 24 MR: Ali Can (Turkish) 17 ML: Carlos Banda (Mexico) 24 AMRC: Mike Dino (American) 24 AMLC: Uche Cisse (Liberia) 17 AMRLC: Cakma Arda (Turkish) 22 AMR,ST: Nicolas Baudry (English) 27 AML,ST: Samuel Ochieng (English) 25 AMC: Adan Gonzalez Martinez (Argentina) 22 AMC: Average Joe (English) 26 FC: Boris Johnson (English) 30 ST: Mico Shun Zico (S. Korea) 23 ST: Cimbom (Turkish) 20 ST: Juliano Miko (Italian) 26 ST: Frank Duncan Kerrson (Scottish) 28
  4. Im writing mine up now, sorry for the delay.
  5. Team Template Name: FC Woolwich Arsenal Short Name: Arsenal Six Letter Name: FCWARS Nickname: The Originals Rivals: Hackney Town Manager Template Name: Azibo Hasan Sas DOB: 17/2 1st Nationality: Turkey 2nd Nationality: Malawi Languages: English, Turkish, French
  6. The Old World Database - Discussion Thread

    LLR what about the teams I have given to you for Kurdistan? Are you not going to make a Kurdistan League?
  7. Squad Numbers

    This is because they use the number plate codes from the state they are from. For example Sabri Sarioglu wears number 55 as he is from Samsun. All the cars number plates in Samsun start with the number 55. Servet Cetin wears number 76, with the 76 being the number plate for Igdir. If I was a footballer I would have worn the number 46 being the number plate for Kahramanmaras.
  8. The 2008/09 Juliano Belletti thread

    How do you rate Gokhan Tore?
  9. Kadlec!

    I noticed him 5 years into my game in Turkey. He was top goalscorer that season for another team. When I started a new game checked him out and bought him for £700k now worth £2m after 2 years and has got 11 goals in 20 games so far for Galatasaray.
  10. Sleeping giants...

    Goztepe. This is a sleeping giant now. First ever Turkish team to reach European semi-finals, now in the 4th level of the turkish league. A bit about them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6ztepe_A.%C5%9E. Eskisehirspor, Altay, Boluspor, Adanaspor, Samsunspor, Zonguldakspor and Malatyaspor are teams who have finished 2nd or 3rd in the Turkish Super Lig. A challenge is to make them champions.
  11. Man United Rebuild

    Name: Tuncay Cimbom Sanli Position: AM RLC / FC Country: Turkey DOB: Day/Month/(1989) 27/03 Footed: Right Liked Clubs: Fenerbahce, Middlesboro, Sakaryaspor Disliked Clubs: Galatasaray Your 10 Chosen Attributes: Bravery, Determination, Off the ball, Stamina, Pace, Passing, Dribbling, Finishing, Crossing, Work rate. PPM (if wanted): Gets forward whenever possible, gets into opposition area, places shots
  12. The Old World Database - Discussion Thread

    What about an Ottoman Empire League?