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  1. HI can you please tell me which is the shared documents folder for vista? c:\users\public\public documents\sports interactive\Football Manager 2010\ ?
  2. I have loads of face pack of season 2008/09, now I'm creating the new collection for season 09/10 I was wondering if there'a way to give a priority in teh folders so that the latest faces (or anyway the one that I prefer to appera) will be displayed in the game if for a specific player/staff member I have 2 ore more occurences under picture folders. e.g. I would like to use a sort of hierarchy like pictures\players\1.2010\Italy\etc... pictures\players\2.2009\Italy\etc... so when I load the graphics the 2010 picture will be used and for players without picture in pictures\players\1.2010\Italy\etc... the system will look for it under pictures\players\2.2009\Italy\etc... Is there such a way or the system reads xml randomly? thanx Panoz