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  1. Problem with season tickets

    Unfortunatelly at the beginning of the season due to the crisis between Lazio's Supporters and Lotito, very few Season tickets were sold. We will evaluate to increse it a little bit.
  2. HI can you please tell me which is the shared documents folder for vista? c:\users\public\public documents\sports interactive\Football Manager 2010\ ?
  3. I have loads of face pack of season 2008/09, now I'm creating the new collection for season 09/10 I was wondering if there'a way to give a priority in teh folders so that the latest faces (or anyway the one that I prefer to appera) will be displayed in the game if for a specific player/staff member I have 2 ore more occurences under picture folders. e.g. I would like to use a sort of hierarchy like pictures\players\1.2010\Italy\etc... pictures\players\2.2009\Italy\etc... so when I load the graphics the 2010 picture will be used and for players without picture in pictures\players\1.2010\Italy\etc... the system will look for it under pictures\players\2.2009\Italy\etc... Is there such a way or the system reads xml randomly? thanx Panoz