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  1. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Aruba 2018-2022 July 2018 World Ranking- 184th, July 2022 World Ranking- 165th Results: 2018 15/8/2018 – El Salvador (H, Friendly) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 8/9/2018 – vs. Martinique (H, Friendly)D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 12/9/2018 – vs. Martinique (A, Friendly) L 1-3 Scorers: De Zorm 13/10/2018 – vs. Anguilla (A, Friendly) D 0-0 17/10/2018 – vs. Dominican Republic (N, Caribbean Championships Group A) L 0-1 19/10/2018 – vs. British Virgin Isles (N, Caribbean Championships Group A) W 3-0 Scorers: Heernden, Abdul, Venders 22/10/2018 – vs. Haiti (N, Caribbean Championships Group A)L 0-1 Scorers: Abdul, Costings 21/11/2018 – vs. Guatemala (A, Friendly) L 0-1 2019 30/3/2019 – vs. Bahamas (A, Friendly) L 0-1 8/6/2019 – vs. Paraguay (A, Friendly) L 0-5 7/9/2019 – vs. St Martin (H, Friendly) W 3-1 Scorers: De Zorm, De Graaf, Hislop-Jones 11/9/2019 – vs. Guadeloupe (H, Friendly) L 1-4 Scorers: De Zorm 16/11/2019 – vs. US Virgin Isles (H, Friendly) L 0-` 20/11/2019 – vs. French Guiana (A, Friendly) W 3-0 Scorers: De Zorm (x2), Sek 2020 12/2/2020 – vs. Guyana (H, World Cup Qualifier) D 0-0 25/3/2020 – vs. Guyana (A, World Cup Qualifier) W 3-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x3) 6/6/2020 – vs. Nicaragua (H, World Cup Qualifier) L 0-1 13/6/2020 – vs. Nicaragua (A, World Cup Qualifier) L 0-1 13/10/2020 – vs. Antigua & Barbuda (N, Caribbean Championships Group D) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 16/10/2020 – vs. Montserrat (N, Caribbean Championships Group D) W 3-0 Scorers: De Zorm, Tavilla, Heffenblaum 19/10/2020 – vs. US Virgin Isles (N, Caribbean Championships Group D) W 2-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 11/11/2020 – vs. Barbados (N, Caribbean Championships Second Round Group A) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 13/11/2020 – vs. Bahamas (N, Caribbean Championships Second Round Group A) W 5-1 Scorers: Abdul (x2), Heernden, De Zorm (x2) 15/11/2020 – vs. Haiti (N, Caribbean Championships Second Round Group A) L 1-3 Scorers: De Zorm 28/11/2020 – vs. Cuba (N, Caribbean Championships Third Round Group A) L 2-3 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 30/11/2020 – vs. Trinidad & Tobago (N, Caribbean Championships Third Round Group A) L 1-3 Scorers: Heffenblaum 2/12/2020 – vs. Guyana (N, Caribbean Championships Third Round Group A) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 2021 5/6/2021 – vs. Honduras (A, Friendly) L 0-3 11/8/2021 – vs. Columbia (H, Friendly) L 0-4 4/9/2021 – vs. St Kitts & Nevis (A, Friendly) W 2-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 8/9/2021 – vs. Grenada (H, Friendly) L 1-2 9/10/2021 – vs. Honduras (H, Friendly) D 2-2 Scorers: Heernden, Shakesfield 2022 4/6/2022 – vs. Anguilla (H, Friendly) W 2-0 Scorers: Tord, Heernden Summary: A four-year period of transition takes in three managers and mixed results. 2016 is a terrible year- where Aruba’s poor friendly results are compounded by an ignominious showing at that years’ Caribbean Championships. Marti Sek misses all three of Aruba’s games through injury whilst Carles De Zorm only plays in the defeat to Haiti. This bad run continues through 2019, including a scarcely-believable loss to the US Virgin Isles, where even De Zorm is off-key. The Aruban captain recovers his form in the second leg World Cup Qualifier first round match against Guyana, scoring a hat-trick in a 10.0 performance. However, De Zorm’s charges surrender meekly to Nicaragua in the next round. The chances for Aruba featuring on the world’s biggest stage are fading and they’ll need to be sharper four years down the line. Defeat over the two legs sees Robson Thompson retire and Bobbi Heffenblaum take the reins for a short time. He guides them to a best-ever Caribbean Championships finish in 2020, where Aruba top their first round group and sneak through the second round on goal difference before finish a distant third out of four in the third round. These performances should signal better things to come, but friendly results continue to go against Aruba in 2021 and Heffenblaum surprisingly chooses to retire the next year. The new manager is announced to be Dominic Nethers (CA: 93, PA: 106), who oversees a 2-0 friendly win over Anguilla in his first game. He’ll need to overcome far greater obstacles to cement his place in football history.
  2. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Bumper update of Aruban results now, prose summary to follow tomorrow.
  3. Rising Through The Leagues

    Seven points???!!! I'd have thought Ortega could have seven points on his own at this level. At least tell me we broke the 100 yellow cards mark.
  4. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Wildcard entry Rylands Johnson (CA: 24, PA: 113) You may have noted that Johnson’s ability ratings are given above. This is because, following his release from his beloved Pecsvarad at the end of the 2017 season, Johnson decided that he would retire in May of 2019, when he will reach the grand old age of 25. Sure, he was without a club for a year, but he did play for his country after that point and with 113 PA, his career could have been very different at a higher reputation club. The best that can be hoped for now is that he picks up another cap before his retirement. His league record at Pecsvarad read as 87 appearances, eight goals and five assists. International points: International wins – 2 pts [b]Total points - 2[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aruba Golden Generation total points, July 2014-July 2018- 151
  5. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Aruba Player Feedback 2014-2018 Carles De Zorm (CA: 199) When we last checked in on Carles, he had played just a few games for Lyon. Four years on, and he is listed as a club legend, playing a decisive role in the club’s clean sweep of Ligue 1 titles in that time. He has played for the club 155 times in all competitions, scoring on 78 occasions. In addition to his four league winners’ medals, De Zorm has also played a part in Lyon’s victories in the 2016 French Cup and the 2017 Coupe de Ligue. Crucially, the club survived a potentially hazardous change in management when outgoing boss Claude Puel was appointed manager of France in July 2016, with successor Frédéric Antonetti guiding the club to the quarter finals of the Champions League in 2018. As De Zorm has now achieved as much as he can in France, it must be asked whether he needs to move on in search of European glory or if he can achieve these dreams at Stade Gerland. De Zorm’s incredible progress since 2014 could be measured in many ways, in terms of agility, pace, passing or flair and creativity. All told, it is only his marking and tackling he could drastically improve upon, but that does not really fall within the remit of a man who can score at will. The one downside to De Zorm’s awesome skill is that he cannot realistically improve much further, a fact that, as already noted, suggests there are limits to Aruba’s potential as a whole. Club points: French Ligue 1 – 32 pts (Leading role x4) French Cup – 3 pts French Coupe de Ligue – 2 ½ pts International points: International wins – 16 pts International draws – 1 ½ pts International goals – 35 pts International assist – 1 pt International MoM – 9 pts [b]Total points – 100[/b] Marti Sek (CA: 135) Excellent improvement for the left winger (+35 CA) sees him now play in the Spanish top flight for Villarreal. This move followed a spell at Roda JC and a six month sojourn at Sparta Rotterdam in the Eerstedivisie, whom he joined for fees of £85K and on a free transfer respectively, until the Spanish club came in with £700K. Though Sek played 27 times for Roda JC in the Eredivisie over three relegation-threatened seasons, it was in the Dutch second tier that he found his level, gaining a 7.56 rating for his 13 games for Sparta. Though his exploits gained the attention of Bursaspor and Rapid Vienna, it was Thomas Schaaf’s Villarreal who emerged successful with their bid to sign the pacy Aruban during the January 2018 transfer window. Sek has played eleven times in La Liga, scoring against Osasuna as his club finished 12th overall. Sek is now established as the second leading light of the Aruban national team, having laid on eight goals and scored two of his own over the four years. His development has been rather modest compared to that of De Zorm’s, suggesting he’ll never quite reach his highest potential, but with improved dribbling and first touch there’s every reason to believe he can be a reasonable success in Spain. International points: International wins – 16 pts International draws – 1 ½ pts International goals – 2 pts International assist – 8 pts [b]Total points – 27½[/b] Ramzi Heernden (CA: 124) Strong progress from Heernden, with concentration rising by 4 points and marking by 3. Though he benefits from Montpellier’s training facilities, he only makes one substitute appearance in his time at the club before moving to Stade Lavallois, a.k.a. Marti Sek’s old stomping ground. Following his £550K move he proves the multinational squad’s finest asset in the 2017/2018 season, making 28 appearances with a 7.28 average rating and scoring twice as the club finish 11th in Ligue 2. Should Heernden continue to improve, it is easy to envisage him playing in a top European league as he approaches his mid-twenties. Heernden again proves a fine asset for Aruba, though he is sent off in the 3-2 World Cup qualifying home defeat to Costa Rica and the team ship five goals in the second leg in his absence. International points: International wins – 16 pts International draws – ½ pt International assist – 2 pts [b]Total points- 18½[/b] Rudi Sasko (CA: 45) Sasko’s career hung in the balance after he was released by Rudes in the 2015/2016 season. He never appeared in a single league game for the lowly Croatian club but fellow lower leaguers Karlovac snapped him up on a free transfer. Since then he has played ten times for the club, performing without any real distinction. The keeper showed slightly more promise while on loan at Tresnjevka, for whom he kept 12 clean sheets in 20 appearances. Sasko is on the transfer list at present with mild interest from yet another Croatian side, NK Velebit. There has been better news for Sasko on the international front, where he earned nine caps and found brief favour with the manager during the 2014 Caribbean Championships. Since then he has had less luck as his development continues to stutter. His natural fitness has plummeted, whilst his other attributes remain largely unchanged, which is not surprising given that his CA has only increased by 5 over four years. International points: International wins – 2 pts International clean sheets – 1 pt [b]Total points - 3[/b]
  6. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Individual profiles to follow within the next 24 hours. EDIT: Errr, looks like tomorrow now, sorry.
  7. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Aruba 2014-2018 July 2014 World Ranking- 193rd, July 2018 World Ranking- 184th Results: 2014 6/9/2014 – El Salvador (H, Friendly) L 2-3 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 15/10/2014 – vs. US Virgin Isles (N, Caribbean Championships Group B) W 3-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x3) 17/10/2014 – vs. Surinam (N, Caribbean Championships Group B) L 1-2 Scorers: De Zorm 20/10/2014 – vs. St Vincent (N, Caribbean Championships Group B) W 2-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 12/11/2014 – vs. British Virgin Isles (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) W 1-0 Scorers: De Zorm 14/11/2014 – vs. Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) L 1-2 Scorers: Harrison 16/11/2014 – vs. Cuba (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) L 0-3 2015 28/3/2015 – vs. El Salvador (A, Friendly) L 0-3 6/6/2015 – vs. Cuba (A, Friendly) L 1-4 Scorers: De Zorm 12/8/2015 – vs. Puerto Rico (H, Friendly) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 10/10/2015 – vs. French Guiana (A, Friendly) D 2-2 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) 14/11/2015 – vs. Jamaica (A, Friendly) L 1-4 Scorers: De Zorm 2016 10/2/2016 – vs. St Vincent (H, World Cup Qualifier) W 4-1 Scorers: Angela, Abdul, De Zorm (x2) 23/3/2016 – vs. St Vincent (A, World Cup Qualifier) W 3-0 Scorers: De Zorm (x3) 4/6/2016 – vs. Costa Rica (H, World Cup Qualifier) L 2-3 Scorers: Sek, De Zorm 11/6/2016 – vs. Costa Rica (A, World Cup Qualifier) L 1-5 Scorers: De Zorm 8/10/2016 – vs. Surinam (A, Friendly) L 1-3 Scorers: De Zorm 9/11/2016 – vs. Bermuda (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) L 1-3 Scorers: De Zorm 11/11/2016 – vs. Netherlands Antilles (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) L 3-4 Scorers: De Zorm (x3) 13/11/2016 – vs. Surinam (Caribbean Championships, Second Round, Group C) L 1-2 Scorers: De Zorm 2017 8/2/2017 – vs. Grenada (A, Friendly) L 1-3 Scorers: Hamonoso 9/9/2017 – vs. Montserrat (H, Friendly) W 3-1 Scorers: Elad, De Zorm, Abdul 18/11/2017 – vs. Guadalupe (A, Friendly) W 2-1 Scorers: Sek, De Zorm 22/11/2017 – vs. St Pierre and Miquelon (H, Friendly) W 3-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x3) 2018 9/6/2018 – vs. Dominica (H, Friendly) D 2-2 Scorers: De Zorm (x2) Summary: Ultimately a time of missed opportunities for Aruba. The team show progression in the 2014 Caribbean Championships, progressing to the second group stage. Indeed, they may well have gone all the way, as their two best players, Heernden and De Zorm, were injured in the matches against the British Virgin Isles and Netherlands Antilles respectively. The wakened first team lose successive games to finished third in the group. It’s a bitter blow for Aruba to take and one which ends De Zorm’s monumental streak of scoring in seven internationals in a row. Ibrahim Heffenblaum steps down, never to be seen again. He is replaced by Robson Thompson (CA: 63, PA: 134), meaning the long-term future of the national team looked assured. However, 2015 is a terrible year. Five friendlies played, no wins, and only De Zorm capable of hitting the back of the net. There is then a false dawn in 2016 as St Vincent are dispatched in the first phase, first round of the World Cup qualifiers, De Zorm imperious across the two games. Defeat follows in the first leg of the next knockout tie against Costa Rica, but a first goal for Marti Sek and another from De Zorm give the team hope for the tricky away leg. Alas, Heernden succumbs to injury and all discipline at the back is lost in a crushing 5-1 defeat. No World Cup for De Zorm as yet, then. The year only gets worse. At the next Caribbean Championships Aruba are given a bye to the second group stage, but lose all three games. At least the game against nemeses Netherlands Antilles is fun. De Zorm achieves the rare feat of getting a 10.0 rating but still finishing on the losing side. After seven defeats on the spin, things at last improve in 2017 with three friendly victories. Rylands Johnson makes a surprise debut against Montserrat, the highlight of the 23-year-old’s career. Nonetheless, a draw against Dominica hardly reassures. Aruba have arguably the greatest Caribbean footballer of all time, who has scored an amazing 35 international goals in four years, and have not got within even a sniff of glory. At this stage, World Cup qualification looks an impossibility for the Golden Generation.
  8. Rising Through The Leagues (Scottish Sign-up)

    Chairman Name (loyalty and patience set to 20): Reverend Laws Club: Gala Fairydean Club Boost 1: Ariel Ortega Player-Manager (Should be messy!) Club Boost 2: Training Preferred Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond I really hope this team emerge as a bunch of unlikeable bad boys, in spite of the name. Have no idea as to Ortega's coaching stats.
  9. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Is that the case? To be honest I didn't actually give my players a great amount of thought, as I was concentrating so much on how the sign-up itself would work. But I'd much rather create a flawed genius ala Garrincha or Best, because I'm a sucker for that sort of narrative! Roll on the next four years...
  10. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Wildcard entry Rylands Johnson (CA unknown) Aruba’s wildcard has yet to reveal very much potential. He has not come within a sniff of the national side and spent his entire career so far at Pécsvárad. Johnson appears to be worryingly injury-prone, consistently breaking down in training. The striker has 4 goals to his name over the four years at the club but as yet has given no indication that he will escape Hungarian lower-league obscurity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aruba Golden Generation total points, July 2010-July 2014- 66½
  11. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Aruba Player Feedback 2010-2014 Carles De Zorm (CA: 160) I was unsure if De Zorm had the potential to become a Messi-style player, but so far his development points to just that. He has filled out and become far more agile player than I could have hoped. He has sharpened his mental approach to the game. At international level he already has 14 goals in 10 appearances, and has won a few respectable honours at club level. The key to De Zorm’s improvement was a swift move to a club with a reputation for developing top young talent – Olympique Lyonnais. He played just 26 games at Burriana, netting 21 times, before attracting the attention of the French giants. In his first professional season he contributed three goals to Lyon’s successful Coupe De France campaign. The player hailed as being similar to Yuri Gourcuff was then shipped out to two clubs over the next three seasons. At Standard Liege in 2012 De Zorm played a part as the club finished third in the Belgian Championship Group and won the Belgian Cup, and the Aruban emphasised his affinity for his temporary employers. A year in the Lyon youth team followed before Ukraine became the fourth of De Zorm’s destinations, as he joined Dynamo Kiev for the 2013/2014 season. Here De Zorm made his Champions League debut, twice playing against Palermo. Kiev won the title by four points, De Zorm making a telling contribution with 14 goals. He again expressed his regret at leaving the club having put a first league title on his already-impressive cv. Lyon have themselves made massive strides in recent seasons, even coming within a penalty shoot-out to winning the 2012 Champions League final against Arsenal. Over the next four seasons, will the Aruban’s ability provide the club with the extra edge needed to become a European giant? The next season should be very telling, but this should be the best £5K Lyon ever spent. Club points: French Cup – 3 pts Belgian Cup – 2 ½ pts Ukrainian League – 7 pts (leading role) International points: International wins – 10 pts International draws – 2 pts International goals – 14 pts International assist – 1 pt International MoM – 4 pts [b]Total points – 43½[/b] Marti Sek (CA: 100) Sek did not last long in Iceland, gravitating towards the French leagues like De Zorm and Heernden. Ligue 2 Stade Lavallois snapped up the youngster after he played just 19 games for KFS, though his first appearances in France occur while on loan to fourth-tier La Vitriéenne, for whom Sek scores 4 goals and grabs 8 assists in 33 matches. In the next season he joins German unit Lübeck, impressing with five assists from the left flank. He is finally given a first-team chance the next season, though in a lower division following Lavallois’ 2013 relegation. He does not disappoint, playing 27 times, scoring once and setting up six goals. He has shown impressive development, despite only playing in lower leagues domestically. Sek has nine caps and three assists at international level to his name, and will surely attract the attention of a larger club before too long. International points: International wins – 8 pts International draws – 1 ½ pts International assists – 3 points [b]Total points – 12½[/b] Ramzi Heernden (CA: 90) Heernden proved a loyal servant for Zacatepec, helping his club to at last reach the Mexican Promotion League in the 2012/13 season. He played 72 times in his spell in Mexico, before a £130K move to French Ligue 1 side Montpellier early on in the 2013/2014 season. The move should see Heernden continue his reasonable level of development, with the defender turning into the physical force needed for his position (gaining 10 attributes points for strength in the four years). Heernden made his international debut in the same match as Carles De Zorm. While he has not grabbed attention in the manner of his exceptional countryman, he has 14 caps and possesses a high average rating of more than 7. There’s little doubt that he’ll play at the top level at some point in his career, and establish himself as the steel to De Zorm’s silk in the national side. International points: International wins – 8 pts International draws – 2 ½ pts [b]Total points – 10½[/b] Rudi Sasko (CA: 40) Sasko is the biggest concern for Aruba, as the only Golden Generation footballer to decline in quality throughout the four years, most notably in aerial ability (down from 20 to 17). His career at Rudeš has not started, with his only career senior appearances occurring whilst on loan at non-league OSK– where he kept 16 clean sheets in 42 games. Rudeš themselves were relegated from the Croatian Second Division in Sasko’s first season, so there’s little wonder his star has fallen rather than risen.
  12. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Update on individual players to follow tonight/Saturday.
  13. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Aruba 2010-2014 July 2010 World Ranking- 199th, July 2014 World Ranking- 193rd Results: 2010 9/10/2010 – vs. Guatemala (A, Friendly) L 0-5 17/11/2010 – vs. Turks and Caicos Islands (H, Friendly) W 2-0 Scorers: Nouwen, Paninho 2011 26/3/2011 – vs. St Pierre and Miquelon (H, Friendly) W 1-0 Scorers: De Zorm 3/9/2011 – vs. Trinidad and Tobago (A, Friendly) L 0-2 12/11/2011 – vs. St Martin (A, Friendly) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 2012 15/2/2012 – vs. Nicaragua (A, World Cup Qualifier) L 0-3 28/3/2012 – vs. Nicaragua (H, World Cup Qualifier) L 0-3 2/6/2012 – vs. Puerto Rico (A, Friendly) W 3-2 Scorers: De Zorm (x2), Abdul 13/10/2012 – vs. Sint Maarten (A, Friendly) W 3-1 Scorers: Abdul, Zem, De Zorm 17/10/2012 – vs. Haiti (N, Caribbean Championships Group A) D 0-0 19/10/2012 – vs. Turks and Caicos Islands (N, Caribbean Championships Group A) W 5-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x5) 22/10/2012 – vs. Cayman Islands (N, Caribbean Championships Group A) D 2-2 Scorers: De Zorm, Heffenblaum 2013 13/2/2013 – vs. Haiti (A, Friendly) L 0-3 8/6/2013 – vs. Costa Rica (H, Friendly) L 0-2 12/6/2013 – vs. Netherlands Antilles (H, Friendly) D 0-0 16/11/2013 vs. British Virgin Isles (A, Friendly) D 1-1 Scorers: De Zorm 2014 7/6/2014 – vs. Sint Maarten (H, Friendly) W 4-1 Scorers: De Zorm (x2), Nouwen, Abdul Summary: The worst possible start occurs when the new Aruba manager fails to pick any of the new talent available to him and his charges are duly hammered in their first match by Guatemala. However, a win over Turks and Caicos Isles at least indicates the team won’t be totally over-reliant on youth. De Zorm and Heernden make their debuts in the 2011 friendlies, the former making an instant impact with a goal on his debut at the tender age of 16 years and 136 days. He grabs another later in the year to establish himself as Aruba’s hottest property, as we knew he would be. 2012 is a mixed bag. The Brazil 2014 campaign is a non-starter after a heavy two-legged defeat to Nicaragua, with no De Zorm in the first leg due to injury. No more chances for World Cup qualification then, but it was ridiculously early days. However, things improve massively later in the year, with De Zorm firing on all cylinders. Marti Sek begins to feature as Puerto Rico and Sint Maarten are dispatched in the run-up to the Caribbean Championships, where Aruba excel with a spirited draw with Haiti, a 5-1 demolition of Turks and Caicos Islands with a certain striker claiming all five goals, before another draw with the Cayman Islands. Only the top team qualify from Aruba’s group this time out (which is not always the case), so Haiti go through with Aruba in second, disappointed but proudly unbeaten. Aruba fail to capitalise on this form in their 2013 friendlies. The team lose twice, draw twice, and only score once. However, their first game of 2014 is promising as they dominate Sint Maarten. With another Caribbean Championships on the horizon, can Aruba now press forward and make an impact at an international tournament?
  14. Will need letiss's team details at some point, but no rush.
  15. The Golden Generations (FM11 trial)

    Wildcard entry Rylands Johnson (CA and PA unknown) Johnson has emerged as a striker and his stats indicate, a fair-to-middling one. Another Eastern European export for Aruba, Pécsvárad sit outside the top Hungarian leagues. It is easy to see Johnson going on to win a cap given the poor standard of competition, but one doubts he’ll set the world alight. ---------------------------- The save begins with Aruba 199th in the world and due to announce a new manager, who turns out to be a newgen, Ibrahim Heffenblaum (CA: 45, PA: 57). Heffenblaum immediately picks De Zorm as the new Aruban captain. So then, how will the first four years go?