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  1. Morale Mechanic Overpowered & Broken

    Nothing was said to disappoint any of the players. The talks were that I was happy with the result, the reactions were positive (like I said, all green), and the result SHOULD have been positive. This should have been a huge morale boost. The game did not see it that way.
  2. Morale Mechanic Overpowered & Broken

    Regarding morale in general, when morale was very good, we were winning the league and beat Barcelona 5-1, which seems a little overpowered. In the reverse, just having a morale of "okay" has seen us lose 5 of 6 straight games (one tie), all terrible results, and from a team that as stated earlier was beating everyone. Same players, same tactics. I like the idea of morale, and of course it has a place, but its effect in game seems too strong.
  3. Morale Mechanic Overpowered & Broken

    Regarding the 2nd leg press and pep talks, I received nothing but good (always "green") responses from the players. I'm referring to prematch, halftime, fulltime pep talks, and nothing was said in the press that upset any players. The only effect on morale was the 0-1 2nd leg result, which should have been the high point of the season, yet was the biggest "morale loser" of the entire season. Very frustrating.
  4. My entire squad has great morale (no yellow) going into the 2nd leg of the Champions League Quarterfinal vs Barcelona with a 5-1 lead. We hold out to win 5-2 on aggregate which is a GREAT result. Because we "lost" 0-1, half of my team drops into "yellow" or "okay" morale. Since that game, my team goes 0-1-5 in the next 6 matches. Morale is OP, and obviously, 2nd leg effect on morale is broken.
  5. Help!

    I believe the team has to have kits for those years in the Data Editor. I'm guessing you'd have to add them in the Editor and start a new game.
  6. Remove ALL club logos and player pictures

    No problem. I've thought of doing the same thing before, just never tried.
  7. Remove ALL club logos and player pictures

    Did you check the "updates" folder inside the "data" folder? You might have to replace the graphics.fmf in there too. Just a guess.
  8. My Match Engine experience: 1) Defenders finally block crosses. It feels like it happens 99% of the time, which should be turned down slightly, but way better than before. Every cross attempt ends up as corner. 2) Defenders close down more, especially when multiple defenders on the ball. Great! 3) Free kicks are WAY less accurate. Haven't seen one close. Halfway between last update and this one might be good. 4) Corners are way less accurate, but not bad. Maybe should be turned up slightly. 5) A small thing which probably is not update related, but when a corner is sent in and deflected back out to the same corner, the corner-taker lets it go out for a throw rather than play it. Kind of frustrating. Just a few things I've noticed so far, and this is just my experience. Love the update.
  9. It seems like a majority of the goals scored in the game deflect off the keeper. I'd guess that a huge majority of goals scored in real life are ones the keeper can't touch, and the ones they DO touch usually get deflected OUT. In game, balls will come at a tight angle possibly going wide and the keeper deflects them IN. Is this a problem for anyone else? I must say, I've only played lower leagues, but it still seems to happen way too often.
  10. Players learning new positions

    tieio, have you experienced any of these players regressing if you don't continue playing them in the new position? In previous FMs, if I stopped training the new position, they'd revert back to their original ability.
  11. Players learning new positions

    tieio, this is the first I've heard of this in all my years, although I've never tried FMC mode until now. I figured new position training was absent from FMC. So, to be clear, if a guy plays enough games at an awkward position, he could become competent or accomplished? Two questions: One, do players revert back if they stop playing the "new" position? Two, knowing how long it took to retrain in full-mode, how many games on average are we talking?
  12. Set Piece training!

    This is my first go at Classic mode, and I am having the same problem defending corners. My asst talks about match prep as well, but there's no way I know of to change the focus. In my experience, the match prep (in full mode) does not have much effect anyway. I'd give my thoughts on what instructions to use, but not sure my guys have been good enough for me to do so.
  13. Best way to find players?

    Some nations will have work permit problems, sure. Like I said, I usually only do this when I'm in a lower league, especially when my club cannot scout outside the UK. There is some risk involved, but I've found it to be worthwhile. I also look through the released players from nations sometimes, but I'll warn you that it is tedious. Also, I've looked through non-EU clubs and looked for players that might have an EU 2nd nationality, and that is usually in South America or Africa. Again, it is very tedious and boring, so probably not for everyone.
  14. Best way to find players?

    Depends on what level I am playing. If my club is lower in England, I will search national teams (including youth teams) for players not under contract. Just quick flick through nations in Europe. I've found some gems that way.
  15. So what are your pet hates?

    Hilarious. Mine are... Defenders not closing down. Pinpoint crosses regardless of defender or crossing ability. Atrocious AI in negotiating transfers.