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  1. Forerunner: the very first post as the beginning of this thread on page one is being upated by LB every time updates are released. Also if you follow the link to where you can download the actual program, you can find more details there. The link is also on the first page on the very first thread
  2. in the editor, will i be able to force a replay of France vs Ireland? lol
  3. /\ ha ha ha ha
  4. i feel like a kid the night before xmas
  5. Seriously? For some reason, I find that hard to believe (not that i'm doubting you)...I will have to check it out tonight.
  6. i went to alot of their games as a kid. even when they were still CSKA Borysfen. Damn shame....RIP
  7. it would probably be faster to transfer the information on a floppy than wait for the damn post but who knew one week - best case scenario... so hopefully by weds it can get released. Will be perfect because we will then know the European WC Qualifying results...will be time to recreate!!! LOL
  8. hopefully monday right guys? by the way, once you get the cable, how long do you need to release the editor for testing?
  9. too bad CSKA Kiev no longer exists...
  10. i havent cried since i was 11 but i think i might cry today
  11. i am playing with dynamo kiev and am considering using this tactic. problem is I have Affellay...strictly an AM for could i incorporate him into this tactic? thanks
  12. i dont get why you get a point for just attending the game. It would make more sense to make losses -1 point. with that system, if you are ahead of one team by 4 points and you lose and the team behind you loses, you are still ahead because you get a point for a loss? doesnt make sense... ...just looked into this and its true. wish someone could explain the logic to me behind this tho
  13. i almost dont want to continue playing until you release your heavenly program!
  14. it gets easier the better you get!
  15. will there be a link to a direct download via esellerate? I was navigating the website and it is not straight forward.