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  1. Did you have to sell players to get those and the wage budget is next to nothing when you start
  2. got the transfer budget but not the wage budget, only had 8,000 per week to spend on wages but 22 million for transfers, not exactly good unless I start selling first
  3. Been looking for a good French team after playing 2016 as Montpellier, gonna give this a go
  4. Brexit again, no one ,not even FM knows whats going to happen so get it out the game until it actually happens, it spoilt fm17 because Miles guessed and ruined the game
  5. This like other things this year is not needed in the game and you can only have re-gens coming out and you would be sued left right and centre if you choose living players
  6. I can wait till next Friday as i am working in Manchester so plenty to do
  7. As it stands at the moment, it wont be a hard or soft brexit but maybe something in between but they still are not saying how it will affect foreigners working in this contry so how can SI make a decision on this, they can't and should have left it out of FM17. If miles is going to continue with it he should go for a soft brexit for European players and foreign players who have played 75% of their countrys internationals over a 2 year period and hard for everyone else which I think it will be IRL
  8. If he has no international caps,you may not get a work permit. Brexit changes everything in the game(depending if you get hard or soft) as I found out in my save and really spoiled it as no one knows what the effects of brexit will be yet so should have been left out
  9. bottom line, you take a risk if you use an edited database as you have no clue to how clever the creator is
  10. Miles, early bird season tickets run to July for most clubs
  11. Shouting at my midfield players when they don't tackle or fail to see a thou ball that could lead to a goal
  12. In my Middlesboro save I could beat the top teams at home but never united, the best I managed was 2-0 at theres in a meaningless match but that's it, 2 draws but the rest was defeat after defeat. Always struggled against their midfield force even if I choose a defensive formation with counter attack then found that if they went ahead, as soon as I changed my approach they would rip me apart
  13. Think you can but it don't become playable until the end of that leagues current season
  14. Always find new players take 6-12 to blend into your teams tactics, if you are keeping the same tactic then find players who suite that system and maybe try using your better players in the reserves if you play the same tactic with the reserves as you might find a couple of gems that surprise you
  15. If I am managing in Denmark, will I see the announcement of brexit as I don't have English leagues as playable
  16. Really loving this FM, first game started with Middlesboro, developed a 4-2-3-1 tactic,played players in their correct postions and did good, never won a trophy but made 4 cup final with regular top 10 or above finishes. Now I have started a Danish save with Copenhagen with the same tactic, just made champions league group stage which is good for a Danish league and heading the league, I know Copenhagen a top team in Denmark but I am trying to improve the League so they get better champions league ratings and see if I can get Copenhagen beyond the group stages
  17. Sorry but steam is the best place for me,never had a problem with any game
  18. I love FM every year, the harder the better just like any other computer game, they don't stand still they get harder
  19. You could have changed your tactical instructions for the players or team instruction, changed the shape of your team so you were abit more solid especially when they scored their second goal, those were just 2 of many things you could have tried.
  20. I think that after all the advice and arguments on this thread, the OP should get himself down a store that sells both windows and Macs and seek advice telling them what he wants his laptop for, I do and my laptops normally run for 4-5 years before I change them.
  21. I managed Montpellier in FM16, really enjoyed changing the club from top to bottom, bringing though the good youth players, winning a few cups, nearly winning the league(Hate PSG) and the European adventure
  22. I am managing Middlesboro because I get them in the top 10 every season, get to semi finals of cups and beat top teams like Chelsea,man city,liverpool,Arsenal at the Riverside
  23. The problem you will have is getting foreign players who have played enough time in the last 2 years for their international teams otherwise they wont get a work permit, any players who have not become an international yet will not get a work permit
  24. I brought on the first day and am only in season 4, I don't see the point in rushing it as Brexit has totally spoiled it
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