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  1. Sounds to me like the OP has had a soft brexit and you should be ok to sign foreign players or give new contracts as long as you don't go over 17players
  2. I am sure IRL that behind closed doors talks have already started on this subject but even a European superleague would make no difference to british clubs if May chooses a hard brexit , it depends whats agreed with our European cousins as it affects not just football but all sports,jobs etc
  3. Looping, I'm saying you want to and it was just a general comment, not aimed at you. I understand where you are coming at as I struggled last year for a long time but then found a team and a tactic and really got into it, I never won a trophy but managed a few promotions and brought along some very good players. This game I got sacked from Man utd after one season(don't ask) so took on Middlesboro who were relegated that season and now after 2 seasons we are back in the prem, stick with it and find that team that's waiting for your tactic
  4. I'm 56 and love the game, the harder the better. Whats the point in it if you just want to win every game, go play FIFA if you want that.
  5. Hi all, just a quick note to say my Middlesboro team are top of the championship in the 18/19 season after missing out the season before, I will post what happens at the end of the season regardless of what happens as I am being head hunted by EPL teams trying to stay up.
  6. Not playing as Huddersfield but the good news is in my game in the 2018/19 season Huddersfield are in the EPL but battling agansit relegation, I got offered the job but refused as My Middlesboro team are top of the championship ( sorry terriers fans )
  7. davidjai, it depends on everyones brexit, you must have had a soft one whilst sweatybob must have had a hard brexit like I did
  8. Mine happened in summer 2018 and I got a hard Brexit but my scouts still finding me good foreign players which are getting work permits for my Middlesboro team
  9. no, I followed all advice and I have never had a problem before this game, but I got used to it now
  10. except mine which don't work and a few others who play
  11. I had this problem when I first joined as I tried to sign an assistant manager for the U18'S which had a vacany and was told no chance as you promised to keep all staff, for gods sake I was, I was just filling an empty postion. Trouble is now,Gibson has sold up and because we lost in the play-off final, the new board want to reduce the staff now by 3
  12. Gorilla, I too cannot load any onto the game, I have done everything everyone has suggested. I just think some of us are unlucky this year
  13. You are the boss, stop giving into their wimps, if they don't want to play for you,sell them I do and buy better, the squad normally becomes happy again
  14. You got a hard brexit then which you will need to scout players a bit better and read the reports, just like me