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  1. For once I am going to manage Everton as with new owners and money I am going to try to make them a top team in europe
  2. Love the game and yes whilst I would love the graphics to be 100% perfect,it is a manager game after. As long as the highlights look good then that's good enough for me but in FM16 they were not so I hope they have sorted some of the problems out
  3. I run FM12on my Acer Aspire 5536 which I brought about 2-3years ago and have no probs at all,even run 26 leagues with medium database,only cost me £350from PCworld and had no probs with it at all so its not always the expensive laptops are always the best.
  4. I have it with Birmingham now,finished 7th the season before and qualifyed for europa league,have only brought 2 players and released a couple but am bottom of the league after 4 games with no points but managed to win my europa games to qualify for group stage,strange really
  5. My style is to look at what my scouts find and then check the transfer list and freebies then sign some older heads along with young players. I tend not to buy the best as I treat the money like my own so always stay within my wage limit and not too much on transfers fees.I normally stick the young players in the reserves and look to loan then so they are ready for the next season. My moto is normally,i don't care who you are,if you don't perform-you dont play and it works.
  6. Always thought No due to the way the stadium was built,I am sure a Arsenal fan can tell us.
  7. I should not worry,the whole team talk is flawed and needs more work on it. I find the only time they are happy is when you just say no pressure who ever they are playing. They dont even seem to react in local derbies when you say do it for the fans.
  8. I find that I have to start my new players on them bench and introduce them slowly to first team regulars,works with most even thou Adebayor does not seem keen on it but I,m the boss
  9. I have the same problem with Birmingham city in the prem,something that needs looking at I think as irl unsettled players who dont play do leave for lower wages but never seems to happen with my players.
  10. Everything seems ok now Tom, thanks
  11. Still got the cut off logo problem,any ideas Tomasit is spoiling my game and having to use other skin now.
  12. I always have this problem, it always happens after the first match but will now download Tom's new version to try again.
  13. Having a slight problem with Tom's skin. Before I play a game the logo's on the left hand side(i play with LH sidebar) show as normal but after I play a match they only show the bottom 3rd. Anyone any idea why this is happening.
  14. What a waste of time really as most people will be well into their games and not bothered about a friendly agansit father christmas from finland,my thoughts anyway.
  15. In mine,wolves got relegated first season but Wigan finished 6th in the second season.