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  1. Really loving the game this year. The 1v1 misses are annoying as hell though. My team is playing brilliantly and create some sexy chances for my world class strikers to miss but the build up looks phenomenal on this ME. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying the experience this year.
  2. Hi! Just a question about 1 on 1 chances. I am Liverpool and we dominate sides and have 2 or 3 clear cut chances every match (at the minimum). Tactic is working just amazingly and we won the league the first season. However, we miss 90% of 1 on 1 chances with the keeper. Didn't come here to complain but I thought I should ask what sort of training would help us increase our 1 on 1 conversion rates. Or does something like that doesn't exist? Thsnk!
  3. Really happy with the update. Only played a couple of games but seems much more fluid. Thanks SI!
  4. Hi~ Don't know if this has been mentioned before but I'm getting over 10 offsides every game. Whatever tactic or formation I use. Anyone else having this issue? Is it something I'm doing wrong? I used plenty of different tactics but keep getting too many offsides.
  5. Hi all! Still no FM20 thread for LFC? Had a quick question regarding useing the gegenpress preset tactic. I am only a couple of games into the season and have been using the preset gegenpress tactic. Doing great no worries as everyone is doing great and we're winning all our games. However, my centre forward always seems to get a low rating. Doesn't score or assist. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. Not sure if this is exactly a tactics question but in the match engine, what stat is given for a playing winning a penalty. In Fantasy Premier League for example, it is given as an assist. In FM it doesn't register as an assist but does it at least recognize the penalty winner's contribution? Thanks!
  7. I have a question about youth development training. I am currently playing as Liverpool so all my training facilities are top notch. I have a couple of 16 year olds I want to develop. I believe that until the age of 18, training is more important than match experience. So, is it better to have my 16 year olds train in the U18s squad, OR, should I have them train with my main squad and make them available for the U18s team? Or, does it not really matter? Thank you!
  8. Yeah! He is almost as good as TAA. Been one of my best buys.
  9. Started season 4 with a bang and won my first 7 games, the latest being a 4-0 thumping of FC Bayern in first game of the Champs group. So far I have won basically everything at least once and have close to 500m in the bank. I want to see if I can have 1 billion in the bank. Team looks like this in season 4: GK: Alisson Becker, Ellery Balcombe RB: TAA (best right back in the world), Jayden Bogle CB: Joe Gomez (best cb in the world), Jamaal Lascelles CB: Virgil van Dijk, Reece Oxford LB: Kieran Tierney, Ryan Sessegnon DM: Declan Rice, Jordan Henderson MC: Fabinho, Harry Winks MC: Dele Alli, Regen RWF: Mohammed Salah, Reheem Sterling LWF: Jordan Sancho (Prem player of the year season 3), Curtis Jones (Wonderkid) CF: Harry Kane (finally got him for 150m pounds after trying for 3 seasons...), Ben Woodburn The squad is by far the best in the world I reckon. World Class players in nearly every position. Dominating everything. The goal is still to become the richest club in the world and win the Champions League with only players from the UK and Ireland. Got some great gems coming through the youth ranks but no World Class Keeper. Anyone know if Balcombe gets good enough to be considered a leading player in the Prem? Goal Keeper is the only position that I need to find someone outstanding from the UK or Ireland. I'm going to buy Phil Foden and John Stones hopefully next summer.
  10. Sure! I am paying 235,000 pounds a week for the lad. He is by far the best keeper you will have.
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