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  1. Hi, I just wondered if anyone has any information regarding the winter update for the switch version of FM Touch? I have the game on PC, but I brought the Switch version yesterday as well to specifically play the winter update on the go, and it isnt available yet. I see the 19.02 FM Touch switch update was only recently applied, so do we expect a big wait for the winter update? Thanks
  2. Tried to follow your link but it said I dont have permission to view this content. And I cannot load the file on here.
  3. Hi Connor, Yes I am on the pc version of FM Touch. Still manager of England in my game and the issue is happening after every game so far. All wins. I wonder what will happen when I lose haha Cheers
  4. Yeah, 4 games now, all wins by a good distance, and every time the squad reacts negatively, its a obviously a bug
  5. As in the title, National Team Wins - Negative Squad Reaction, I have taken the England job, had 2 wins in a row, I won 6-0 and then 4-2, and both times the squad reacted negatively. Can post screenshots if required.
  6. i have incoming, woot! to get mine going i logged out of steam, then back in, then started the game, this in turn started the update, the game starting waits until the update is done happy days
  7. fair dooz, speaking from experience, steam, steam can take its time with these things, good to know its coming though, hoping it fixes my epic game I have going, which had the runtime error bug if not, new game
  8. they said at 14:56 that the update would be out within 2 hours, that is 16:56, so it is late to be fair, I can wait though, just thought with the annoncement and other fm sites speaking of the update being out, it would actually be out
  9. any reason why steam is not updating my game??!! and yes, the game is set to au to update have also verified the cache to no avail
  10. sure I did read somewhere about some fix for the season starting late, but it doesnt really matter, cheers for the update
  11. 2nd that wally, great updates, well done to your hardwork and all those who helped , do you know how to get the season starting in fm 11 to season 11/12 instead of 10/11??
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