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  1. i have incoming, woot! to get mine going i logged out of steam, then back in, then started the game, this in turn started the update, the game starting waits until the update is done happy days
  2. fair dooz, speaking from experience, steam, steam can take its time with these things, good to know its coming though, hoping it fixes my epic game I have going, which had the runtime error bug if not, new game
  3. they said at 14:56 that the update would be out within 2 hours, that is 16:56, so it is late to be fair, I can wait though, just thought with the annoncement and other fm sites speaking of the update being out, it would actually be out
  4. any reason why steam is not updating my game??!! and yes, the game is set to au to update have also verified the cache to no avail
  5. Forbsie`s 2012-2013 Transfer and Data Update

    as a reading fan, only looked at them so far. jason roberts is not on £37,000 at reading lol we have also had a new joint owner in Anton Zingarevich, who invested for wages in jan, for current players new contracts, and for new signings, mostly on loans and free though khumalo has had his loan to us cancelled, hector and obita are out on loan to barnet, mccarthy and andersen both extended their contracts till 2015, both gk. mccarthy is on loan to ipswich, taylor to exeter loan,macdonald to basingstoke loan and lassaso on loan to salisbury. ugwu to ebbsflett on loan ex reading player emerse fae has retired at age of 27. credit to the hard work for the update
  6. Wallys update

    sure I did read somewhere about some fix for the season starting late, but it doesnt really matter, cheers for the update
  7. Wallys update

    2nd that wally, great updates, well done to your hardwork and all those who helped , do you know how to get the season starting in fm 11 to season 11/12 instead of 10/11??
  8. Forbsies 2011 Database

    i listed a load of transfers and loans the other day, dont know if you are/have included these, I my db up to date, using your one that I got on sunday, many thanks again. also coyle isnt exactly a regluar reserve player. He played one friendly game for them as far as I know. thanks again
  9. Forbsies 2011 Database

    wba have sacked di matteo, crazy decision
  10. Forbsies 2011 Database

    no mate, the file should be there for you to put it in, make sure though you have launched the game at least once so all folders are made, if you have done that it should be there.
  11. Forbsies 2011 Database

    s.viera-junior barranquilla vito mannone on loan to hul ryo miyaichi has joined arsenal, gone on laon to feyenoord,tom cruise loan to carlisle, s husband and i demontagnac on loan to stockport, owen coyle SI NOT a player manager, c clifford on loan to plymouth, eddie johnson is on loan to preston, david amoo on loan to mk dons, chris mavinga on loan to genk, a ibrahim on loan to scunny, j vidal on loan to chesterfield, julian kelly on loan to lincoln, scott davies on loan to bristol rovers, michael hector on loan to horsham, james rowe on loan to lewes, davide santon on loan to cesena, camoronesi is now @ lanus, jay demerit is @ vancover whitecaps. Hope all this info helps forbsie
  12. Forbsies 2011 Database

    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2011\editor data
  13. Forbsies 2011 Database

    houssine kharja is on loan to inter from genoa, its not in latest update, also yuto nagatomo is on loan from cesena,
  14. Forbsies 2011 Database

    well done on the hardwork of the update fella
  15. Forbsies 2011 Database

    franny jeffers is joining motherwell, megson to wednesday, andy webster to hearts, inte signed a few players worth looking into