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  1. Yep that's right, it's new to this version.
  2. That's totally fine and by design. It's not actually a running track, but it is a similar outer pitch material. It would represent something similar at The New Den, as seen in this image here (the blue part).
  3. 2D running slow

    Thanks for reporting this, we think we've identified the cause and will hopefully have a resolution for the problem.
  4. Thanks for reporting this – this has actually been the case in past versions too. It simply mimics what's displayed on your screen at the time. We hope to improve this in future versions to make it possible not to show the UI elements, but our engine isn't able to handle this currently.
  5. Game lags during a match

    Thanks for reporting this, we think we've discovered the cause and will hopefully have a resolution in place.
  6. We are not allowed to put running tracks into stadiums where they have them in real life due to legal and licensing issues. If we were allowed, it would be something we'd like to add.
  7. Mac OS Optimization

    There are a couple of different aspects to this, which I'll try to cover briefly. We have always treated the Mac with respect, in fact a lot of the developers at the studio have always used a Mac when creating FM. At certain points in time, it was better optimised for the Mac in some respects than even a PC. That's also partly because the Mac line is usually "locked" hardware; i.e. there are not that many variances between models in the same way that there are literally hundreds and thousands of different PC configurations. But a lot of Macbooks are not really designed for games, depending on what you choose . They also run on OpenGL (Windows uses DirectX) and for a number of different reasons, we actually support very old versions of these on both Windows and Mac platforms. So our compatibility with very old laptops stretches much further than most other studios would be prepared to do, but is also one of the reasons why performance may not be ideal on some older hardware. It's a difficult balance to get right in terms of cutting uses off to the point they can't play anymore. In Software Rendering mode, you are forcing FM to push everything through the CPU, therefore it's your CPU performance that's key. In GPU Assisted / Rendering mode, you are sharing between CPU and GPU. Of course, if the Mac you have doesn't have a great GPU then it may not perform well, but similarly you may have the same or worse experience if you use just the CPU and there are a multitude of other factors that contribute on top, including how many other programs and apps you run at the same time versus how much available memory you have, to how fast your hardrive is (as that will impact on read/write performance to disk). You said you have the latest Macbook Pro – but what actual model is it. If you go to the Apple icon in the Menubar and "About This Mac", that should provide a summary. E.g. you should see something like this: OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014) Processor 4 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 16000 MHz DDR3 Startup Disk Macintosh HD Graphics AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4096MB Also as a side point and on a semi-related note, there have not really been significant upgrades to the Macbook Pro line for a number of years now. The only one that's really got a dedicated GPU is the largest Macbook Pro where you have to use a custom build and specifically include it. Otherwise you'll end up with an integrated Intel GPU of some sorts, and while Intel have made some good strides in this area in recent years, a lot of their earlier models are pretty underpowered overall when it comes to any games.
  8. The audio engine needs to be re-written entirely and is on our long-term road map to be done at some point. But to manage expectations somewhat, there are a lot of legal and licensing issues with things like "chants" and "songs" at things like football matches. It's always a difficult area to approach and therefore is usually generically done for that reason. But creating better and new sound assets would obviously be part of that vision.
  9. Yes you can, both in the Preferences screen or from within the settings menu within the Match screen. Enjoy.
  10. Graphic problems during match

    Can you try completely uninstalling the game and removing all associated folders and any custom folders, and then rebooting your machine, before you attempt to re-install please?
  11. Graphic problems during match

    It's peculiar that you could play the game fine and now this has happened. I'm curious to know whether it has anything to do somehow with the regional settings of your machine, which I see are "Language: Swedish (Regional Setting: Swedish)". Do you have any accented characters or symbols anywhere within your username or folder structure path? Do you ever change it away from being in Swedish? If so, what happens if you change it to English? It's unlikely the cause, but it's worth a go.
  12. In addition, it's not long gone live, so if you do have that second key or believe you are activating correctly – it may just be the servers are a little busy as folks are active. Barry, South Wales as well eh? I was there the other day as the missus' family have a place there. Like that place, Greets.
  13. The beauty of a game like ours is that everybody plays it their own way and has an opinion of what the experience should be that fits their needs. Everybody is entitled to their view and we're big enough, bold enough, and experienced enough to accept and understand that. We respect all views, even if we don't agree with them or feel they might be unbalanced, unreasonable or unfair. All we hope for is a fair crack at the whip (as we would hope for any studio and their work), and in some cases we get that, in some cases we don't. It's just the way it is. There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism or praise. We've never shied away from that, but that's where the balance lies. We've been here long enough to know what we've done well and what we haven't done well, and we know what feedback is relevant be it positive or negative. In the end, if someone does a poor job of a review, be it unfairly biased in a positive or negative fashion, then they are doing themselves, their publication, the industry and the consumer injustice. It harms us all in the end as an industry. We don't claim to be perfect, but we do have a great team with the right ethics, values and attitude to working life and creating games as a studio. We'll always give it our best shot, and in the main, we haven't done too badly over the years. As ever, you who play our games will be the judge of that.
  14. Problem with logos at the beggining of the game

    Can you provide us with a Belarc file please?
  15. Problem with logos at the beggining of the game

    Are you able to create a movie recording showing the problem? I think I misunderstood your posts originally as I thought you could still play the game but just couldn't sometimes see the loading screen. To clarify – you could play the game the once, and can play the game the once, but on the second attempt you cannot play the game because you get a black screen? But it works the once again if you clear your cache?