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  1. The option to do this is currently not working in the Pre-Release Beta build, but it has been fixed internally and will be in time for Release.
  2. No problem and it's a completely fair question to raise. Like you, I also like the stadiums in view, however the reason we opted for a hybrid of the two is actually for performance reasons. To render the stadiums and crowd to always be in view is quite expensive and intensive on both CPU and GPU and we wanted this experience to be as optimal as possible, at least for this first implementation of our new graphics engine. When you watch the match in a 3d camera view, not all of the crowd and stadia are in view at all times, and we use some clever techniques to draw and utilise what's on screen and in view to maintain performance in those versions. There are also other techniques like this that are reduced dramatically or turned off in this top down view to increase performance. The grey area around the pitch was extended to ensure the background was hidden, which actually looks worse than the grey. I agree that perhaps either of those solutions are not ideal, but this area of space is different depending on each persons screen resolution. While I don't want to make any promises, it's possible we will bring stadiums back in a future version and as the graphics engine matures, but it's unlikely for this version I'm afraid.
  3. Hello all, Let me give you some background on this, so you can better understand where we’re coming from. Firstly we love the 2D Classic based view. It’s here to stay and isn’t going anywhere. We’ve no plans to remove it, however the original 2D Classic “Software Rendering” implementation was extremely old and inefficient and was expensive from both a memory and performance perspective, and we were effectively supporting two engines for many years while we kept it alive. The “Software Rendering” implementation makes use of the CPU only and doesn’t harness any power from the GPU. This means that there’s 100% throughput going through the CPU and it actually causes FM to process slower in a lot of hardware cases, as everything gets queued up on the CPU and is CPU bound. The majority of modern day hardware and software over the last 10 years has shifted to fully multi-threaded environments, with many of today’s applications making use of both the CPU and GPU to share the load. This is a direction that we’re heading more and more towards and will allow us to reap benefits in the long run, not to mention that most modern day software developers are more used to this style of design and engineering too. Doing this allows us to spread performance across both CPU and GPU and push graphics based intensive tasks where they natively should be on the GPU. This doesn’t just affect 2d Classic as a mode, it also affects the entire user interface, which we can share tasks on the GPU. It’s important that we free up the CPU to allow us to further development in other areas of FM and we’re keen to take advantage of that as time passes. It’s never easy to drop support for something but we’ve been one of the best in the business at backwards support. There are very few other games or software out there that would have kept Software Rendering around and supported two engine’s in this respect for as long as we have. But, from the data that we’ve looked at over the last years, we know the capabilities of the hardware our users have, and the majority of that hardware will be able to benefit from the future direction we want to take. We appreciate there are niggles and differences of opinion of the current 2d Classic view in FM 2018 Beta. We’ve tried to make a hybrid that mixes the best elements of the original and add some flavour from having everything unified under one system. Plenty of you have raised some good feedback and issues here as well, and we’re listening to that and making some adjustments where necessary. We may not be able to please every single one of you, but there will be improvements made in time for release. We have already made refinements to the lighting of the pitches, fixed an issue where the 2d classic ball spins on the spot when it shouldn’t, as well as added the ability to zoom in and out a little, which will help you adjust the amount of pitch you can see. Hope that helps.
  4. They will remain static in FM 2018, but it's certainly an improvement we'd like to make in a future version.
  5. Can you elaborate what you mean about the "main details of stadiums architecture"? I may be mistaken, but I think you mean reflecting some of the characteristics of real stadiums, which if is the case, we are not legally allowed to because we don't have the license to do so. The stadiums we have created for FM 18 do carry a fair bit more "detail" in them than the previous ones, considerably so actually.
  6. Select the "Pitch" tab (top left) and then you'll see a list of options (on the right) to choose.
  7. We're still refining the lighting for the pitches and already have some internal changes to improve the balance of this, which will make it in for release.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. We're still adjusting the lighting for the pitches and these are already improved internally. Please log any issues regarding Highlights over in the bugs forum. Regarding stadiums, we do not have the license to make stadiums appear like they do in real life. What we have is a broad set of assets that we have to generically distribute across all of the teams, which is the same as previous versions except we had less variety in the style and designs. In the future, we will likely expand on the new set that has been created for further variation.
  9. We're still doing work in this area ahead of release, but please do report any incidents and issues over in the bugs forum.
  10. We're still doing a little bit of work on this, the option will be back in time for release.
  11. We are not allowed to put running tracks into stadiums where they have them in real life due to legal and licensing issues. If we were allowed, it would be something we'd like to add.
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