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  1. Yes you can, both in the Preferences screen or from within the settings menu within the Match screen. Enjoy.
  2. Can you try completely uninstalling the game and removing all associated folders and any custom folders, and then rebooting your machine, before you attempt to re-install please?
  3. It's peculiar that you could play the game fine and now this has happened. I'm curious to know whether it has anything to do somehow with the regional settings of your machine, which I see are "Language: Swedish (Regional Setting: Swedish)". Do you have any accented characters or symbols anywhere within your username or folder structure path? Do you ever change it away from being in Swedish? If so, what happens if you change it to English? It's unlikely the cause, but it's worth a go.
  4. In addition, it's not long gone live, so if you do have that second key or believe you are activating correctly – it may just be the servers are a little busy as folks are active. Barry, South Wales as well eh? I was there the other day as the missus' family have a place there. Like that place, Greets.
  5. The beauty of a game like ours is that everybody plays it their own way and has an opinion of what the experience should be that fits their needs. Everybody is entitled to their view and we're big enough, bold enough, and experienced enough to accept and understand that. We respect all views, even if we don't agree with them or feel they might be unbalanced, unreasonable or unfair. All we hope for is a fair crack at the whip (as we would hope for any studio and their work), and in some cases we get that, in some cases we don't. It's just the way it is. There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism or praise. We've never shied away from that, but that's where the balance lies. We've been here long enough to know what we've done well and what we haven't done well, and we know what feedback is relevant be it positive or negative. In the end, if someone does a poor job of a review, be it unfairly biased in a positive or negative fashion, then they are doing themselves, their publication, the industry and the consumer injustice. It harms us all in the end as an industry. We don't claim to be perfect, but we do have a great team with the right ethics, values and attitude to working life and creating games as a studio. We'll always give it our best shot, and in the main, we haven't done too badly over the years. As ever, you who play our games will be the judge of that.
  6. Can you provide us with a Belarc file please?
  7. Are you able to create a movie recording showing the problem? I think I misunderstood your posts originally as I thought you could still play the game but just couldn't sometimes see the loading screen. To clarify – you could play the game the once, and can play the game the once, but on the second attempt you cannot play the game because you get a black screen? But it works the once again if you clear your cache?
  8. This is actually most likely normal behaviour – when you launch the game it performs a benchmarking test in the background while the loading screens appear. For whatever reason, it seems like this benchmark may be getting run every time you launch the game, which shouldn't be the case. It should launch just the once (though it will re-benchmark if you continue to clear your cache and settings) and then on subsequent launches, it shouldn't run anymore. The first time you launch will always be a bit slower (when there's no cache, etc) as the game needs to benchmark and create all of those folders and settings for the first time. What you can do to try is launch the game once, let it run the benchmark in the background and then quit. The next time you launch, try this: - From your Steam Library right click on "Football Manager 2015" and select 'Properties'. - From the pop-up dialog box, you should be on the 'General' tab. - Select the "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." button. - From the pop-up box type in (without quotes) "--disable_benchmark" - Select 'OK' and re-launch FM.
  9. Can you try this to see if it helps at all. - From your Steam Library right click on 'Football Manager 2015 Demo' and select "Properties". - From the pop-up dialog box, you should be on the "General" tab. - Select the "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." button. - In the pop up box, type in (without quotes) "--disable_benchmark". - Select 'OK' and then try and launch the demo.
  10. How long did you leave the main menu up and running before forcing to quit?
  11. We've made plenty of adjustments based on both feedback and bug reports, both are appreciated.
  12. You can change the attribute colours in the Preferences screen in the Interface section, which has been possible for many versions now.
  13. Hello, thanks for playing the beta, and keep in mind it is just a beta and there's an official feedback thread here where we'd like all feedback to be posted in: One of the items in the known issues list for the beta is: - Poor goalkeeping, particularly at lower levels - sometimes leading to unusually high scores
  14. There may be a more obvious reason for this. Sometimes the players will be reluctant to pass if they believe other players are in offside positions, so they stall and wait, although visually that may not necessarily be obvious. It's more likely to happen if you have tons of players forward though, so it's probably an area where we could do with some further refinement and just make the player sling it forward regardless. But obviously you run the risk then of just having that moment being called offside too. It's worth having a look to see if you can spot this. If you feel there is a problem, do provide some examples of it happening over in the bugs forum and someone can review it further from there.
  15. It is extremely difficult and almost impossible to add backwards compatibility like this, unfortunately. It's more due to what gets changed from one version to the next, which means support for older saves isn't possible.