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  1. I would think that some of the Swedish u-21 nationals will be better than in fm09 after their performance in the European championship this summer. Particularly Rasmus Elm, Emir Bajrami, Marcus Berg and Pontus Wernbloom will be interesting to see.
  2. Where are FM gamers from?

    Malmö, Sweden. You know, the city where Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes from!
  3. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    Ok, started the challenge with Merthyr. Profile
  4. Ease the server traffic

    Good idea, but you have to think about how many of the actual players are in here at the forums at any given time. How many people have bought the game today? Don't know but a couple of hundredthousands maybe. How many are in here right now? Max 10000. I'm not sure that the effect of all of us laying low would be enough in the bigger picture.
  5. Same here, lots of long shots, but my strikers miss every 1v1. Also seen that a lot of the times my wingers get around their defender, goes straight in for the goal but instead of shooting from like 5meters distance, they do a diagonal pass backwards to some midfielder who is 20 meters out? Weird
  6. I'd like a more detailed hall of fame. For example, instead of just seeing "2 domestic titles", I would like to see some info about these titles, like "Premier League winners 2008-09, 5 points marginal to runner-up. Expected by media to finish 6th." and stuff like that. It would be a better sum-up of a managers career and more fun to compare different managers.
  7. Cheaty way to boost your budget in 09 demo

    Oh, I didn't even know that there was any money editors for the demo yet... Gonna check it out, thanks.
  8. I've seen people writing that they would like an editor to change their budgets in the 09 demo, but since we don't have that yet, I have a suggestion of a cheaty way to get cash: In this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=55230 a chinese editor is linked to where you can change a players CA, PA and market value. So here's what I did: I took a crappy player from my reserve team, gave him 200/200 CA/PA, set his market value to £30m, and offered him to clubs for £33,5m. Real Madrid snapped him up and I was £33,5m richer! Sorry if this was an obvious way that everyone already knew about, but I was really happy when i figured it out, at least! cheers
  9. AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 4000+ 2.10GHz Nvidia Geforce 8400 GS, 256mb Windows Vista 2 gb ram Runs like a charm
  10. Best players ever in CM/FM: Robbie Keane in CM3 Albert Luque and Joaquin, cant remember what version but might have been in FM05
  11. The Cup Winner Cup final of 1998, with Chelsea as its winner, played in Råsunda, Sweden. I was there and saw Zola get brought on and score the magic winning goal. Since then him and Chelsea are my faves. Lovely story, ey?
  12. As always my fave teams, Chelsea and swedish Malmö FF.
  13. SI's input on the forums

    I can't really decide what to think about these issues. I personally got pretty mad when reading the "announcement of announcement"-thread and saw the way in which some people were behaving; craving attention and being very aggressive. I also personally think that SI is acting just they way they should in these forums and I am happy with their activity here. Having that said, I still think that "the other side's" arguments are perfectly legitimate and that the FM-community as a whole would benefit from solving their concerns. Everyone, regardless their opinion in these matters would probably prefer a forum with a better atmosphere, right? I think that this forum's biggest problems, and maybe the reasons why SI isn't as active here as some want them to be, is the repetitiveness and the aggression shown by some users. We can find countless threads dealing with the same questions, some of them in a very unpleasant and aggressive way. Isn't there some way to solve this? For example; would it work to have a sort of "Don't ask before reading this"-sticky thread at the top of the forum? THe thread could summarize the top issues and threads and provide links to them. Everyone could go in there to se what has been said and be certain that these are the correct threads to go to if you want to take part in a constructive discussion about the game. Also, it would be easier for SI to keep track of these threads. I'm not sure how to implement it, but maybe it could look something like this: Transfer module thread: Summary: User Y raised the issue of X. SI replied Z. Discussion and suggestions followed. To read or add something to the discussion, click here. It would of course have to be well thought through, but I think you would be able to find a working format for this. One last thing, this hit me last night: doesn't it say a whole lot about the game and it's users that even though some people have massive complaints about the game, even though some are mad and disappointed, noone seems to leave the game for a competitor? Sure, some pessismists will claim that this is because the competitors suck, but I don't buy that. Even with all the complaints some people had with FM2008, the same people are still in this forum day after day waiting for FM2009. That loyalty just has to impress me. So, hats of to an amazing game and to it's extremely loyal users!
  14. FM09 to be released.....

    Who can find the earliest estimated release date on the net? I have october 17th at http://www.cdon.com/product.phtml?prod=966410
  15. Clubs accepting lower bids, why?

    By the way, he just signed for Aston Villa... CRAP!