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  1. Thanks @Dan13L - thought I’d scoured every tab but missed it. hmm, don’t mind if it takes extra scouting to reveal, but seems odd to not be able to see these in other clubs players at all.
  2. Hi, This is almost certainly an idiotic question, but I can’t actually see where a players preferred moves are shown in FMT20 (on iPad). I haven’t been able to find anyone else reporting them missing as a bug, but since I’ve been playing Touch for a few versions now surely I can’t simply be not seeing them. Could someone kindly show where they appear ? On the Player > Overview > Info tab they used to be in the bottom right, but there is only the new Playing Time section. Thanks!
  3. How are people getting the best out of KDB? I've been playing him behind Aguero in a couple of different roles, but although he's been reasonable, I don't feel like he's excelling or creating / scoring enough.
  4. Also glad to see a City thread, first one in years. I sold Fernando to PSG for 21m in preseason, and used the funds to get in James Ward-Prowse from Southampton for 18m upfront, rising to 30m with add ons. Only other changes were to bring in lots of backroom staff - City are poor in most aspects and needs considerable investment. Started well, top after 7 games, won 6 drawn 1. United are amazingly in the relegation zone and the pressure is on Van Gaal. Patrick Roberts and Brandon Barker have been getting games, like others I've got 5 or 6 youngsters I want to really try and get into the first team squad over the coming 2-3 years. I'm open to selling Bony, Nasri and Navas if the right offers come in, but not actively looking to sell right now. Come January I might change this approach.
  5. Allow me to throw in a suggestion for the Swedish league - Hammarby. The third team in Stockholm in terms of success, but Bajen are the best supported club in Sweden (hopefully we'll set a new record against Malmö on Sunday). Back in the top division after several seasons in the second tier, the club are on the up, and now the challenge is to kick on and challenge for honours. There's a new ground (which is great in real life, as far as new grounds go), and with good support you should receive some good funds to spend. There's decent youth facilities, and some reasonable prospects. Should be a good challenge!
  6. I just got sacked mid January - its been a while since that happened in FM. Back to the tactical drawing board for me! I think I should avoid playing with City first - my inherit real life bias affects my judgements too much.
  7. This might be my first actual post on the FM forums, despite lurking for years. Anyway, great opening post to this thread. Just started my first save in FM13, as always with City. I have a question regarding buying / selling, but city specific so posting here rather than in the Buy / Sell thread. Have people had a lot of success with Mario? In previous games I don't feel I put enough into him to get the most out of him, but I'd really like to try this year. I'd also like to invest time in Guidetti, which means I'd really like to sell one forward. So, I'm thinking of trying to flog Tevez. Have people done this in the first transfer period? Did you get much for him, and do you feel Dzeko, Mario, Aguero and Guidetti was sufficient? If I do sell, I'll probably look to buy Felliaini. I'm training Garcia to be a centre half - has that gone well for anyone?
  8. For those with City saves, I'm thinking of starting a new one. If I do I have some aims, and I'm interested in the success people have had with the following: 1. Finances I'd like to become independent of owners injections of cash. Even if the finances are looking good, do they still inject money, or has anyone reached a point where the money generated by success has made it unnecessary? 2. Youngsters Related to the above, obviously some youngsters will have to come through. In my current save Weiss and Boyata from the initial club squads have become rotation players, but I kind of squandered Guidetti's talent, and never gave Razuk or Rekik a chance. Is the concensus that other than Boyata, Weiss and Guidetti the other players rarely come good enough? 3. Ballotelli On neither FM11 or FM12 have I managed to get the best out of Mario. He trains poorly, his attitude isn't great, and much like in real life he may never reach his undoubted potential. Has anyone achieved full potential with Mario, and if so, how? Tutoring, training tweaks etc.
  9. I've been reading into training including the mantralux guide, and I'm about to embark on a new save where I aim to really improve my training set up. One area I'm not certain about is using the monthly training report. Now, if a player is reported to have performed poorly in training, I usually have a chat and inform him he's not going to get into the team or remain at the club unless he books his ideas up. However, what about those players who the coach says is performing well? For instance, if my coach says "Player X trained well (tactics)", then is that marely an indicator that one or more of his tactics attributes may have increased? Or, should I do something more with this information - should I focus more training for this player on tactics? I'd be interested to hear how people use this information.
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