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  1. 9 dakika önce, robtuckey28 said:

    Hi everybody,

    Im literally fed-up with FM20 in my Man Utd save. 

    I use Commentary only in games. sometimes the odd instant result. 

    Team (Roughly) DeGea | AWB Bailly Maguire Alphonso Davis | Sancho Fernandes Pogba Rashford | Martial Greenwood 

    During my second season i changed from "!!!!!!FM20.4.1PreachinBluesKnap451VOL5P109ALLCUPS" to "FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapCrushoVOL2MMEG4231P105ECFA" because  the first tactic just fell off a cliff. Knap did say you can be unlucky if tactics just stop working etc. There are so many tactics uploaded and tweaks happening im always looking at updates and going from there on the knaps indication. 

    I tried the second tactic during the February because i could see i was struggling in games and after seeing some tips on here and FM Scout for MM etc i applied those and ran from there. Started really well but after just 2 months and got into April, things have spiralled downwards again. A lot of games i would see a lot of goals conceded within the first 5 minutes?. But more recently In my last 3 games, Crystal Palace away (Lost 0-2), Man City away in CL (0-0) and the return leg at home (0-2). In those games i had 8 CCC in total and scored zero, yet Ayew has 2 shots in the palace game, 1 being a CCC and scored. i always seem to concede CCC and get punished, yet we cant finish our CCC. In the return CL leg I had majority possession, had more chances, nothing really coming from the opponents but lost 0-2. When i make in game changes literally nothing happens other than watching the clock run down. 

    A lot of people want a plug and play tactic while learning tips etc but for me i think the fun has been lost in this game. To summarise it appears unless you know exactly what your doing at the exact point it needs to be done it can make or break results, whether its signings, training, coaching, tactical specifics, shouts etc.



  2. Hello knap, I've always used your tactics so far. along with other fm series. I moved from 2018 to 2020 series. There are many changes in the game. a player can take the ball and enter the midfield and score a goal. I cannot stabilize the match engine in the defensive sense. Have you could suggest tactics for the league turkey? I am successful in league, but they are crushing in Europe. Do you think this match engine will change, I am writing with Google translate. I'm sorry if there is something wrong. I am not happy with the game. I think I will activate the marking option for the MM.

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