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  1. This could be impossible,but sure i'l say it anyway. Regen faces are just that...regens. However of the millions that play FM,who wouldn't want their face to be in it!? So lets say everyone interested sends a simple face pic of themselves to SI. All put into one huge database. Totally randomly,a face is put to a random facegen.Your next regen could be your next door neighbour's face whom you never knew played FM. Obviously i'm not sure the realism of this,but Man,it would be nice to put a (real) face to a name!
  2. What about the option of,at the beginning of the summer, declaring who your number one transfer target is (like Inter with Lampard and Real with Ronaldo). This could allow fans to give reaction, and the chairman to say things like he agrees with you and will do all he can to help you sign him. On the other hand the fans could disagree with the manager's choice or the chairman could say that he is out of your financial reach and he will not give extra funds (the longer/better you have been with a club,the higher the probability of the chairman helping you aquiring this player). This might possibly give the target a few weeks to think over the option or instantly declare his interest (or lack of it) in signing for you.
  3. You elect not to go on Real life Summer vacation, beacuse in order to make it seem realistic, you'd have to leave your team in the hands of your untrusted ass. manager for a week. No way could you let that happen.
  4. You know we're all addicted to Football Manger when this thread keeps growing...and growing...and growing
  5. When watching the game in 'extended highlights' mode, it is very annoying imo to just see a random free-kick being put into the net.I'd like to see a little 'extended' build-up,even only the 10 seconds before the free-kick was given.
  6. One thing that would be nice is this. Lets say you play a 'big man-little man' front two e.g. Crouch and Healy or Venegoor and McDonald. I know you can set a target man and the type of pass to hit to him.(usually to Healy's head . But it would be nice to tell your team to do the someone common thing to play it high to Crouch/Venegoor but alternatively low or over the top to healy/McDonald.It seems as many passes go high to the person you don't want them to as to the person who you do.Just a thought!
  7. I love the idea about friendly dates and it should fix some of the problems people have with friendlys... i.e. Offer Lyon a friendly at their stadium and give them 3 possible dates.This could be a nice addition and vary things a bit.
  8. The ability to give a teamtalk to a sub you are about to bring on e.g. 'Change the game for me' 'here is your First Team debut.Enjoy it' Or maybe,if you want to be totally honest, 'I'm Only bringing you on to tick down that clock.You wouldn't get on any other time...'
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