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  1. This could be impossible,but sure i'l say it anyway. Regen faces are just that...regens. However of the millions that play FM,who wouldn't want their face to be in it!? So lets say everyone interested sends a simple face pic of themselves to SI. All put into one huge database. Totally randomly,a face is put to a random facegen.Your next regen could be your next door neighbour's face whom you never knew played FM. Obviously i'm not sure the realism of this,but Man,it would be nice to put a (real) face to a name!
  2. Some kind of FM God that controls everything.He is a random person just,but a FM genius . He has access to all games,but you can have interactive conversations with him to plead to keep you as manager, citing that you are 'building for the future'.It is also him that decides managerial appointements and all,based on the history he can actually see you have done!
  3. Shocking! We're the only premiership club that has to enter the League Cup in round 1(not even rangers do?! 3 days before the start of the league...not the ideal distraction to have! Must be bonus points to win it then
  4. http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu224/IrishShamrock88/ProfilePic.jpg
  5. poolman321

    FM08 : Olympique Lyon : Les Gones

    Thank You. That helps a lot. I still am not sure why they would let these promising players leave without some sort of a initial fee though.After all,the likes of Saivet are already showing lots of potential. But i suppose, their loss=my gain!
  6. poolman321

    FM08 : Olympique Lyon : Les Gones

    Is there a reason/rule why I can buy all the French Youngsters for free e.g. Saivet. I offer £0 with 10% next sale,and i have got around 5 very promising youth contracts. Shouldn't there be compensation or some sort of fee. And also, on the team screen, why does the likes of Juninho not show up as 'fgn' beside their names.
  7. What about the option of,at the beginning of the summer, declaring who your number one transfer target is (like Inter with Lampard and Real with Ronaldo). This could allow fans to give reaction, and the chairman to say things like he agrees with you and will do all he can to help you sign him. On the other hand the fans could disagree with the manager's choice or the chairman could say that he is out of your financial reach and he will not give extra funds (the longer/better you have been with a club,the higher the probability of the chairman helping you aquiring this player). This might possibly give the target a few weeks to think over the option or instantly declare his interest (or lack of it) in signing for you.
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    Highlight Mode

    Extended. Gives you more of a feel for the match.
  9. You elect not to go on Real life Summer vacation, beacuse in order to make it seem realistic, you'd have to leave your team in the hands of your untrusted ass. manager for a week. No way could you let that happen.
  10. I have a question about kick-off times. What is happening is that league cup ties (all fixed for the same time) were being played at different times i.e. my game was in extra time but most games were just at 'kick-off'. I had been in my preferences and was wondering had I accidently changed something. But I did change from 'faster' to 'fastest' not knowing this made a difference to match-day. So is this what has caused the kick-off diffences? Because I find it slower now as my game is finished,I have to wait for all the other games to process, and is it not surely quicker playing them all at one time? Any help appreciated.
  11. You know we're all addicted to Football Manger when this thread keeps growing...and growing...and growing
  12. poolman321

    I remember at least one final...

    Yeah you're right.It says Celtic have appeared in zero when irl, they've been in loads
  13. http://i299.photobucket.com/albums/mm302/poolman321/untitled.jpg
  14. poolman321

    I remember at least one final...

  15. poolman321

    How fast is my computer?

    Thanks for trying it You gave my time a right hammering! Still think there is a lot slower than me, and ones even faster than you!!