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  1. But if you set them as Under 23 teams instead of B-teams. I guess that issue is easily solved?
  2. I noticed that all "Jong" teams are set as B team. Actually they are Under 23 teams. The Jong teams in the JL using loads of old players what isnt allowed. Teams are to strong compare real life at the moment.
  3. Thanks for the answers But yeah it would be so great if we dutch guys can make some sort of Hoffenheim in our own Country "Wishful thinking" Hopefully SI Games will ever change their mind.
  4. Well thousands is maybe a bit to low, i think we have at least hunderds of thousands people here who play FM. I know i can fix it with the editor, only its not really updated. I think there also enough people here in holland who want help with the research. At other forums many people ask about it already, so thats why i try it at here again Belguim is smaller country as the netherlands ,and they have 3 playable league's as well (Eerste, Tweede en Derde A+B klasse) But anyways thanks for the reply's
  5. I've heard that SI not have plans to add new playable league's anymore, and i must say, there is enough choice to play league's around the world But i'm from the netherlands, and since 2 years our league structure has changed. Before it wasnt possible to promote to the Jupiler League, but now the champion of the Topklasse has the chance to promote to the Jupiler League. So we have now same as mostly other country's a real pyramid structure. So i think for the most FM users from the netherlands would it be a great add. So we can have the same fun like all other people from surrounding country's and try to promote with a semi-proffesional club from the topklasse to the Eredivisie. Maybe SI can make an exception for us (dutch people) sorry for the bad english btw