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  1. Yes, There are 2-3 of them, but they are real people. However I've never seen a newgen.
  2. Welcome from the future. I am in 2062 right now. There are all kinds of female staff in the game: chairwomen, directors, coaches, GK coaches, HoYD's, scouts, data analysts, physios, sport scientists... but no managers. Is it hard-coded in the game that an AI female staff newgen cannot become a manager? Has anyone of you ever had one in the game? Theoretically, if there are female coaches (I've seen a few), they could become managers - just like many of my ex-coaches have. Can I send my female coach on courses and develop her so she becomes a manager, just like I did with my male coaches? Let me know :)
  3. In the DB folder there is a file called forbidden names, responsible for not allowing newgens with certain names. There we have names like Ernesto Guevara, Osama Bin Laden, some serial killers and some sexual connotations with the name Dick (e.g. Dick Fest). For me it`s a buzzkill. FM has always been delivering such tasty gimmicks for the players and having a newgen called Dick Love has always been bringing smile to gamers` faces. Of course, you can delete the file and still enjoy the fun, but the question remains: WHY did you do that? What is more - the figure of Ernesto Guevara (much hated by me and all thinking people) is a still a source of inspiration in Latin American countries (so are Stalin, Lenin, etc. for that matter!) - so it is also a fact-bending thing to remove this name from the data pool. We have historical evidence of players like Stalin Jose Rivas and Fidel Guevara (double impact!) pulling their weight. My offer is - remove this file. One of the first things I did was to delete it.
  4. Tactics training on average all year long. I won everything with San Lorenzo with it (twice in a row: Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup). I also won Copa America and Confederations Cup with Argentina. I am managing Sao Paulo now and I have a new tactic - even better :> Soon I will test it further and upload if successful.
  5. Just won the Club World Cup with San Lorenzo How are your tests going?
  6. Nope. Just team instructions. FM is a simple game which people love to overcomplicate. I always use plug and play tactics (which every year I hear this time really don`t work ) and I try to make them as universal as possible. I also think there has been no need for specific player instructions since the roles were introduced.
  7. Winged Almagrana Rigid (WAR) is a crazy ultra-attacking tactic that crushes your balls like a sledgehammer. It makes your opponent bleed like Mylee. You are going to score more than 100 goals per season and concede half of that, but you know what? That`s fun! If you like to keep it tight at the back - forget it. This is for real gung ho lovers. For those about to rock - I salute you. Grab your beer, grab your bacon, grab your tactics and let the massacre commence. Wanna proof? Wanna proof? OK! You got proof. Boca Juniors are one of THE most overrated teams in FM. They buy dudes for millions, they sell them for millions and win everything they can. Guess what? San Lorenzo don`t care Moar? Some Peruvian noobs thought they were gonna mess with me. Guess what? I messed with them. Hard. Winning Copa Libertadores ain`t enough. You gotta DOMINATE. You gotta CRUSH SKULLS. That`s how you do it: 8 out 11. Repeat after me: eight out of eleven. Wanna score goals? Wanna score tons of goals? Like double digits for half of your team? Here you go: Still not convinced? Look what I did to the mighty Milan. They were ******** their pants and praying for me to stop: *** All right. Now let`s talk about HOW. Basically you make them suck six times. Your gangbanging team consists of your complete attacking wing backs - basically your wunderwaffes. My left one - Cespedes - is usually the top assistant and sometimes even the top scorer. Double digits easily. Then your inside forwards. I used to play wingers, but decided to make them cut inside to make more space for my CWBs. Segovia - easily the top guy ever apart from Cespedes - >200 goals all together. The playmaking center is your AP, who not only creates but also hits it hard from the distance. The lone cowboy in the box is just there to pull the last trigger. Oh, and make sure you have tall and jumpy centre-backs. They love to provide nice headers from corners. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?953sbikqisda8a2 Of course - as with all my tactics - it is 100% plug and play. Divide and conquer.
  8. Look at that. I won the championship with just one loss and 16 wins out of 17 games. Amazing!
  9. Update: Eliminated River Plate (!!) 4:1 (!!) in Copa Sudamericana, lost championship by one point, but look at these stats: 37 goals and 44 assists by Jorquera!
  10. I made a couple of tweaks, including changing the mentality to DEFENSIVE. It works wonders. Also, I change the roles of players to suit them to their best abilities. The new link is here: http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/77963075/file.html Remember to change the roles to suit your players
  11. Is that a question? Yes, it has. And also changing his position from SC to AM. With stonger teams I tend to play DEFENSIVE instead of COUNTER now.
  12. Finished the season 4th, ahead of the likes of Universidad de Chile
  13. No OI, as far as team talks are concerned keep them in green, MORALE is the key. Poor morale = poor results, nevermind what tactics you use. Training: I rotate all the categories every week: balanced 1 week, tactics 1 week, defence 1 week, etc. - all on average workload Half of my team are my schoolboys I made one correction to the tactic: Withdraw the center striker (DLF) onto an AM C position with a role of Shadow Stirker. Leave two strikers with AdvF roles. I have just won the Chilean Supercup and eliminated The Strongest (Bolivia) and Deportes Quito (Ecuador) from Copa Sudamericana.
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