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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug as such. I am manager of Denmark and get advised after every match that the "squad reacts negatively": This was off back of a 3-0 away win to the team second in group, followed up with a 9-0 away win at Faroes and again I get this message. I noticed it initially after my first match in charge which was a 3-2 away win against rivals Germany, thought it was maybe a glitch but it happens after every game i think, win lose or draw.
  2. Hi, I have already uploaded "chelsea (v02) portugal add.fmt" to your cloud a week ago. Thanks
  3. Hi, I dont see any link but uploaded "chelsea (v02) portugal add.fmt" to your cloud. If you need it elsewhere let me know.
  4. Hi, I am not sure if this is a bug, expected behaviour or if I missed an option, however in summer 2024 I selected option to add a league and added the Portuguese 1st and 2nd divisions. This was implemented on 29th June game date but it seems that there are hardly any managers at the clubs created. 13 jobs available in 1st div and 14 in 2nd. Is this typical of what to expect when you add a league or have a missed a setting option?
  5. Hi, Just uploaded "jclarkso - Greenock Morton board criticsm.fmt" to cloud, save from when I spotted this issue. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am at October in first season at Morton, sitting top of the league and have board criticism that we have not established ourselves in championship in expected timeframe.
  7. Hi, I have same issue however I am on PC. You can see the tactics but "load" cannot be selected.
  8. Playing as Aberdeen, have multiple leagues running. Qualified for champs league groups, finished 3rd, made it to quarters of UEFA cup, coefficient rating was showing as follows for 5, 4 ,3 2, 1 and this season: 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 19. All good. Into following season and coefficient is now showing as 0, 0, 0, 0, 1. It also shows 0 for this season, despite having won a couple of qualifying rounds of champs league. Also note that Celtic last season were on 10 and now it shows as 7. Rangers had 3 for last season now shows up as 2. I assume that this will have a knock on effect for qualifying places if the correct coefficient points are not being shown/awarded? I have a save from end of last season and current one which should show issue, however I cannot access the ftp at moment to upload so attached a couple of screenshots EDIT: Further to this, the qualification places screen is not making sense to me, however that could be my issue! I am looking at the end of season 19/20. It says Scotland clubs coefficient is 21.250 and is due to be 30.875 for 20/21. Qualification places tab shows one team in champs league entering in Ch Q2 and three teams in Europa. Scotland should be jumping from 19th to 13th for next season. When I look at qualifying places the following season it says that Scotland has two clubs in champs league, entering in CH Q3 and BP Q2, however the only Scottish team in competition is Aberdeen and we started in CH Q2. So, it looks like the Qualification places tab is maybe showing next seasons places but this does not seem to tie in with the club co-efficient values? EDIT2: I think my comments in edit above can be ignored, if I read UEFA rules correctly. I think it is saying that the coefficient you have at the end of seasons does not translate into places for two years. So perhaps its just a case of making this more explicit on some of the tabs?
  9. This may not be of any use to anyone on this thread but I kept having the game hang on "teams warming up" at the start and had to hard reset. I believe this was fixed for me by changing the graphics settings on my laptop dual graphics to force power saving, the opposite of SIs advice. If you are using a laptop with dual card then maybe this is worth a shot.
  10. Hi, I have not had a crash for a little while now, it seems to be running ok. However I think this has happened since I made a settings change after my last crash just over a week ago. What appears to have made things run more smoothly for me was doing the opposite of your recommended actions for the dual graphic card. I actually changed this to force "power saving" for FM18.exe and it has not hung since. FYI, I have other applications running without issue on the "high performance" setting. It may of course just be an intermittent fault failing intermittently but it has run ok for a week, which is a vast improvement. Thanks
  11. Hi, So as I said I uninstalled, deleted the my docs SI FM18 folder, deleted the steamapps>common>fm18 folder and reinstalled. Started a new game just running the 4 English leagues and have again hung up at warming up while still playing friendlies. Thanks
  12. Hi, That is odd, I do not recall putting any on this system. I am going to do a reinstall, see if that helps and I will keep everything clean. Will report back one way or other. EDIT: I have uninstalled, rebooted, deleted the files in my docs and the steam folder for FM18, however when I start the game again after reinstall it is finding settings from somewhere (screen is in windowed mode, it can find the profile I was using). How would you go about doing a clean install? Am I missing some other settings options in Steam or something like that? Thanks
  13. Hi, I am not running custom graphics on this laptop. For clarity you are talking about putting stuff into the "graphics" folder in my docs>SI>FM18, yes? Thanks
  14. Hi, Thanks, I went through these steps last night. I do not believe that there has been a new driver out for a while for my device and that I am running the latest from HP. I adjusted the dual card settings as suggested, most were already set but I did add the fm.exe application to run as High Perf under the switchable graphics settings. I am running Norton Internet Security and do not believe it is causing any issues. Windows updates are fine, Dirextx and .Net as well, however I did follow the steps and remove the files before rerunning the installer. There are no crash files being generated. I am running the game in windowed mode and include a screengrab of the 3d/match settings page where I turned everything to lowest settings. I turned the detail level down to lowest as well. The game has a 5 second timout, asked to be less responsive and show no replays. Also included a screenshot of the league setup tab. Finally a dxdiag is also included. I am updating this as it has just hung again today after around 5 games on the same "teams are warming up" screen. Can I provide you with anything else? DxDiag.txt
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