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  1. I feel exactly the same!! Gutted that FM are using steam, this did nothing but mess up my PC 3 years ago. In the end I took my game back and got a refund it was such a mess trying to install and unistall software. I understand that they have to block piracy, but I just cant go with it any more. On the other hand I agree for the same reasons, that the game isnt fun any more (to me any way). Ive actually won things on this edition, unlike the last and some of my own tatics have worked. Think I'll stick with FM11 and my old editions, over and out for me. Thanks Fm : ' |
  2. Ive been playing Fm since 08 and Im really looking foward to FM12. Im new to the fourms, so this has probably been mentioned about a 1000 times. But it really annoys me during player interaction, whether Ive been Barcelona or Aston Villa its frustrates me when a member of your backroom staff suggests that a player should try a new move. You ask him and get "Id prefer not to do that" or "I stand by what I said" Imagine Rooney telling Fergie I dont quite fancy working on my movement boss! I mean come on. Another question that is kinda silly, is when getting a new job in a foregin country you get asked about not speaking the language, it just takes realism out of it WENGER DIDNT speak a word when he came, he didnt give the response "its a universal language" or "what can you speak more slowly" Please change it SI
  3. Something that I've never understood about FM, manages abroad are always replaced quickre than they are in England. I was even talking to miles about it on twitter, in Italy for example managers are replaced and even re-hired all the time. Last season (2010/11) in Serie A between September 2010 and April 2011, 14 managers were sacked in Serie A. Rafa was sacked after like 16 league games or something, I dont see this on FM or its rare. I wish the chairmen were also matched to real life, Abromvich is ruthless.
  4. I totally agree with some of these, the medicals is the main one for me. This should of been added years ago ! The backroom staff is another one, majority of managers have a near enough the same backroom team where ever they go. And why not add like favourite people to our personal info, instead of "best opinion and worst" Good ideas though !