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  1. One of my greatest ever players was a DM retrained as an AML at age 19 (already in the first team since 17) and then won World Player of the Year I think maybe 4 times? Possibly more.. Its worth it!!!
  2. My player has won the Ballon D'Or and World Player of the Year 3 out of the past 4 seasons yet wasn't in the first 11 of World Team of the Year two of the times he won the award (subs bench). The first year it was fairly close to the other best right winger but he was still ahead on Av Rating and Assists, this year very weirdly he had an 8.12 Av rating while the player who was in the team was from Arsenal (doing absolutely nothing remarkable) had a 6.97. Surely there's a bug here?
  3. Not being able to set information windows during different competitions. Premier League full table during PL matches Champions League game- GIANT SPACE OF NOTHING Cups- Just empty Can we customise this please? Also, what's with the TINY boxes of options you have to scroll through sometimes? The text can take up a needless amount of space then you have to scroll through about 10 options but get a scroll option the size of the letter 'l'
  4. Nothing major for me (2034)- had Bolton/West Brom/Aston Villa all go down to League 2 as well as Birmingham but as my feeder team I got them back to stable Championship Preston went to the conference for a year, teams like Brentford have done well in the Prem then gone back to yo-yo club. Lincoln had a tycoon, gained 2 sweeping successive promotions, top of the championship the fell off after Christmas, about to be relegated back to League 1. As for the big teams, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham had gradual drop-offs to lower mid-table but are now all back, Everton about to go down bottom and Tottenham, even with a tycoon, are lower prem. Man Utd and Man City are just ridiculous...
  5. Can't get in to see the stats as this game was last season, but this was the highlight of a pretty nice spell of goals (with a shocking loss in there too!) 9-0 at half-time, didn't know what to say at half time... wanted more goals!
  6. Known about this guy for a while, had a pretty decent career at Roma before moving back to his spiritual home...
  7. Andy Walker. He's rubbish. I dunno what's up with my youth, every single season all the new intake are utterly useless even though my youth setup is level 2, got excellent youth facilities, good coaching and recruitment. I nearly signed one English winger but he chose Chelsea over me, they are now lower mid-table and want £50m for him. Also British players are way over-priced (accurate reflection of real life) and I find my scouts find 17-20 year olds that are either better or will become better. Just signed 8 17/18 4+ star (PA) on pre-contracts to get around the Home Grown rules... And to be fair the first names such as Alan and David make them sound British! And yes, my Domestic Player Bias is the lowest I have ever seen.
  8. YASSSSSS!!! Seen as there's enough complaints about the AI cheating and comebacks 'always happen', here's lovely proof that changing your tactics matters... Champs League last 16 first leg, 3-0 down to Barcelona at half-time. Score a nice goal in the 56th minute, next thing red card. 3 subs made, go 3 at the back, take off some slight injuries, go attacking and exploit their hole in the middle of the pitch. 3-1 to 3-4 with 10 men at the Nou Camp; not too shabby The guy Javier Alonso is my 19 year old future striker too. Awesome.
  9. I'm not a developer by any means but I think a problem with this in regards to other bugs is that it might be a very specific set of instances that happen to lead to it. Maybe its something other people could try to replicate too? Have your tactics screen open with a pending change to contain and let the full time whistle blow while the tactics screen is still open. That seems to be the only constant when this has happened to me.
  10. Bang on. It has actually prevented me from changing tactic in the last minute before but this game I had to, 2 minutes remaining with a team giving everything at my pushed up back line- needed to be changed. Hopefully its something the developers can look into but in the other thread they have said they've never managed to reproduce. Hopefully they red this and re-try.
  11. That's enough patronising comments about saving. Moving on... HUNT3R- this is why I paused in the 91st minute. I was 3-1 up, Arsenal battering me and I conceded 90+1 so pause game, change tactic, re-start. Then the game suddenly finishes and no continue option. I think this has happened 2 or 3 times to me now on this save game alone and I think I have changed to contain each time so maybe that's a place to start looking for what goes wrong.
  12. I usually do have monthly autosave- no idea why it was off. But to be fair the bigger issue is why the game breaks rather than me turning my autosave off.
  13. Tried it, tried everything. You can go to the home page but the only options highlighted in the dropdown menu are 'Quit and Exit', no save as if you were in a game. You can navigate pretty much anything but the game is locked within a match so the only options are those available during games. Also tried setting my assistant to do team talks but that didn't work either. Incredibly frustrating. Game has now frozen so had to quit. Boxing day back to Sept 22nd. Brilliant.
  14. Can't press cancel, pressing play does nothing, it took a few minutes to load team talks, made them but no progress. Clicking on other things (players/teams etc) doesn't work, leave Match (!) in the top right corner. Is there ANY way of skipping past this without having to quit. I really don't want to lose months of game time. And now everything is frozen. Please SI, look into this. This has happened to me in FM11, 14 and 15. I can't be the only person this has happened to.
  15. More detailed: basically the match engine is stuck between changing tactic (changed to contain in 90+1 with a couple of TI's altered. Game was paused at the time but 'finished' as soon as I pressed the space-bar again. Going to Team Talk leads you to the tactics screen where I can 'Cancel Changes' (doesn't happen) and Confirm is blanked out (I already have confirmed).
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