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  1. My current team: Sturridge would have been still with me if he had not asked for 180k in wages, sold him for 38.5m to Arsenal in 15/16. Mignolet left for AC Milan in 14/15 to make way for the ever consistent Timo Horn. Kelly and Flanagan was doing really well on fullback duties till i got overcrowded and they abilities had max and i ain't seeing anything better, plus I have loads of good fullbacks pushing for first team so they got offloaded in 16/17 to Arsenal 17.75m and Stoke 11.5m respectively. Aspas also went to Arsenal for 10m in 14/15. Agger to AS Monaco for 16.75 as his abilities was dropping and didn't want to reduce his contract wages. Skrtel left for Juventus for 12.75 on similar reasons as Agger. Johnson left on a free to Stoke as he wanted 80k in wages till 2018, bugger. Enrique left for 15m to As Monoca when i bought Emre Can in. One player, Gastón Gil Romero came in on 14/15 for 3.4m, played 8 games in half a season and Napoli bought him for 33.5m 6mths later. Another i made 15.75m on after getting him on a free was Jonathan Castagnino Kevin Kampl who cost 4.8m and played for 3 seasons also left for AS Monaco for 33.5m. Guido Vadalá also earned me 20m, got for 3.6m. Ante Cotic went for 12m. Another player, whom I really liked but decided to sell when bid came in was Alexandre Lacazette, had 2 awesome seasons, sold for 35m to Arsenal while i got him on a free. Also made tiny profits on John Guidetti 8.75m, Francis Coquelin 10.75m. Many fringe, backup players left for couple mil mostly. I got 12.75m for Suso from Southampton. Steven Caulker went for 26.5m to Arsenal after 27 games, he cost me 6.5m. http://i59.tinypic.com/x4nfd4.jpg This is my LFC team in 2017/18 Some original players still around, mainly because their developmental stats have been tutored to become very good tutors and they still offer me stability despite my many changes. Overloaded on attackers and keepers now. May look to offload Juan Fernando Quintero and Coutinho and Francesco Bardi and Butland and use a young keeper as backup to Timo Horn. Gerrard is 37 and hardly plays now, may well be his last season, may keep him for another to tutor someone. Lucas is already 30, Suarez too but Suarez can definitely play till 35 or longer like Gerrard as seen in other saves. Arsenal had spent over 200m i think on my players, next was As Monaco. My current save have been built on getting lesser but more quality youths and regens. Plus making sure my first team of 20-25 are good enough to tutor almost anyone or everyone with min 14 to 20 of developmental stats each and I am getting there, except for some youth first team players. I also aim to make each first team at least ca 150 to compete.
  2. oh yes! finally i have unlocked Double Hat-Trick after playing so long... i came close 2 occasions with 5 goals. man i was biting my nail waiting for the last one and it was a beautiful goal and Suarez's da man 37 shots, 22 ot, 17ccc, 9 goals
  3. Cleon, I have another question. Can you safely say tutoring also decreases hidden attributes if the tutee attributes are higher than tutor. Let me give one example of a tutor and tutee which confirmed can be tutored/tuteed. Tutor: 35 yrs old, backup player, personality driven, more importantly has 20 determination / 16 ambition / 17 professionalism. Tutee: 18 yrs old, backup player, personality fairly professional, has 12 determination / BUT 19 ambition / 18 professionalism. I just want to increase determination for the tutee since he has better ambition and professionalism. If I choose off field tutor option, I assume yes tutee determination will go up, how much it depends but there is a very high and almost confirm chance of tutee lowering his ambition especially and 1 professionalism because tutor has both of these stats lower. Am i correct.
  4. oot, would love to add some friends in steam, if you want me as a friend, please add Jaskiew
  5. Yes, this tactic despite no changes, does seem to be working well, and defensively pretty well too.
  6. I feel you. The 2030 comment was refering to TS, not you. I plugged in this tactic on 2 save games which sorta needed saving One was an FMC Injury Crisis save game. I lost 3 games in a row and switched. One was a Liverpool almost half a season new game, I lost 2 games and drew one. I got bombed. So I have my doubts on this.
  7. I love your writeup. Latest feedback doesn't help but perhaps tactic isn't fluid yet. But you are in 2030, hardly accurate testing.
  8. Marcelo, r u a Liverpool fan? I have tried the Original tactic before, it is an offensive scoring tactic with very inconsistent defence, so much so that i am often caught wide and can concede 2 and more goals easily to weaker teams suddenly even at Home. Certainly not as defensive or consistent as TS said. For your tweaked version what changes were done if I may ask? What did you do to the defence here? How's the corner routine, any changes, attacking or defensive wise?
  9. How is this tactic working for some of you, or testers? It's an interesting TM/P 2 strikers with DW and HB, 3 DC combo. How's the corner defending and attacking like? I assume the P has to be scoring loads as this tactic can be caught by IF wide easily.
  10. Anyway, guess I'm gonna try another tactic now. No more support here lol.
  11. What i failed to mention is if UserX creates a new account under a complete new username with a new email. I doubt it would be possible to create a new account with a used email on a banned account.
  12. I am not sure where to post this, if it is inappropriate to ask this here, please let me know where and i will remove and post there. I understand the infraction and banning system, eg, how many infration, how many days etc. I just went to read it. However, can't seem to find any other detailed explaination on 'alias account'. It's just for my own understanding and curiousity. Is using the same email as the banned account is an alias account? how is an alias account defination here? Let's say UserX is permanently banned. Is he able to create another account with the same email as the banned account? If UserX uses another email account to create a new account to start fresh, is this considered an alias account and how would the mods/admins decide that it is an alias account?
  13. Shame. Tactic isn't too bad actually. If one's account is banned however bad he or the reasons may be, isn't one allowed to be allowed to register for another account and start fresh? Or registering for another account is also seen as an alias and there goes someone who is banned on one account and someone is gone for good?
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