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  1. furney89

    is it possible..

    just a quick question, would it be possible to edit a managers move date to his new club? i only say this as i stupidly accepted a new job offer, and wanted to join at the end of the season...but apparentely i will join on the 17th of May!! thats a week before the CL final, and the final domestic games in La Liga so annoying as i havent yet won the CL in 2026 and the club iam currently at have a great chance of winning! thanks for any help
  2. Hey, im in 2026 with Valencia, and i got a great offer from Arsenal mid-season to take them on, but since i've never won the CL and i've got a great chance with Valencia i wanted to stay on with them till the end of the season Arsenal agreed and said that was ok to start managing them at the end of the season..... I got a message later saying they are looking forward to me starting on May 17th! That is before either Arsenals or Valencias domestic season finishes...never mind some of the cup competitions such as the CL Its kind of messed things up for my career game Is this a known error, or is there anyway i can edit it (savegame editor or something?) Any help would be appreciated (Running on Mac OSX 10.5 and its FM2009 9.3.0 )
  3. furney89

    The new UI?

    I actually like the new pics Its cleaner, and im a fan of tabbed interfaces. 3 or 4 tabs grouping things together, rather than 15 different icons we have now on the menu bar each with there own options
  4. I was Sporting CP in 2021 Been there for 4 years, dominated portugal football for all those years Finally make a breakthrough in Europe and was champions league runners up! Great i thought now i just need to kick on and buy two world class players to take it one step further my transfer budget was 3.7mil! 3.7mil! I got the same message as the threads title! i had won the leauge and cups in portugal that season aswell so there was no beef with me. There was also over 20million in the bank balence of the club too
  5. furney89

    Is this spec good enough?

    hmm you might need some more ram...... ha
  6. the performance on my macbook (c2d t8300, 2gb, graphics: X3100) is very poor the match engine is so jittery/stuttery, the processing is fine, fast, but the program lags and becomes unresponsive at times, but the fan is soooo loud i also have the game installed on bootcamp vista. runs so much better on that, not sure why, still lags at times when moving players about on tactics screen ,and drop down boxes on match days. fans are the same however the 2d match engine runs perfect, no stutter moments i think its because vista allocates more memory for the graphics card. in OS X it only allows 144mb or something ram, and in windows it allocates over 200mb from ram or something which possibly helps in it running smoother in match day (so my research states) i HATE having to run it on bootcamp as i wish i only had to use OS X, but the performance is so much better, is definitely worth it i for the record have the first patch installed which helped sort many issues, but the 2d engine is still very stuttery in OS X
  7. fingers crossed for tomorrow chin up lads
  8. I know people are disappointed, and while i can understand why mac users arnt a priority, im just as eagerly awaiting the patch as much as you guys however, i have windows vista on boot camp (macbook) and just installed FM on there with the patch, and will transfer my saved game over to Mac once the Mac patch arrives I find FM runs better in windows on boot camp, but i hardly use vista as its only for emergencies when i have some compatibility problems with work etc.. while its frustrating, im sure SI obviously didnt want this release to be so intense with some hiccups, but its only been 3 days since, and 3 days compared to the 3 or 4 months wait for release isnt that major, some people might say its unacceptable but i disagree
  9. With mac machines only coming in several configurations, i thought it would of been easier, while pcs have so many different graphic cards etc
  10. furney89

    I wany an apology!

    Its a shame this new method introduced hasnt worked out very well While its easy to blame SI, they are relying on others to do there job properly..... i.e uniloc and steam etc But in all fairness it doesnt bother me because i have a MAC and dont need any activation as its still the old system of placing the DVD in the drive! love it good luck guys, hope it gets sorted soon
  11. furney89


    i think because there's little support for games on mac (i.e not many developers port them over) there really isn't any major authentication method in place that with maybe 90%(if not more) of people buying it with the intention to install on PC, there isn't really much point putting the effort to impose a similar DRM, authentication on the Mac game So to sum it up, when u buy FM ,you will still do as you have always when playing the game...put the DVD in
  12. The sounds are awfull anyway, if it adds anything to your enjoyement of the game, then fair be it, but it doesnt for me, first thing i do is turn it off
  13. furney89

    Got my copy!

    Buy a mac! you dont have to autheticate it .... the previous DRM of having the CD in the drive is still in place for Mac users Steam is PC only
  14. furney89

    I feel sorry for SI

    Im a big fan of 2D, so even though the 3D doesnt run well on my laptop...it doesnt really matter for ME However, the 2D is so jerky, and is not very smooth. Now i understand when i have alot of programs running, or im flicking between screens,web browsers, itunes etc it can cause the game not to run smooth, but on my Macbook the performance is very poor, as i say the 2D doesnt run smooth at all like past years, and the game is sluggish, sometimes taking more than one click to get it to respond, there is lag when dragging positions or in the tactics screen This will be sorted i know in the patch which is fantastic, i only treat the demo as a taster of the main product, i dont play it seriously like i will with my career game, but for the general feel (Press conferences, the match engine balence, transfers etc) its looking very positive Ive enjoyed my taster, which meens when i get the full game i can get straight in there, which some of the issues ironed out The patch should sort out 90% of the problems, roll on 14th
  15. that might be your problem Fabio...you didnt really play the game if you installed it and uninstalled it minutes after!