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  1. Sad to see anyone pack it in and give up and I completely understand as I've considered it a few times with FM13. Have fun on Black Ops anyway Sussex Not tactics related really but I'm currently feeling this way but I'm gonna stick around for abit, conceded in 90+ mins 3 games out of 5 and lost out on a play-off place, my lowest moment at FM13 really. I'm cutting back on my playing time as I am slowly losing enjoyment but to go cold turkey isn't an option, (I'll probably get the enjoyment back soon). A lot of little things are beginning to irritate about the game but as they say, there's alw
  2. Same as what ShirazS said, I think Noble would suit playing as a DLP/d. It depends who you're also playing alongside him in the middle on whether you'll be exposed or not. Personally, I'm currently using rashidi's suggestion of a CM/d DLP/s midfield duo but I still think there is a place for a DLP/d BWM/s combo. The central midfield is really key area with the lack of a DM and the obvious danger area in behind the two MC's, it is my biggest worry as its where we concede a lot of goals. On my Port Vale save I'm looking into tweaking what I've currently got over the summer because we've tailed
  3. The AFa APs combo is the one I'm currently favouring despite the OP saying DLFa/APs. It's my favourite AM/ST comb because I've got the right personnel and its really effective for me atm. My AP has got 6 goals and 7 assists and an AVG rating of 7.34 in 26 matches and AFa has scored 21 goals and 4 assists with an AVG rating of 7.45 in 26 matches. I like it because my AP is more part of the the midfield but generally stays between the lines spraying passes in to the AFa and other supporting players. However, with the right PPMs that I'm trying to get him to learn he can also get forward to arri
  4. Personally, I'd play him as either a Poacher or possibly an Advanced Forward. His mental stats, speed and excellent finishing point to him being a Poacher, but his good heading could also be utilised by playing him as a Advanced Forward. Poacher probably though.
  5. Not the result you wanted but keep it up, the changes you've made are the way to go imo, results may not always be instant. Two questions though - With all this switching and swapping of instructions etc. how high is your tactic familiarity level? Also you change between the 3 tactics in game which I find undo's my OI's, do you find this or do you not really use OI's?
  6. I find that works quite well also, the majority of goals I concede are through the middle and as long as the opposition aren't massively fast up front and you don't have tortoises at centre back then it helps crush the middle without compromising my defensive soldity. Do you alter the D-line through slider or shouts? I tend to use the shout 'Push Higher Up' and leave the sliders alone just becuase of my preference for shouts.
  7. I'm giving a try to rashidi's suggestion of a CM/d DLP/s midfield duo as in my friendlies we gave away two goals because my BWM/s was the furthest player forward when closing down at times meaning we were left very short in the middle (admittedly against higher division opposition). Looking at the heatmaps his area of influence doesn't look too big but his occasional runs from deep were too much and really started to irritate me. @szp - On FM12 I used a 4-2-3-1 that looked like this: DM/d------ --------CM/s ----T/a----- It's not the exact same as yours but it has similarities. I used a F
  8. Just seen this thread and I will be following it with interest. One suggestion I's make is to have a one of your full backs on attack, so as to give you another option for creating chances. If you do it would probably be best to stick with a WM on that side at least, possibly with a support duty. Then your WM will be narrower and link in with the play more while your attacking FB will overlap and provide another outlet. I think its a good idea switching to a DLF/s also for the reasons you mentioned. It's early days but I'm trying out a AF/a DLF/s in my new save and I think they work together
  9. I think I am slowly seeing the bigger picture of tactics in FM. All the abstract stuff is difficult to get your head around but some of it starting to make sense. I just read your Tactical Zen piece on the your blog and its certainly an interesting read, you can't just figure out stuff like this overnight though! Thanks for all the advice.
  10. I think I'm going to stick with a DLPd and BWMs combo but I'll certainly bear in mind how my BWMs can leave the centre of the pitch open, I think ther are a few combinations that can have varying degrees of success. I tried Rigid a while back because I thought I had a few specialist roles but like you I didn't really care, it didn't work and I went back to Balanced. I think Balanced is the way forward because at this level there is a relatively high turnover of players means Fluid would result in quite a few problems.
  11. I've just looked and my BWMs is set to forward runs mixed and the DLPd is on rarely. I think I might go with what you said switching the BWM to rarely aswell, considering my BWM doesn't have good dribbling etc. I think I'd prefer to just win it back and lay it off to a teammate. Cheers.
  12. Cheers for the detailed response, I've been trying to implement a few things you outlined on your blog. Like you said, the WM making inside runs and DL overlapping is what I'm trying to create. Currently training the WM to cut inside on his pppm's so it comes naturally to him, so i dont have to modify 'wide play' like I currently am on the player instructions. Looking at the assist locations on my team report my left is more porous than my right, but it is through the middle where we concede the most goals by far. Regarding the two MC's, I know you usually favour a CM/DLPd and DLPs after rea
  13. Well, I'm seeing if after 3 weeks I might have figured out how to post a screenshot so here goes... The Tactic If this hasn't worked or is too small, i'll re-do it (It seems you have to click the link, I don't if anyone is bothered by this or how to change it so it just appears like most other people's screenshots but its worked, so... hurrah!) Finally, there are few alterations in my tactic from the original post as you can see, just playing around with some ideas, nothing concrete though.
  14. I wouldn't say its particularly weak in any area but like I've already mentioned a few times, the AM/ST relationship takes a bit of work to get them playing together in tandem. I do tend to concede more from the middle than the wings, probably due to the lack of a player in the DM strata, but when facing an AM I tell my MC with the defend duty (my DLPd) to man mark their AM, which usually helps. Regarding combatting another team's 4-4-1-1, I'd generally focus play through the middle possibly? As there would be no direct opponent to our AM allowing him to operate between the lines, I sometimes
  15. Cheers! I hope this can help it whatever tactic you are creating, a lot of FM13 is just common sense its just a case of figuring it out, certainly nowhere near understanding the tactical play myself. Btw, for anyone interested, I have altered my formation since the original post, I've been using a WMa at ML (still cuts in) due to personnel, seems to be working and this decision kinda vindicated by reading rashdi's excellent blog on the 4-4-1-1. Also varying my AM/ST combo with an AFa/APs and a DLFs/AMa, two totally different options but both working brilliantly, it's gone a long way to improv
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