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  1. Just started a save as Newcastle and am just about to play my first league fixture. Looking forward to the challenge. I can't say I've been particularly original with my transfers, but delighted with one sale in particular! Out: Gouffran (Monaco) - £22M Obertan (Burnley) - £2.1M Dummett (Burnley) - £1.4M Williamson (Palace) - £2.2M In: Balanta (River) - £6M Ayew (Marseille) - £5.5M Romero (Velez) - £6.5M I might bring in a couple more youngsters, but want to see how the squad goes for the first season. I just couldn't say no to the Gouffran deal and brought in Ayew as a replacement.
  2. @xinsomniacboix - Nkoulou from Marseille sounds perfect. Pace 14, Acceleration 15. Cheap too, ~£6M transfer fee + ~£2M p/a wages. I'm at the end of the first season and his value is now £17.25M after averaging 7.21 for me in a high line. I haven't had the training issues that you guys are referring to. I haven't touched anything to do with that, with it being a beta save, and the standard settings seem to have worked for me. The overheating issue is getting on my nerves a bit. I'm having to play two games, save and then turn the laptop off every time.
  3. I've just reached the end of the first season and it was pretty darn good! We won the quadruple, playing free-flowing, anti-Mourinho football . We won the league with 92 points, scoring 117 goals along the way (37 more than the next best - 2nd place Utd) and conceding 46 because of our gung-ho style. That meant we scored more than my stated aim of 3 goals per game. In the cup finals, West Ham were beaten 3-0 in the League Cup, Spurs 4-0 in the FA Cup and Dortmund 3-1 in the Champions League. Our scoring record was as follows: PL: 117 - 46 (+71) in 38 games CL: 38 - 17 (+21) in 13 games FA
  4. Sort of, PitchPosh. I've found that my players rarely score one-on-ones and never score if they've run with the ball from a fair way out and beaten opposition players along the way. I get a lot of goals from pull backs, crosses and inside out balls into the channel, but then again I do play with two wingers on each side so that's probably to be expected. I've almost reached the end of a very successful first season, but am giving it a rest after something strange happened. My laptop crashed during a game (it's been doing that a lot, despite having more than enough power to handle FM comfortab
  5. I'm playing either 2-3-2-2-1 or 3-3-1-2-1 depending on how many strikers the opposition are playing. Lots of goals at both ends! Remy and Hazard have been impressive so far.
  6. I've struggled with Costa too, so brought Remy in and he's scored 15 in 5(6) apps! Hazard has 18 assists in 17 apps. Playing a 3-3-1-3, so brought in Asamoah and Cuadrado to play the WB roles. We've scored 2 or more goals in the past 11 games and 4 or more in 9 of those 11, including a 4-0 win over City!
  7. I've just finished my season. A huge improvement on the first, winning the PL, CL and COC. Transfers, IN: R-R Zieler - £4.3M Marco Verratti - £9.5M Edinson Cavani - £61M Nicolas Nkoulou - £18.5M Eder Alvarez Balanta - £8M OUT: Salah - £13M Moses - £14.75M David Luiz - £15M Petr Cech - £18M Marin - £10.75M Various others totalling £30M I played a completely different system to the first season, employing flexible players and always keeping a spare man at the back. Against 1 striker (and for most of the season), I played a back 2, against 2 strikers a back 3 and a back 4 against 3
  8. I've just played a season on the new patch. I thought that things had gone well, but somehow we contrived not to win a major trophy! The only major transfers were, IN: Diego Costa - £32M Luke Shaw - £24M OUT: Demba Ba - £8M Fernando Torres - £10M I played a 4-1-1-3-1, with the DM (BWM) to the left and MC (BBM) to the right of centre to form a double pivot. Both wide players were inside forwards, the AM an AP and the striker a Complete Forward. The season started well with a 1-0 victory over Bayern to win the Euro Super Cup. We went out away at Old Trafford after extra time in the firs
  9. How has David Luiz scored 8 goals in 8 games?! Have you found a secret, is he on set pieces or just a lucky start?
  10. I've just started my Chelsea save. I know I'm in the minority, but it'll be a delight to see Jose Mourinho's name no longer associated with the club - no more controversy and hopefully good, attacking football from now on! I intend to set the team up in a 3-3-1-3, with alternates (2-3-2(or 4-1)-3, 4-1-2(or 2-1)-3) depending on the spare man principle. These systems are based largely on totaalvoetbal and Bielsian priniciples - sweeper keeper, high line, plenty of pressing, taking the initiative and building from the back but also playing vertical balls as soon as the chance arises. I've been
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