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  1. Just started a save as Newcastle and am just about to play my first league fixture. Looking forward to the challenge. I can't say I've been particularly original with my transfers, but delighted with one sale in particular! Out: Gouffran (Monaco) - £22M Obertan (Burnley) - £2.1M Dummett (Burnley) - £1.4M Williamson (Palace) - £2.2M In: Balanta (River) - £6M Ayew (Marseille) - £5.5M Romero (Velez) - £6.5M I might bring in a couple more youngsters, but want to see how the squad goes for the first season. I just couldn't say no to the Gouffran deal and brought in Ayew as a replacement. The rest, in my opinion, were deadwood.
  2. @xinsomniacboix - Nkoulou from Marseille sounds perfect. Pace 14, Acceleration 15. Cheap too, ~£6M transfer fee + ~£2M p/a wages. I'm at the end of the first season and his value is now £17.25M after averaging 7.21 for me in a high line. I haven't had the training issues that you guys are referring to. I haven't touched anything to do with that, with it being a beta save, and the standard settings seem to have worked for me. The overheating issue is getting on my nerves a bit. I'm having to play two games, save and then turn the laptop off every time.
  3. I've just reached the end of the first season and it was pretty darn good! We won the quadruple, playing free-flowing, anti-Mourinho football . We won the league with 92 points, scoring 117 goals along the way (37 more than the next best - 2nd place Utd) and conceding 46 because of our gung-ho style. That meant we scored more than my stated aim of 3 goals per game. In the cup finals, West Ham were beaten 3-0 in the League Cup, Spurs 4-0 in the FA Cup and Dortmund 3-1 in the Champions League. Our scoring record was as follows: PL: 117 - 46 (+71) in 38 games CL: 38 - 17 (+21) in 13 games FA: 18 - 3 (+15) in 7 games LC: 18 - 5 (+13) in 6 games Overall 191 - 71 (+120) in 64 games. Annoyingly, that's one short of 3 goals per game for the entire season! I used two formations, 3-3-1-3 and 2-3-2-3, initially depending on how many strikers the opposition were playing before plumping for the latter and more attacking variant for the second half of the season. We played on control/flexible, with the following instructions: close down much more, much higher defensive line, exploit the flanks, retain possession, shorter passing, work ball into box, play out of defence, use offside trap and prevent short GK distribution. There were a few player instructions too, but in line with those mentioned. This is how the 2-3-2-3 looked: GK: Sweeper Keeper (Attack) DCR: Central Defender (Defend) DCL: Central Defender (Defend) WBR: Complete Wing Back (Attack) DM: Anchor Man (Defend) WBL: Complete Wing Back (Attack) MCR: Roaming Playmaker (Support) MCL: Box To Box Midfielder (Support) AMR: Advanced Playmaker (Support) STD: Complete Forward (Attack) AML: Inside Forward (Attack) A couple of tactical issues that I might try to tweak. Firstly, either swapping the sides of the midfielders to ensure the two playmakers aren't on the same side of the pitch or making the AMR a second inside forward, potentially dropping the striker deeper which would suit Costa. The other concerns the 3-3-1-3 and getting the wingbacks inside more often to help out in midfield (like Chile under Bielsa) as the inverted wingbacks don't appear to play as they should. Perhaps with more instructions that will be solvable. I signed 4 players: Kwadwo Asamoah (Juventus) - £33M Juan Cuadrado (Fiorentina) - £31M Nicolas Nkoulou (Marseille) - £6.5M Marco Reus (Dortmund) - £21M (January) and sold 2: Ivanovic (Napoli) - £8.5M Salah (Villareal) - £10M The main reason was to have powerful attacking options at wingback. The line-up was as follows: GK: Courtois (Cech) DCR: Cahill (Zouma / Terry) DCL: Nkoulou (Azpilicueta / Chalobah) WBR: Cuadrado (Ramires / Azpilicueta / Willian) DM: Matic (Mikel / Ramires / Nkoulou / Chalobah) WBL: Asamoah (Felipe Luis / Azpilicueta / Willian) MCR: Oscar (Hazard / Fabregas / Willian) MCL: Fabregas (Ramires / Asamoah / Willian) AMR: Reus (Schurrle / Oscar / Hazard / Remy / Willian / Costa / Cuadrado / Ramires) STC: Remy (Costa / Drogba / Reus) AML: Hazard (Reus / Remy / Willian / Schurrle / Oscar / Asamoah) The top performers over the course of the season were, in terms of Average Rating: Reus: 7.63 - 18(1) Hazard: 7.57 - 58(3) Asamoah: 7.47 - 27(4) Remy: 7.43 - 34(17) Oscar: 7.37 - 52(4) Goals: Remy: 43 - 34(17) Hazard: 30 - 58(3) Schurrle: 22 - 34(15) Costa: 16 - 31 (11) Reus: 11 - 18(1) Assists: Hazard: 35 - 58(3) Cuadrado: 19 - 50(8) Fabregas: 16 - 40(10) Oscar: 13 - 52(4) Schurrle: 12 - 34(15) Minutes played per direct influence on goal (goals and assists, minimum 10): Remy: 50 @ 64.8 minutes Hazard: 65 @ 77.4 Reus: 20 @ 80.2 Schurrle: 34 @ 94.8 Costa: 24 @ 111.0 I didn't delve too deeply into training, youth team, transfers, tutoring, kick takers etc as I just wanted to test out some players and tactics. I might try to play a little bit further on the beta and then come back to it down the line after the game comes out .
  4. Sort of, PitchPosh. I've found that my players rarely score one-on-ones and never score if they've run with the ball from a fair way out and beaten opposition players along the way. I get a lot of goals from pull backs, crosses and inside out balls into the channel, but then again I do play with two wingers on each side so that's probably to be expected. I've almost reached the end of a very successful first season, but am giving it a rest after something strange happened. My laptop crashed during a game (it's been doing that a lot, despite having more than enough power to handle FM comfortably), it is the beta after all so I'm not going to complain about that. The weird thing was what happened next - the game was IDENTICAL down to every little detail to when I'd played it first time around. Whatever I did, it didn't change anything and I knew exactly what was going to happen next! Like following a script. Anyway, the game's going off and I'll update on my first season when I'm back in control and not watching a movie on repeat.
  5. I'm playing either 2-3-2-2-1 or 3-3-1-2-1 depending on how many strikers the opposition are playing. Lots of goals at both ends! Remy and Hazard have been impressive so far.
  6. I've struggled with Costa too, so brought Remy in and he's scored 15 in 5(6) apps! Hazard has 18 assists in 17 apps. Playing a 3-3-1-3, so brought in Asamoah and Cuadrado to play the WB roles. We've scored 2 or more goals in the past 11 games and 4 or more in 9 of those 11, including a 4-0 win over City!
  7. I've just finished my season. A huge improvement on the first, winning the PL, CL and COC. Transfers, IN: R-R Zieler - £4.3M Marco Verratti - £9.5M Edinson Cavani - £61M Nicolas Nkoulou - £18.5M Eder Alvarez Balanta - £8M OUT: Salah - £13M Moses - £14.75M David Luiz - £15M Petr Cech - £18M Marin - £10.75M Various others totalling £30M I played a completely different system to the first season, employing flexible players and always keeping a spare man at the back. Against 1 striker (and for most of the season), I played a back 2, against 2 strikers a back 3 and a back 4 against 3 striker systems. I always maintained one complete forward, two inside forwards and an advanced playmaker from central midfield. Whilst playing with 2 at the back, I also had 2 DMs - one as a DLP and the other as a BWM - and two CWBs attacking on the flanks. The other usual starting system was 3 at the back against two forwards, with the BWM dropping in as a third centre back. There were plenty of goals at both ends for the most of the season, with 15 occasions where 5 or more goals were scored! The most notable victories were: 4-2 v Arsenal 5-2 v Newcastle 4-0 v PSG 4-1 v Liverpool (COC final) 6-2 v Sunderland 4-2 v Man City (from 0-2 with 25 to play) 4-0 v Liverpool (CL QF 2nd leg) 7-2 v Real Madrid (CL SF 2nd leg after losing 0-4 away and being 1-2 down at half time. Diego Costa scored 5, including 3 penalties) 7-1 v Barnsley (last day of the season to win the league) 2-1 v Man Utd (CL final) The most notable defeats were: 4-5 v Villa (from 4-1 up) 2-5 v Dortmund (from 2-0 up, the game after Villa) 0-4 v Real Madrid (but won on aggregate, as above) We scored a total of 168 goals and conceded 69 in 63 games. The best players were as follows: Ratings: Cesar Azpilicueta - 7.54 Diego Costa - 7.38 Luke Shaw - 7.37 Edinson Cavani - 7.34 Oscar - 7.34 Goals: Diego Costa - 34 Edinson Cavani - 22 Eden Hazard - 16 Willian - 16 Andre Schurrle - 14 Romelu Lukaku - 12 Assists: Cesar Azpilicueta - 24 Eden Hazard - 23 Diego Costa - 15 Edinson Cavani - 12 Goal Involvement (Goals & Assists) per 90 minutes: Diego Costa - 1.22 Marco van Ginkel - 1.06 Eden Hazard - 1.03 Andre Schurrle - 0.94 Edinson Cavani - 0.93 Willian - 0.84 Frank Lampard - 0.73 Romelu Lukaku - 0.67 Oscar - 0.65 Cesar Azpilicueta - 0.64 The team all performed well, but if any improvements can be made, I think it's defensively among the solid 4. The other 6 outfield players all have fluid, attacking roles and interchanged beautifully no matter who played. The players recorded these numbers with heavy rotation.
  8. I've just played a season on the new patch. I thought that things had gone well, but somehow we contrived not to win a major trophy! The only major transfers were, IN: Diego Costa - £32M Luke Shaw - £24M OUT: Demba Ba - £8M Fernando Torres - £10M I played a 4-1-1-3-1, with the DM (BWM) to the left and MC (BBM) to the right of centre to form a double pivot. Both wide players were inside forwards, the AM an AP and the striker a Complete Forward. The season started well with a 1-0 victory over Bayern to win the Euro Super Cup. We went out away at Old Trafford after extra time in the first round of the league cup and began the league well, having only lost twice in the first half of the season. Liverpool and City were our main title rivals. We beat the reds 4-0 at home and drew 1-1 at Anfield. Against City, we drew 1-1 at the Bridge and dominated away without managing to score, including hitting the woodwork 3 times. Up pops Yaya with a 35 yard freekick in the 86th minute with their only shot on target to beat us 1-0. Annoyingly, we lost home and away to 4th placed Utd and away at Arsenal, but the two costly results were defeats against Newcastle and Hull. In the end, Liverpool held on to beat our PL points haul of 84 points by 2, with City third on 81. In Europe, things were going well. We won a group consisting of Leverkusen, Atletico and M Tel Aviv and came back from a first leg defeat to smash Porto at home. In the quarters, the draw threw us in with City and we took revenge for the league defeat by winning 3-2 at the Etihad following a goalless draw at home. Another trip to Manchester awaited in the semis, but Utd again proved too good and we crashed out 3-1 on aggregate. Meanwhile, back at home we'd reached the cup final and another encounter with City. They had Javi Garcia sent off in the 19th minute for ending Frank's world cup hopes, but it didn't seem to help. We couldn't muster a single highlight in the whole game, despite having an attacking line-up against 10 men and succumbed to a late header from a set piece. All in all, not the most successful season but a lot of positives. Diego Costa (PL top scorer and European Golden Boot winner with 26) and Eden Hazard (PL top assist maker with 22) were particularly impressive. Here are a few quick player stats: Ratings: Diego Costa - 7.32 Eden Hazard - 7.21 John Terry - 7.09 Goals: Diego Costa - 36 Eden Hazard - 14 Willian - 11 Assists: Eden Hazard - 27 Diego Costa - 16 Oscar - 13 Goal Involvement (Goals & Assists) per 90 minutes: Diego Costa - 1.10 Eden Hazard - 0.90 Samuel Eto'o - 0.82 Andre Schurrle - 0.61 van Ginkel - 0.54 Oscar - 0.49 Willian - 0.49 From this, I think that I could do with a quality option on the other wing to Hazard. Schurrle isn't good enough and Willian is a solid option, but not incredible. Potentially, I could push Diego Costa wide and play Lukaku up top, but that would mean changing the thing that worked best in the first season. Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. How has David Luiz scored 8 goals in 8 games?! Have you found a secret, is he on set pieces or just a lucky start?
  10. I've just started my Chelsea save. I know I'm in the minority, but it'll be a delight to see Jose Mourinho's name no longer associated with the club - no more controversy and hopefully good, attacking football from now on! I intend to set the team up in a 3-3-1-3, with alternates (2-3-2(or 4-1)-3, 4-1-2(or 2-1)-3) depending on the spare man principle. These systems are based largely on totaalvoetbal and Bielsian priniciples - sweeper keeper, high line, plenty of pressing, taking the initiative and building from the back but also playing vertical balls as soon as the chance arises. I've been a big fan of Marcelo Bielsa's ideas for 5 or 6 years and clearly his influence on many coaches seems to grow by the day. It goes without saying that the work of Michels, Cruyff, van Gaal (although I'm yet to be convinced by LvG, even if his 3-3-1-3 was a thing of beauty) etc at Ajax (as well as that of Maslov and Lobanovskyi further East) were highly successful and has also influenced such luminaries as Pep Guardiola. Having been at Wembley on Friday and seen Sampaoli's Bielsista style at first hand as Chile (my favourite international team for a good few years now) overran England, I'm keen to give it another go on FM. The problem in the past has been that it's been very difficult to set up a team in this way (apart from FM11, I think, where I got something similar to work with Barcelona, although this seems more realistic), but from my early tests on FM14 it seems possible. Here are the average position / heat map and team sheet from the friendly I just played: The Wingers/Inside Forwards can also be positioned deeper as AML/Rs, the AP pushed forward to an AMC rather than an MC and the Complete Forward can be a False Nine. With the wingers slightly deeper and a slight reconfiguration of the centrebacks, it's almost the perfect triple diamond. At half time, before I changed system to counter their switches, we were 5-0 up away from home, had 70% possession and 21 - 1 on shots. The 3-1 almost forms a diamond in midfield in possession and are key to the system - the wingbacks in particular are important in pinning back the opposition. I shouldn't get too excited, it's only a friendly against Chivas USA, but the style, possession and average positions are very promising. It's the first time that I've ever been able to get the heat map to resemble a 3-3-1-3. Hopefully it'll work in the season proper! I'll post some more detailed descriptions of tactics and instructions once I've fine tuned things and got into the season. Does anybody have any suggestions for players to fit the system? One key position will be in goal - I need somebody who is great as a sweeper keeper and distribution. Apart from that, versatility, good passing, decisions, first touch, composure, stamina, team work and work rate are going to be important. I'd appreciate any other attributes to add to that list too. Sorry to ramble on! I'll report back soon with some more sound observations once I've played a few games. Good luck with your saves.
  11. I'm dreading Mourinho coming back, both in terms of real life and what we'll have to work with on FM. Would much rather have a young, hungry side rather than a functional, confrontational short term team. It might be good for a year or two, but not sure it'll be good for Chelsea in the long term. Not what we need.
  12. Tearing up and down the right for Malaga. Having a great season in La Liga and in the Champions League. You're right though, he had a quiet spell.
  13. Personally, I'd sell Alves rather than Adriano. Adriano is more flexible. However, if that offer gets towards £25M then take it!
  14. I think it's a holiday game. If you played with Barcelona for that long, you'd win more than is shown.
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