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  1. Could you give us an indication what these problems are? But thanks for the update anyway.
  2. Take a screenshot and upload to imageshack, where you can then copy the link into these or any other forum. http://imageshack.us/
  3. Has anyone using AndyMUFC level 14 file finding that there is a very slow managerial take up of the lower levels. I have started a holiday game and have reached 14th April 2012 and there are still hundreds if not a thousand or two of vacant jobs available. For example, in the Essex Olympian League Senior One Division (level 11) only 2 of the 13 teams (Thurrock Reserves and Bishop's Stortford Swifts) have a manager. I only mention this as I did the same sort of thing on FM11 with superbladesman's level 11 file and all virtually all managerial positions were filled about 12-18 months in. On this you would get loads of messages saying that 'Joe Bloggs' has taken over 'Blah Blah Town' with the game having generated the managers face. You very rarely see that on FM12. Although I do not know if the difference is to do with the two games or the two edited files. Update: randomly picking a league at level 9 ~ Combined Counties League Premier Division, all but one club has not got a manager. Perhaps there isn't enough managers to go round.
  4. The word 'prize' and the word 'Arsenal' in the same sentence. Who'd of thought it!!!
  5. Its alot easier to upgrade the RAM in the future (if required), so just get the best cpu you can.
  6. If managing in england then only the premiership (domestic title), fa cup (major domesic cup), champions league (major european cup), europa league (minor european cup) count towards the hall of fame. I don't believe the carling cup counts at at all even as minor domestic cup.
  7. Origin_Unknown, I would hold off at the moment. There are a few issues to be resolved, which are currently (hopefully) being fixed. Please be patient
  8. I think the list of things that aren't quite right is growing by the hour. Although there seems to be half-a-dozen people trying to do their own little fix, I'm waiting for a response from GE himself.
  9. Are you saving the file or opening the file as you download the *.dbc file? You will need to "save as" .dbc into to your editor data folder in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2012/editor data. Then load it when starting a new game in FM12.
  10. bloodzeed1, Or your computer could be going slower than an asthmatic ant with some heavy shopping?!
  11. Golden Eagles: now remember guys, it takes a while for the DB to load and it might show your FM2012 screen as unresponsive for a while. Mine stayed unresponsive for 42 minutes! (talking about sweating it out!) lol __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well it takes my laptop about 10 secs to load or in this case to give error mentioned. Only england running with GE file.
  12. I got an error during setup: Minimum number of teams for hellenic premier needs to be more than the off promotion and relegation places.
  13. Well, we have managed to crash the forums for a few moments just through the shear number of people waiting for this. Unbelievable
  14. I had a look at the list of clubs we are missing logos for and I'm stumpt if I can find them. I might ask on the forums at sortitoutsi unless someone has already tried. F.Y.I. the missing logos are (as supplied by acswift) North Walsham Town Blunham Kempston and Bedford College Sharnbrook Woburn Lakenheath Waterbeach Eaton Socon Hardwick Rylands Tintinhull Holt United Farnham WMC Slough Laurencians Stoke Green Rovers Harold Hill Manford way DRG Stapleton OtterBourne Overton United Winchester Castle Mill end sports Cottesmore Amateurs Roma Red Rum Cheshire Lines Ford Motors So if anybody has a picture/image of the above clubs logos please let acswift know.
  15. Try taking a screenshot of screen (print screen on the keyboard) and then pasting into paint shop pro or whatever program you are using to edit the logos. I have a look at that list when I get home in about 1/2 hour to see if can help out.
  16. You will have a long wait then. If golden eagles plans to finish by Tuesday afternoon/evening (local time) then he won't be finished until the early hours of Wednesday morning (uk time). Patience my friend.
  17. Hello Weekend!!! Although if it released sometime in the next 24 hours, I shall be missing out on playing time on Saturday due to the Tottenham V Wolves game = Gutted.
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