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  1. Hi, I actually play FMC 14, because I have awsome game, and I apologize if these problems are solved already. And maybe this post is for the entire game, but I play FMC, that is way I post here. There is few thinks that annoy me: 1. Host nations: As you can see, we have sequence of host nations: Tunisia,Algeria,Egypt...and again. Really annoying. http://imgur.com/1OZ3saw 2. Host stadiums: I know that the stadium must be 60K+ to accept CL final, but ingame there is already few 60K stadium which are new build and they never accept finals, even the new Bayern Stadium which is for 101+K. http://imgur.com/PcSVU9P 3. Inactive championships: There is absolut domination of 1 or 2 teams in non-active championships, which is not realistic: http://imgur.com/TD4bjWh http://imgur.com/2lr42nj http://imgur.com/tdORkoe 4. And last, but the most annoying, the teams that came fom non-active championship to active division are non-competitive, in 90% of the cases they relegate immidiatly and recieve many goals. I hope that my post is pointless and all of this is solved with FM 15, but I have no time for it now, although I have it, just I am consumed by this career. Kind Regards, Stanislav
  2. You inspire me and I started something simillar, with a difference that I will not play with the biggest teams in the country. Keep going.
  3. I am impressed, this is one of my dream, but I make only 20 seasons with 4 teams (Northampton, Sevilla, Roma, Reggina win CL with every one of them) and at FM 07 with Koln, Valencia, Nantes, Lazio and Juventus, but you make something of other planet! Keep going! Can you make a shot ot Bulgarian A groupe past winners, thank you!
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