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  1. Probably around 2030. I usually tend to have multiple saves on the go, rather than sticking to the one.
  2. I'm going back to FM 12. I genuinely did try my best. I was advised to embrace the TC, which I did. I spent weeks messing around with tactics all to no avail. The football was always dross and very little chances were created. Achieving success isn't the problem with this game. I did win many games, but they were always very uneventful affairs and I didn't find it engaging at all. This game just isn't for me. I'll see what FM 14 brings.
  3. I've lost a lot of faith in this game, but after reading this, I'll start from scratch and hopefully get somewhere. The cold, hard truth is that ridiculous success 99% of the time came from tactics that exploited the ME in some way. That is no longer possible, so expectations must be lowered to gain any sense of achievement. Longevity will be my goal in my next save, rather than quitting out after half a season.
  4. Steam's the best thing ever to happen to FM in all honesty, but I also understand that it can be troublesome for some folk.
  5. Indeed. They feel that because they can't attain success, nobody else can and they'll make assumptions that others had to cheat.
  6. I was actually accused via a screenshot I posted on Facebook, I haven't played a lot of network games in my time. I just meant in general has anyone ever been accused of cheating?
  7. Has this ever happened to you? By people in a network game, or friends who've seen your success?
  8. Necid scored 150 or so on my Dortmund save in last year's FM. I might still have the screenshot on my old computer.
  9. I'm the same right now, but I think when the next patch with the transfer update is released I'll be playing it regularly again.
  10. Use ter Stegen for domestic cup games for now and if clubs become interested in Hart, cash in for the right price. I always like to have my squads average age as low as possible, so if I have a suitable replacement for any of my older players, I'll usually sell them.
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