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  1. When is it safe to move our online save from the Beta to the general release? When the current Beta goes Gold?
  2. When I make a new editor file, it seems to save as .fmf by default. After multiple changes to the file, it then saves as .xml, even though it says .fmf in the "save as" description, with no option to save as .fmf later. This thread should be moved to the bugs forum
  3. Just spent several hours making a custom db, saved as 'Fix 1' then just the save button after every major edit. Loaded the database (but not the editor data) again when I was done to make a db with no injuries and saved. Then I remembered I should have used the 'save as' button and did that, named it 'Injuries 1'. When I now want to edit the 'Fix 1' file it's nowhere to be found! Not even in the editor data folder. Could use some help as I don't want to spend all that time doing it all over again. Edit: Posted in the bugs forum
  4. There's also a major bug when having a playable B team affiliate. When unticking rest before/after match in the first team team training, it gets reset after a couple of days, meaning you're forced to have rest before/after match unless you untick the setting every couple of days. That, and to a lesser degree not having control of training for B team players as promised, makes leagues with B team affiliates unplayable for me, which is a shame since I mainly play in the German league. Hoping these issues are fixed sooner rather than later.
  5. Is the bug with rest before/after match setting resetting for teams with a b-team affiliate fixed?
  6. Really like this years version, removing the sliders made the game more enjoyable. There's too many own goals, though, just had this brilliant volleyed own goal from the half way line with my Reading team [video=youtube;PYZBpl8Ptt0]
  7. This is most likely because you haven't fined/warned a player who was sent off.
  8. I'm currently trying out offside trap to combat my leaky defence. But to my surprise, I can't seem to find a stat for offsides after the match. Am I missing something? Edit: Found it now, in player stats, for each player. There should be an offsides stat in the match stats tab though.
  9. At least we should know what stats are being trained when you set a player to focus training on a role
  10. Most people will have things they wish were included, were not included or were improved. Some people voice these things stronger than things they are satisfied with, which I believe help SI far more than 'what's with the negativity, praise SI' threads. That said, can't remember the last time I've been this excited about a new FM. And, of course, SI are really good at keeping us up to date.
  11. Was hoping for more options in the tactics system, like: -being able to familiarize more tactics, one for getting an early goal (high tempo), one for time wasting/holding on to a lead, one for all out attack, one for matches against stronger/weaker opposition etc. -having a wide midfield but having the strikers close together in e.g. a 4-4-2 -pushing the central defenders wide when attacking -having players alternate roles but not positions (useful when you have two offensively good central defenders, but only want one to attack at a time) -more focus on the (tactics) classic mode or a revamp of the other mode, don't like mixing the two and certainly don't want my limited CB to have almost as much creative freedom as my trequarterista. Am still hoping for a more intelligent match engine, sick of seeing my left winger/left central midfielder not covering for my overly optimistic left back. A lot of nice new features, but I don't feel even more repetetive clicking in boring press conferences, team talks etc. is really something most of us are eagerly looking forward to.
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