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  1. Match engine lagging on FMH15

    Any news ? Super slow on Lollipop still I'm afraid. Also, is the new FMC slow on lollipop or does this only apply to Fmh?
  2. Full Screen

    I dont mind the resolution or the black borders on the side when playing fullscreen but I can't even get fullscreen working. It instantly revert to windowed mode.
  3. Full Screen

    Nothing new on this issue?
  4. Full Screen

    Same here. How do we fix this?
  5. FMH2014/2015 issues on Android Lollipop

    Same here. lollipop on a Xperia Z3 tablet and the game i so slow. Is the issue still being investigated?
  6. Fm2011 & iCloud

    I would like to second a request for iCloud. I switch from my iPad and iPhone several times a day so using a computer to switch save files would take to much time. Also, it easy to forget to switch saves so to always have them up to date on all devices would be awsome!
  7. I know, that is why I asked if they might revive it on the iPad?
  8. Sorry for going OT but I don't know were else to put this question. Have SI considered putting Riz on developing a iPad version of EHM? Maybe you could build a fan-base for a future PC version or just keep the game as iPad only. An iPad version might be profitable and won't take away so much resources from SI other games if Riz could do it mostly himself? Finally, is piracy a problem on the iPad since that was what caused EHM to be shut downed in the first place?
  9. Some sort of cloud integration (iCloud?) so that I can save a game on my iPad and then continue it on my iPhone and then back to my iPad and so on. That would be awsome!