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  1. https://www.facebook.com/LFCMarshallTransferUpdate/?fref=ts
  2. 12 has always been my number one but i have to admit this one has been excellent
  3. You know there are updated data bases out there, i started my Toon career last night in the championship
  4. I am tempted to start a new save and bring you back from the Championship or knowing me you might drop another division
  5. Me to i am old skool and still play in 2D lol so i would never know, its only reading on here that i discovered a possible fault at all
  6. Get in contact with LFC Marshall on Face book he is the man pal
  7. It was more of an issue with full backs playing like Messi creating lots of chances etc and getting really high ratings every game if it was not a problem for you happy days
  8. Its that time again when we all start looking forward to the new installment of the best game on the market So how has everyone found 2016 in general , how did you cope with the known crossing issue or did you just give up ? Roll on Footy manager 2017
  9. Thanks for the advice the text on websites is totally fine just when i play the game itself, i have had versions since FM10 never had this problem before , how do i adjust scaling
  10. I have just bought a new laptop I have tried all the resolutions on the football manager settings but they are all blurry text i have tried the size of text images to the only mode i can play it in is window mode PLEASE HELP spec CPU, Memory and Operating System: AMD A Series 6410 quad core processor. 2GHz processor speed. 4GB RAM. 500GB SATA-II hard drive. Microsoft Windows 8. Display features: 15.6 inch screen. High definition display. Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. Graphics: AMD Radeon HDR5 graphics card. Shared graphics card.
  11. Would I be able to play football manager with this spec computer Would this spec play football manager 2015 4GB DDR2 ✔ 320GB HDD WINDOWS 7 ✔ DUAL CORE ✔ .. Help appreciated x
  12. Hi guys currently working as a track suite manager I am struggling with the training part part of the game ANY TIPS
  13. Played this game for years and always loved the way you can just drag and drop players in to the position with everything on view for you i have to say i love the game the match engine is incredible Why change the tactic screen : ( is there anyway around this or have i missed something : ) overall the game is a massive improvement from 14 if you are in two minds to buy like i was --- BUY IT
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