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  1. This is actualy the worst idea i've ever seen on this forum... I'm extremely happy that you dont work for FM because that would be the end of FM being the best game ever... would have been an average game like the other manager games around ugh nothing personal by the way </div></BLOCKQUOTE> It would make it more entertaining than the boring thing they have out now. Just looking at some of the ideas people come up with. TARGETS? Who caresabout that, its crap. It'll be fun for about a week, then you realise it slows your game right down, and makes it even more boring.
  2. Basic improvements * General match engine improvements -Strikers know when to try and cross a ball instead of trying a shot with an impossible angle. No matter what is in in information. -More long range goals. I dont really see them as much anymore. -Defenders need to be more aware of things on the pitch. They do some stupid things that never really happen in real life. -General man marking needs improving. They dont really man mark players do they? Transfer rule suggestion This new rule is probably going to become more and more used in the future, so should be used in the game. The ability for a player to buy out his remaining 2 years of contract It being suggested in real life that Heinze may take up this option. He will pay Man Utd 6.8 Million, be released, then join Liverpool who will give him a big sign on fee to cover his losses. I believe this should most definitely be included. In the game you could 'tap up' players and see who is interested, or filter them players out in the player search. You could then negotiate with the player saying that if they pay off their contract totalling 3mil, you will compensate them with a hefty sign on fee. Maybe to spice it up a bit, when a player leaves his club, you can refuse to sign him (cruel), or a rival club could come in and try and snap him up.
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