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  1. froog413 on steam 1st to add gets it
  2. i also have one does anyone want it sent to them?
  3. Quick Question, Will a young team who are playing Champions League Football progress quicker than if they're not in the Champions League? playing in the EPL with Blackpool.
  4. the game needs better interaction all round. half of the options are greyed out. this is one of the aspects that needs some work hopefully for the next version
  5. got the game last friday night from greenmangaming and everytime i am playing my save, after about 10 or 20 minutes i get a crash dump and a blue screen, anybody else had this problem and how did you fix it? getting seriously p'd off with it now. any help greatly appreciated here.
  6. well am at the end of september. qualified for the champions league. got beat in my 1st game. :/ absolutely thrashed 5-2 from Ruben. not been able to make any signings even though we got taken over by some brazilian consortium. who updated the training facilities and pumped 20 odd million into the coffers. hopefully get a cash injection to sign a couple of strikers. as the strikers just dont cut it. playing 4-4-2 with 2 wingers pushed up. also sitting 11th in the league. played 6 won 3 drew 3. will update more after the January window. P.S come on Bears lets get this thread some updates.
  7. about to start a new save. i will update after the transfer window closes.
  8. no problem. trying to be constructive here lol.
  9. so i as manager can wait till the administrators accept a transfer bid then go behind their backs and reject the offer. seems unlikely but i wont complain.
  10. is this a bug? when i'm Rangers i can still go into transfer centre and reject offer for players.
  11. i've not been on this forum so much this year though and never knew this. just hope theres big changes for fm13.
  12. thats a contradiction. it cant always be good praise. and surely i am not the only one who's disappointed with the "minimal math engine changes".
  13. so asking for a better match engine is not constructive? and btw i pay full price for the game so i think i am allowed to vent my disapointment on the patch if i like. this is the thread to do it. or would u rather i opened up a new thread on the matter?
  14. if they botherd to properly update transfers and fix a match engine where any of your players had at least a 1% chance of scoring from a cross then it would be great.