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  1. Babel has been immense thus far, my best winger. So far at the end of Sep, I have won all and drew one game. Cant buy anyone other than getting R Carlos and Pires in just for backup/rotation.
  2. Had a 10 before from a striker. I think the criteria is that he must have scored loads in that game for it.
  3. ask Liverpool fans irl.
  4. My Nemeth also turned similar to yours! Too bad that my squad has got dzeko, torres and aguero so he was deemed unimportant so Purslow sold him. =(
  5. some of the regens are hideous
  6. One of the best players I can buy with 20mil. Absolute class.
  7. I am Liverpool and Ramsey in my game is at ( still at Arsenal ) in just after 2 years. I tried bidding for him at 45mil, rejected T.T
  8. lol thats amazing rape
  9. wow, call the cops and check his house.
  10. Dont be city then
  11. Has always been a good player even irl. I remember he was so good in one of the fm versions that even when I bought Klose 'a more superior targetman', he ends up sitting on the bench all the time.
  12. I was surprised to see Aquilani stats like this. I remember it was pretty good on 09. Neverless he can still score some decent long shots. Rated as 'decent player' only by Sammy Lee.
  13. I started last night so yeah...
  14. sell diego cavelieri at the start, fans confidence : Sad to see KEY player leave. lol When I read that, the first thing I thought was wtf? Well they are also sad to see Voronin and Dossenna leave as well...