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  1. How do the 8th gen U series processors hold up with FM? i7-8550u in particular.
  2. Sorry to say but it looks like a glorified UI update to me. Can see why there has been very little PR about this before now, being 1 month till the release date; there simply is nothing else to spin but for updated data, (3 year late) tweaked layouts and more media questions with the same basic 4 tone answer approach which is perhaps the biggest bug bare and annoyance mentioned by the fans. Anything else was clearly too small to bother mentioning in an initial release for fear of ridicule. Minor tweaks that continue to perfect last years game dressed up in a new costume. As for the snippets of the 3D match engine, if I was part of SI's marketing team I'd be hiding under my desk right now. The player movement, control and dribbling looked awful for a game in late 2014 from the clips they showed, there must have been better moments to show than the ones that they did. It's no wonder people skip this entirely for the 2D engine if that's the best they have to show, can't see that changing this year either. I now get to see a player floating and gliding up to the ball and score a penalty with the outside of his boot while the commentary says he missed and no goal will be awarded. Same game, new data, updated layout and more questions. That'll be £26.99 please. Pass.
  3. The lateness of any information makes me feel like this will be an iterative release of FM i.e. Data update, minor tweaks and more general polish to the features already available. Streamlining certain aspects, increasing media queries and such. Any big changes from a marketing perspective would have been revealed by now to generate PR for the game long before 4-8 weeks prior to release.
  4. You sir, have missed the point. People have different interests in FM, some wish to focus on tactics, some on training, some on youth development etc. The vast majority want accessibility to features in the quickest and most intuitive manner. If SI published the figures for time spent on tweaking tactics and individual player tactics for the average user, I bet it would be minimal. Most people simply haven't got the time to be in-depth with it as some. They just want to get into a game, pick a team, win a few games, save and pick it up next time. Please explain to me a quicker, more intuitive way, to make tactics more accessible and fluid for each user than this. Sliders and all that mumbo-jumbo can be performed further into the system but from the onset, there is nothing I can see that personalises a team quite the way a manager/user would want as quickly as this. It is a fundamental flaw that my original post refers to and is part of a complete design failure that has left the game feeling very stale and also difficult for new users to pick up. Ease of use must be optimised and design completely overhauled to promote this. Time is a valuable commodity, SI should focus on players moving through a game more, not staying on the same day for 3 real-life hours or more tweaking stuff that only fanatics care about. The simple fact is, it's a problem that is forced on users from the start and has become so ingrained in the FM mentality that it is now expected. It is a colossal waste of time. In addition to this, I would prefer FM to feature a responsively designed layout by default, not having to toggle a screen resolution setting, that is dev laziness at it's peak, it's 2014 now, get a grip! It allows the game to be the same instance across all screen sizes and devices. Admittedly some devices do not have the memory capacity to handle PC's, but they should still deliver the same experience as a desktop option, minus a few features and operating on minimal database.
  5. A complete overhaul of tactics. Freedom to freely place a player within my formation. Any line of a formation is very rarely as synchronised as it is in FM, take a 4-2-3-1 for example, at Real Madrid, Ronaldo operates as an inside LWF not a raw LW that drifts inwardly. Yes I get that you can define the roles and all that but a role is only describing an action, it is not defining the position. Take another example, 4-4-1-1 at West Ham, when Andy Carroll plays he'll be a striker, but he will play as a target man and drop deep to allow the knock downs to all midfielders, in FM land a ST target man will only knock the ball down to the AM© behind him. This is a deep flaw. We live in a world where intuitiveness is key. To freely place players on the pitch is the most basic function necessary within a Football Manager game and has been lacking in FM since inception. It is an absolute disaster IMO and holds the game back as being a truly tactical game. On and off the ball movements and formations in attacking, default and defensive phases should be mapped in the manner described above also. 4-3-3 with the ball does not mean I want it without the ball too. 4-3-3 is by nature the most fluid formation in existence. In attack I may wish for it to evolve into a 3-4-3, by default I may wish for 4-3-3 however defensively I may wish for 4-5-1. A complete overhaul of the game design. It feels that each year this should be redrafted and is simply pushed aside and left to readdress a slight change without actually offering any real difference. Speed should be the key to this game in both game modes. The whole concept of news items to address call to actions is stale and seriously outdated now. There must surely be a more intuitive and straight forward way to navigate sections of the game and address elements that require actions. People's time is becoming ever more precious, the current format is simply a masqueraded series of spreadsheets. It's like the design team do a 2 week job for a game that supposedly takes 10 months to make each year. The game is a football manager simulator, it should push you towards management of football, not spend 2 hours reading fake emails, toggling switches and scales to get the basic tasks done. A redesign is key to refreshing what is fast becoming a more stale series than COD.
  6. Do player personalities influence their decision making to join a club or is it entirely reputation based? Ie Would a player with Ambition 20 and loyalty 1 at say Everton or Aston Villa, a comfortable mid table team, then join your Leeds side given the momentum and promise behind the rise of this new side? Or is it just, club x now has reputation y so player z will be open to offers?
  7. Hi All, Not looking to troll here, got some genuine things i'd like to raise... 1) When was information first released with previous Football Manager games? Obviously nobody knows for sure when FM2013 info will be published but there could be a clue held within this information. 2) Tactics - i'd like to see a break away from the fixed positional tactics. Yes, while it is true the tweaks within the positions can effectively alter the positioning of a player, no team lines up to any opposition in general as a flat 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 5-3-2 etc. 3) Tied into 2), the role of a forward was removed. Why? There are differences between the functions of say Llorente and Crouch, to Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi while the function of a traditional attacking midfielder varies between Iniesta to van der Vaart for example. 4) I've read before suggestions for a quick match result screen. I would like to offer my partial support for this. To have an option to skip 45 minutes would be fantastic. The greatest thing about very early editions of manager games has been the ability to pick it up for an hour and make credible progress. I feel this has been lost with such in depth functions that 95% of users barely entertain. If Football Manager wants to truly dominate, it needs to bring back that fun factor it had before and this I feel is the quickest method to please all audiences.
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